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Anderson Stadium - Providence Friars Soccer

Photos by Paul Baker, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.00

Chapey Field at Anderson Stadium

1 Cunningham Square

Providence, RI 02908

Year Opened: 2016

Capacity: 1,500

Defend the Chap

Anderson Stadium is home to the Providence College soccer and lacrosse teams. Located next to Schneider Arena, the Stadium is part of the overall upgrade and consolidation of the school’s athletic facilities.

Chapey Field at Anderson Stadium is named in honor of Mike and Maura Chapey, class of 1986, who donated one million dollars, and Board of Trustees member Karl and Kerri Anderson, class of 1988, who donated $1.5 million towards the construction of the facility.

Providence College started fielding soccer teams in 1968. The Friars have qualified for 10 NCAA Tournaments, most recently in 2021. They reached the national semifinals in 2014. The women’s soccer team has qualified for two NCAA tournaments.

Food & Beverage 2

Local favorite Saugy Franks operates a food truck at Providence College soccer games. There’s a very basic menu available here, with hot dogs, pretzels, chips, and drinks comprising all the available options. On the plus side, no items cost more than five dollars. On certain nights, Saugy’s serves up gourmet versions of their legendary dogs with a variety of toppings. In addition, local sodas from Yacht Club are sold out of the food truck.

No alcohol is permitted at Providence College soccer games. Fans are welcome to bring their snacks into Anderson Stadium. On cold fall Rhode Island days, you can expect to see a bunch of hot Dunkin’ beverages in the stands.

Atmosphere 3

There’s not a lot of room for a college game day operations crew to insert themselves into a soccer game, especially when you compare it to other sports played on campus. There just aren’t many spots where a DJ, a PA announcer, a pep band, or a cheerleading squad can make an impact on a game.

That’s not to say that a college soccer game is a boring experience, it’s just different than other college sports. If you’re comparing a college soccer game to the pro experiences in North America or Europe, it’s a much more laid-back experience. There are no supporter sections here, and no student sections to be found, either.

There’s a large video scoreboard in the northeast corner of the pitch at Anderson Stadium. It’s put to good use with graphics and videos throughout the game. The sound system is excellent, and music is played before the game and at halftime. The PA announcer keeps fans informed of substitutions and other game information in a workmanlike manner.

Many fans in the stands have a personal connection with the players on the field and are knowledgeable and enthusiastic in their support. If you want to feel the real energy at Anderson Stadium, head to the berm on the south side of the pitch. That’s where many of the younger fans in attendance hang out, running around and making noise throughout the game.

They may not always be paying attention to the game, but hey, they’re having a blast! You may even see some of these youngsters on the field at halftime playing soccer or taking shots at Providence’s legendary mascot, Friar Dom.

Neighborhood 3

Anderson Stadium is located at the northeast corner of the Providence College campus next to Schneider Arena. The PC campus is located in the residential Elmhurst neighborhood, with not many dining, lodging, or entertainment options directly adjacent to the campus. Luckily for visiting fans, downtown Providence is located just a couple of miles away from campus, so it won’t take you long to get to where the choices are more plentiful.

Providence has a reputation as one of the top small cities in the nation for culinary options. Fans looking for a place to eat close to campus will find some pub-style restaurants near Anderson Stadium. Stadium Journey recommends The Abbey, known for their collection of signature burgers and a wide variety of draft beer, or New York System, one of the premier locations in the country for a Coney-style hot dog. Fans looking for something a little fancier should head over to Federal Hill, Providence’s version of Little Italy, where a concentration of top-notch restaurants can be found.

Downtown Providence has no shortage of lodging options or points of interest for fans visiting the city from out of town. Check out the GoProvidence website for more information.

Fans 4

The Friars draw decent crowds to Anderson Stadium. Stadium Journey visited Providence on a crisp October night with nationally ranked Georgetown visiting. The crowd numbered approximately 500 fans, which appears to be a fairly representative crowd for Providence College soccer.

As mentioned before, many of the fans in attendance have a personal connection with the players on the pitch and are enthusiastic about their support. There’s a significant presence from local youth teams at Anderson Stadium, and the youngsters bring their energy to the game. While there’s decent support from the student body, there’s no organized student section at Anderson Stadium.

Access 3

Providence College is located in the residential Elmhurst neighborhood of Providence, about a mile from Route 146 and Interstate 95. To reach Anderson Stadium, fans will need to do some driving through the city, but the campus is still pretty easy to reach. Fans using public transportation will be pleased to know that RIPTA’s number 55 bus has a stop right next to Schneider Arena, adjacent to Anderson Stadium.

With the majority of fans driving to Friar soccer games, parking is at a premium. Luckily, there is plenty of parking in the area. There is a three-level parking garage attached to the west grandstand of Anderson Stadium, as well as several lots within walking distance of the facility. Many fans will opt for the on-street parking available on Huxley and Admiral Streets.

Seating at Anderson Stadium consists of metal bleachers in the grandstands on either side of the pitch, with some individual stadium seats around midfield of the main (west) grandstand. There is a berm on the south side of the field. The younger fans in attendance keep this area buzzing with activity throughout the game. Fans can walk completely around the stadium, with views of the pitch and standing room available at all points. Restrooms are located in Schneider Arena next door to Anderson Stadium.

Return on Investment 5

Admission to Friar soccer games is free, as is parking in the garage adjacent to Anderson Stadium. No items on Saugy’s regular menu cost more than five dollars. Even when Saugy’s is featuring their specialty dogs, prices are reasonable. Fans can bring their snacks into the game with them. As the season progresses through the fall months and the weather turns colder, it’s common to see lots of Dunkin’ coffee in the stands.

Extras 1

Providence College’s conference championship seasons and NCAA Tournament appearances for both the men’s and women’s teams are honored on the wall of the east grandstand. Fans wishing to see the Friars’ NCAA hockey championship trophy will find it in the lobby of Schneider Arena next door to Anderson Stadium.

Final Thoughts

Providence College is a small school with a long history in intercollegiate sports. They have been working hard to improve their on-campus facilities, and Anderson Stadium is a worthy result of these efforts.


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