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All-Tech Raceway

Photos by Chris Green, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.43

All-Tech Raceway 1024 SW Howell Rd Lake City, FL 32024

Year Opened: 1974


A New Dirt Track Experience

All-Tech Raceway has been around for a while, having opened in 1974 as a short track. Recently the track was sold and converted to a dirt track, which has changed the experience at All-Tech Raceway, but at the same time, the track has remained the family friendly environment it has always sought to be. A trip to this track half an hour north of Gainesville, Florida makes it plain to see why locals flock here every weekend.

Food & Beverage 3

The food here is made fresh on site, so while the selection may be limited, you aren’t getting pre-packaged junk heated in the microwave. Prices are incredibly affordable as well, with hot dogs running just $2.50. Hamburgers are just $3.50 ($4 for cheeseburgers), nachos and cheese is just $3, and an order of fries is $3. Corn dogs are $2, with an assortment of candy and chips ranging from $0.50 to $2. Perhaps the most popular item is the redneck nachos at $6, or the pork sandwich at $5. Drinks range from $1 to $2.50 for water, soda, Gatorade, coffee, and sweet tea.

Atmosphere 4

The track is incredibly comfortable and clean for a local short track. The main seating area is built on a berm, with the concessions stands and media tower located on top of the berm. Below the berm, fans can sit on tiered stone levels made from pavers and stones that offer enough room per level to set up folding chairs, but still have room around you. For the comfort of those around the track, smoking is limited to the far ends of each side of the seating area, outside of the main seating areas, which makes for a much more comfortable experience for everyone.

Neighborhood 2

There isn’t much around All-Tech Raceway – Gainesville is the closest large town, located about a half an hour south on I-75. Next to the track, you see mostly private land and trees. While this makes the track feel a bit more isolated and relaxing, it also means you have to drive a bit to get to anything substantial.

For lodging, there are exactly three motels nearby – Dream Inn, Palms Garden Inn, and Travelers Inn Motel. For something bigger and of higher quality, your best bet is to look in and around the Gainesville area. For food, you will have to drive to Gainesville (there is a Wendy’s just off the same I-75 exit as the track), where you can find Jason’s Deli, Red Lobster, Chipotle, Blaze Pizza, and countless other shopping and dining options in the college town.

For attractions, the University of Florida is in Gainesville, offering many options for the college sports fan. Also, to the north, just outside of Lake City, is Osceola National Forest.

Fans 5

The fans pack in the track every race day. Parking fills up, the fans gather around their favorite drivers in the paddock area, and the racing action keeps the speed-loving faithful entertained for the whole night. The fans are polite, and that makes for an incredibly family friendly environment for the whole family.

Access 4

All-Tech Raceway is one of the easiest tracks to get to when it comes to local racing, and parking is plentiful on site. Getting to the track is pretty easy – I-75 is the closest highway, and the track is less than a mile from the highway exit. Once you take exit 93, head south on US-41 until you get to SW Howell Rd; once you turn onto that, the track is just a short drive down.

Return on Investment 4

Tickets are $15 per person to get in, and while that may be more than some local short tracks in America, the quality of the experience is worth it. You get a comfortable seating area to watch the races from, a family friendly atmosphere, and some exciting racing on track. The only deterrent is the track’s distance from major cities, so you will have to trek a little out of the way for this one.

Extras 2

All-Tech Raceway brings out the young fans every night, to hold American flags along the front stretch during the national anthem. The track also offers a paddock pass, getting you access into the track’s pits for an up-close view of the drivers, cars, and teams each weekend.

Final Thoughts

All-Tech Raceway is a bit out of the way, and while it may not have the presence or name recognition of some of Florida’s other short tracks, it is no less entertaining. If you’re a race fan looking for an adventure to see someplace new, All-Tech Raceway may be your perfect match.

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