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Yager Stadium

Oxford, OH

Home of the Miami (OH) RedHawks



Yager Stadium (map it)
Weeb Ewbank Way
Oxford, OH 45056

Miami (OH) RedHawks website

Yager Stadium website

Year Opened: 1983

Capacity: 24,286

There are no tickets available at this time.


Local Information


Cradle of Coaches

In the early 1980's the Miami (OH) University set out to build a new home stadium for their football team, and they turned to Fred C. Yager, class of 1914. Yager was the lead benefactor for the stadium that opened in 1983, and is known as Yager Stadium.

The stadium is open ended with a large scoreboard in the south endzone. There is a proposal currently to add a large building to the north endzone, but no time table has been confirmed.

Today, you'll find bleacher seating on both sides in a comfortable, but unremarkable little stadium, hosting MAC football each fall.


What is FANFARE?

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  • Atmosphere
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Food & Beverage    3

As I walked the large concourse that surrounds the stands, I was fairly surprised and excited to find a better menu than what I have experienced at most football stadiums in the MAC. An angus burger, brat, and especially the BBQ pulled pork sandwich caught my eye. These aren't unheard of stadium options of course, but a welcome upgrade from what I expected. Then I actually tried some. The BBQ sandwich tasted a lot like what I imagine cat food would taste like with a little BBQ sauce. Definitely not the best $4.25 I've ever spent.

Atmosphere    2

The largely empty stands were primarily due to the deluge of rain that was falling for the particular night game that I attended. The reported attendance was over 12,000, another indication of why reported "attendance" is an absolute meaningless report these days. They may have sold 12,000 tickets, but there were fewer than 1,000 on hand I would wager.

The visit fell completely flat for me. I do like that the stadium is down the hill from the parking lot, so there is some anticipation that builds as you look down upon the stadium during your walk. There are also some pretty cool statues near the scoreboard that are worth stopping by. Included in the group are likenesses of Ara Parseghian, Bo Schembechler, John Pont, Weeb Ewbank, and Red Blaik. Miami calls this area the Cradle of Coaches.

Neighborhood    3

Miami University has a lovely campus, and if the weather cooperates, then you should try to spend some time exploring. In fact, if you don't mind a mile trek, you could walk from downtown Oxford to Yager Stadium.

High Street is the main area where you would want to spend some time before or after the game. Steinkeller is known for their German food and beers. It is a comfortable basement establishment, and worth the stop.

The 45 East Bar & Grill has a better selection of beers, and a menu featuring fairly standard pub food. For hanging out, I like this place a bit better, but the bathrooms will remind you that you are indeed in a college hot spot, as they were, in a word, nasty.

Fans    1

This is a tough call. Like I mentioned previously, it was a rather rainy November night, and battling the elements was a challenge. That said, there was nobody there, and little interest from those in attendance. I spoke to a few people downtown before the game, and no one seemed to care about the football game just hours away.

With only 3 bowl game appearances in 25 years, it's hard to blame the fans for not supporting their team.

Access    3

Parking is ample, but for $10, it seems to be overpriced, especially for a University trying to attract supporters. There's always a silver lining when attending a game with few fans "" it's easy to get in and out of the stadium.

Restrooms are adequetly clean and large enough to accommodate the crowd.

Return on Investment    2

Season tickets are only $120 for a great seat with a chairback included. That's a great bargain for any alumnus or resident of the Oxford area. Single game tickets range from $15-$20, so it's a reasonable price if you just want to catch one game. The parking is much too high, especially compared to its MAC counterparts. Food is priced correctly, but isn't great. All in all, a trip to Yager Stadium probably isn't worth the visit for an average sports fan, but if you're in the area, there are some redeeming qualities to the trip.

Extras    1

One additional point for the collection of statues, and the overall concept of promoting Miami as the Cradle of Coaches. Besides the coaches honored with statues, Miami also has been the one-time home of Jim Tressel (probably no statue coming on that one), Woody Hayes, and Randy Walker.

My take

It pains me to see the lack of support the football and basketball teams get at Miami. They run a first class athletic department.

Paul, you have been married too long. In your single days you probably would have never noticed the bar restroom was in your words "nasty."

by CigarBoy | Nov 23, 2011 05:30 PM

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Crowd Reviews

A Nice Way to Spend a Saturday

Total Score: 2.71

  • Food & Beverage: 3
  • Atmosphere 4
  • Neighborhood: 4
  • Fans: 2
  • Access: 1
  • RoI: 3
  • Extras: 2

Yager is in a very pretty setting in a nice, little town. A great way to spend an afternoon.

The problem is that if it's a big game, access to Oxford SUCKS. Plan on sitting for a couple hours in traffic.

Fortunately for visiting team fans, the Redhawks don't draw unless they are winning, so typically the stadium stays empty.

Yager itself is a nice stadium. Only seats like 28,000, but if you like football, it's a pleasant place.

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Local Food & Drink

Steinkeller  (map it!)

15 E High St

Oxford, OH 45056

(513) 524-2437


45 East Bar & Grill  (map it!)

45 E High St

Oxford, OH 45056

(513) 523-3737


Bagel & Deli Shop  (map it!)

119 E High St

Oxford, OH 45056

(513) 523-2131


Skyline Chili  (map it!)

1 E High St

Oxford, OH 45056

(513) 523-3330


Brick Street Bar  (map it!)

36 E High St

Oxford, OH 45056

(513) 523-1335


Quarter Barrel Brewery & Pub  (map it!)

107 E Church St

Oxford, OH 45056

(513) 523-2525


Mac & Joe's  (map it!)

21 E High St

Oxford, OH 45056

(513) 523-8018


Stella 12 Beech  (map it!)

12 S Beech St

Oxford, OH 45056

(513) 523-7835


Local Entertainment


The Elms- Holiday Inn Oxford  (map it!)

75 S Main St

Oxford, OH 45056

(513) 524-2002


Courtyard Marriott Hamilton  (map it!)

1 Riverfront Plaza

Hamilton, OH 45011

(513) 896-6200



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