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Hadlock Field

Portland, ME

Home of the Portland Sea Dogs



Hadlock Field (map it)
271 Park Ave
Portland, ME 04104

Portland Sea Dogs website

Hadlock Field website

Year Opened: 1994

Capacity: 7,368

There are no tickets available at this time.


Local Information


Maine Monster

Hadlock Field, named for longtime Portland High School baseball coach and physics teacher Edson J. Hadlock Jr., has served as the home field for the Portland Sea Dogs since their inception in 1994. The Sea Dogs, once affiliated with the Florida Marlins, have enjoyed a surge in popularity since affiliating with the nearby Boston Red Sox. In addition to the Sea Dogs, Hadlock Field also serves as home for the Portland High School and Deering High School baseball teams.

Hadlock Field has undergone several changes over the past few seasons, many intended to make the park more similar to their parent club’s home in Boston. In particular, to commemorate the Sea Dogs’ affiliation with the nearby Red Sox, the “Maine Monster” was installed in left field. The wall, which measures 37 feet high, is painted green just like its doppelganger at Fenway Park. To further enhance the resemblance, there is a Citgo sign and a giant Coke bottle on top.


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  • Atmosphere
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Food & Beverage    4

Hadlock Field covers all the bases when it comes to concessions. For the most part, the concession stands are located underneath the seating bowl on the main concourse. Unfortunately, the design of this ballpark does not allow for a view of the field while waiting in line for food. Fortunately, lines here tend to move quickly, so you don't miss much of the action unless there is a particularly large crowd on the day you visit Portland.

The stands at Hadlock Field feature all the ballpark basics. There is a unique theme to each stand here, so you may have the unfortunate task of stopping at several different stands to satisfy your group's order. Fenway Franks are the featured hot dog here, as you may expect from a Red Sox affiliated team located only a couple of hours from Fenway Park. Also located at the hot dog stands is "Al's Stuffers," Hadlock Field's version of a candy store. Hungry fans can get a variety of treats here, such as popcorn, peanuts, nachos, pretzels, candy, and two unique items, Frito Chili Pie and Sea Dog Biscuits. Sea Dogs Biscuits are ice cream cookie sandwiches, and may be the most popular item at the ballpark.

Fans seeking other nourishment can visit the Pizza stand, Fried Dough Stand, Root Beer stand (featuring delicious root beer floats), Milk and Cookie stand (featuring soft serve ice cream), and the fried food stand. For something unusual at the ballpark, try the fried haddock sandwich here. It's good, but you are in Maine. Go elsewhere for your seafood if you must have some, you won't be sorry.

Beer stands are also located in the main concourse, selling Budweiser, Bud Light, and Geary's Pale Ale. A small microbrew stand in right field sells Sam Adams, Red Hook, Harpoon, Sea Dog, and Baxter's Brews. But for the best experience at Hadlock Field, head down the left field line to the Shipyard Brew Pen. Here you can get a variety of BBQ items, such as burgers, sausage sandwiches, grilled chicken sandwiches, and steak & cheese sandwiches. Most importantly, come here for the beer. Shipyard Breweries sell their wares here, with a variety of outstanding craft beers. The IPA and Blueberry Ales are highly recommended.

Atmosphere    3

Visitors to Hadlock Field will be greeted by a larger than life sized statue of Slugger, the Sea Dogs' mascot. It's a popular spot for pictures and to meet up before entering the ballpark. Once inside, the family-friendly vibe continues. The Sea Dogs staff present the fans with a steady stream of between-inning contests and promotions, the most memorable of which would be the lobster toss, where four Sea Dog interns in full fisherman's rain gear toss plastic lobsters into the air to be caught by two fans carrying a lobster trap.

It seems as if virtually every inch of Hadlock Field is designed to keep one's attention away from the game being played on the field. Every open square inch of the ballpark is filled with a giant inflatable boot (L.L. Bean), tooth (Delta Dental), or car dealership (Prime Motor Group). There are giant milk cartons and Coca-Cola bottles to be hit with batted balls, targets to be hit on top of the Maine Monster, and a lighthouse beyond the center field fence that rises whenever a Sea Dog hits a home run or when Portland wins.

In addition to Slugger the Sea Dog, there are two "Trash Monsters" (pronounced "Monstahs" here in Maine) who roam the stands collecting trash in their mouths. One can only imagine what those costumes smell like on a hot summer afternoon. The reserved and General Admission sections of the ballpark are made of aluminum, and can make quite a racket when being stomped on by a sellout crowd. Hadlock Field certainly doesn't lack for energy.

Neighborhood    5

Hadlock Field is located in between Interstate 295, and a mixed-use area full of businesses and housing. There are a few restaurants and hotels in the immediate vicinity of the ballpark, but if traveling to Portland, you will want to head downtown.

The city of Portland is one of the hidden gems of New England. It is filled with museums, a vibrant arts scene, and has a great small-city vibe to it. As you would expect from a city located on the beautiful Casco Bay, there is much to do outdoors in the summer here. Take a boat tour out into the bay and visit the numerous secluded islands that dot the bay, or stay in the city and stroll the streets of the Old Port. There are more than enough bars and restaurants to keep any foodie happy. Portland has a well-deserved reputation as an outstanding culinary center. If you can't find a great meal here, you haven't looked hard enough. As you would expect, some of the best seafood anywhere can be found right here in Portland.

If shopping is your thing, there are numerous small shops located throughout the Old Port. If you don't mind a short drive, the L.L. Bean store is located 17 miles to the north in Freeport. The Maine Mall, the largest shopping center in Maine, is located in nearby South Portland.

Fans    4

Portland consistently ranks in the upper half of the Eastern League in attendance. Being an affiliate of the nearby Boston Red Sox certainly helps these numbers. Portland is smack dab in the middle of Red Sox Nation, and the fans here have followed the team for generations. On the front of the Hadlock Field press box are jerseys representing every current Red Sox player who passed through Portland on their way to Fenway Park. Most years, almost the entire Boston roster is represented on this wall.

Fans at Hadlock Field run the gamut from seniors to families, and these fans know their baseball. They are enthusiastic, and when the Sea Dogs get rolling you can feel the ballpark shake. This may be due to the noise generated when 5,000 fans stomp their feet on metal bleachers, but the fans here don't need any help to get into the game. For the kids, there are more than enough distractions around to keep them happy even through an extra inning game.

Access    5

Hadlock Field is easy to get to, located just off of Interstate 295 in downtown Portland. Also located near Hadlock Field is the Portland Exposition Center, home of the NBA D-League's Maine Red Claws, the Portland Ice Arena, and Fitzpatrick Stadium. Fans can park in the Fitzpatrick Stadium parking lot or in the Maine Medical Center garage, just a few blocks away. Long-time visitors to Hadlock Field will be saddened to find out that the city of Portland has placed restrictions on the free on-street parking that used to be plentiful around the ballpark. Fans are now resigned to paying for parking in several surface lots in the area of Hadlock Field or in the aforementioned garages. Still, resourceful fans are able to find free on-street parking within walking distance of the park.

Fans using public transportation to arrive in Portland will be pleased to find that Amtrak's Downeaster train stops at the Portland Transportation Center, just minutes from Hadlock Field. Fans using local buses can take the Greater Portland Metro bus #3, which stops right at the ballpark.

Hadlock Field is generally easy to navigate, as its concourse is located underneath the grandstand. Unfortunately, it can be dark here, as the concourse is fully enclosed, but luckily it is not usually crowded, except when there is a sellout in the house. Likewise, there is usually not a wait to use the bathrooms, which are located along either baseline.

Return on Investment    5

The Sea Dogs pride themselves on providing affordable family entertainment for the baseball fans of Maine. Box seats cost $10, reserved seating $9, and general admission seats are $8. Discount all seats another dollar for children or seniors. Seats out in the U.S. Cellular Pavilion in right field cost $10, with an all you can eat option for $15. Parking in several surface lots in the area will cost an additional $5 or $10. Food prices are on the inexpensive side for this level of baseball, making a night at Hadlock Field a very affordable alternative for a night out.

Extras    3

There are small touches and hidden extras located throughout Hadlock Field. Keep your eyes open for the lighthouse that rises when a Sea Dog hits a home run, or after a Sea Dog win. Look out in right field below the L.L. Bean boot for the Portland bullpen, which is located on a platform 15 feet above the ground. Located in the grandstand are pictures of every ballpark in the Eastern League as well as every Sea Dog team since their inception in 1994.

Final Thoughts

Hadlock Field is definitely not the place for baseball purists. The park is quirky and kitschy. It's loaded with unique features designed to attract the sometime fan. Some would say that Hadlock Field just tries too hard. Still, it works. The partnership between the baseball crazy fans of Maine and the nearby Boston Red Sox is a natural fit, and the Mainers fill the aluminum bleachers of Hadlock Field on a regular basis. Spending a leisurely summer day in the beautiful city of Portland only adds to the experience.

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Crowd Reviews

Maine Attraction

Total Score: 4.29

  • Food & Beverage: 4
  • Atmosphere 4
  • Neighborhood: 4
  • Fans: 4
  • Access: 5
  • RoI: 5
  • Extras: 4

The Portland Sea Dogs experience is minor league baseball as it was meant to be. Located in the beautiful coastal city of Portland, Hadlock Field, with a capacity of just over 7,000, has something for everyone. While the Sea Dogs were strangely a Marlins affiliate from their founding in 1994 through 2002, their 2003 switch to the Red Sox made perfect sense in terms of both their geography and fan base. Now Red Sox fans who want to see the big league team's up-and-comers can get to Hadlock in a quick 2 hour drive from the Boston area to see the Double-A club. This switch also allowed the Sea Dogs to build the "Maine Monster," a 37-foot replica of Fenway's Green Monster, complete with Coke bottle and Citgo sign sitting atop it.

Fenway in Maine

Total Score: 4.14

  • Food & Beverage: 4
  • Atmosphere 5
  • Neighborhood: 5
  • Fans: 4
  • Access: 3
  • RoI: 4
  • Extras: 4

Been to Harlock Field for two games. One was an AA All-Star game where George Bush (41) threw out the first pitch. One of the best AA stadiums I've been to. The food is very good, prices are fair. Love the Green Monster in LF. Portland is a fantastic town and the fans are real Sox fanatics. My kind of people. A "must see" stadium.

Terrific Park

Total Score: 4.29

  • Food & Beverage: 4
  • Atmosphere 5
  • Neighborhood: 4
  • Fans: 4
  • Access: 4
  • RoI: 5
  • Extras: 4

It's been 5 years since my family attended a game on a vacation trip to Niagara Falls and Maine so although not a timely review I can still remember it well. Loved the quaint, cozy atmosphere, the mini-monster in left and the warehouse that will take many a foul ball down right. Remember the beers well also. And of course lobster rolls!

Would love to take in another visit - maybe parlay it with a trip to Pawtucket and Fenway.

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