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TIAA Bank Field – Jacksonville Jaguars

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.57

TIAA Bank Field 1 TIAA Bank Field Drive Jacksonville, FL 32202

Year Opened: 1995

Capacity: 67,164



In many ways the Jacksonville Jaguars are a story of ups and downs. Most recently famous as a pop-culture reference on the NBC show “The Good Place” for their history of being bad at football, the team from north Florida now find themselves as potential contenders. Playing in front of packed crowds is once again the norm, and fan fever is at an all-time high. However, their results on the field are often mixed. A year after making a deep playoff run with Blake Bortles, the Jaguars muddled around at the bottom of the pack, and continue to do so this season.

What sets the Jaguars apart, however, is their continued commitment to their fans. Known for being fan-friendly and fan-focused for many years, including their down years, the team has continued their commitment to enhancing the fan experience in Jacksonville, even with their recent run of success. What was once considered an average stadium now features a broad range of unique aspects that make TIAA Bank Field one of the more unique and enjoyable NFL stadiums to visit in America.

Indeed, one may also scoff at Jacksonville’s place as an NFL hotbed for fans, but the Jaguars’ faithful are starting to slowly turn that opinion around. And while success leads to more butts in seats, a consistently impressive game day experience has helped keep those butts in seats for more and more games as time has gone by.

Food & Beverage 3

The food options at TIAA Bank Field are pretty standard for a professional sports stadium. Drinks start at $4 for bottled water (a must-have in the hot Florida sun), $5 for bottled soda or Gatorade, and $10 to $12 for bottled beers. Various concessions stands also offer cocktails and alcoholic drinks.

On the food side, prices remain among the highest in the NFL; foot-long chili cheese hot dogs cost $12, while pizza runs $10. A small hot dog costs $5, an Asian BBQ skewer runs $11, and popcorn costs $7. BBQ sandwiches, cheeseburgers, and chicken tenders with fries all cost over $10.

The stadium does offer local food from local restaurants in the area, but options there are going to run equivalent to your standard concessions in price. There is a wide variety at TIAA Bank Field, but the price will hit you hard in the wallet.

Atmosphere 4

TIAA Bank Field debuted in 1995 and features a popular late-90s unfinished industrial vibe with lots of concrete. While stadiums and arenas like Miami’s AmericanAirlines Arena feature similar aesthetics that have remained relatively untouched, Jacksonville’s stadium has seen several upgrades throughout the years. Most notably are the fan zones in the end zone areas of the stadium – the north end zone features a VIP suite deck area that includes two pools with clear sides that look out onto the playing field. The seating also feels more intimate with just two bowl levels, instead of the multiple levels like at more modern stadiums.

Thanks to recent winning streaks, the packed crowds of loyal fans has helped as well, as TIAA Bank Stadium rocks whenever the Jaguars score. On top of that, the team’s new rallying cry of “DUUUVAL!!!” (a reference to the city’s location in Duval County, Florida) hypes the crowd before key plays. Finally, the massively expanded HD video screens in both end zones feature game stats, replays, and information for fans that the old scoreboards couldn’t offer.

Neighborhood 3

The neighborhood immediately around TIAA Bank Field is one of sports facilities and parking options; the home of the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp is located quite literally in the parking lot of the Jaguars’ home stadium. Across the street you will find Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena, home to both Jacksonville University athletics and the Jacksonville Icemen of the ECHL, as well as Jacksonville Sharks arena football in the spring and summer.

Also nearby is downtown Jacksonville, which offers a bounty of food and shopping options. Not too far is the Jacksonville Beach area, where visitors can dip their toes in the hot sand and warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean. That said, all those options are a short drive away, which means it may be a bit of a walk to get to them if you forgo driving.

Fans 4

The fans here are loud. The home of the Jaguars sees some of the NFL’s key demographics swell in attendance as well, with young fans and women making up a large contingent of the fans in attendance. In addition, families are also taking advantage of the Jags being the 5th lowest average ticket cost in the NFL, with many younger fans coming with their parents for some Sunday football. You can rest assured the NFL experience is alive and well in Jacksonville’s fan base.

Access 3

TIAA Bank Field is inherently very easy to find and get to. Located just across the St. John’s River from I-95 and just off US-1 alternates 228 and Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway, the stadium rises from the river’s shores. However, navigating the area is tricky, as the closest bridges are all a few lanes too small for game day crowds – traffic backs up easily and heavily in the area before and after games when fans pack the small streets in and around TIAA Bank Field.

Parking on-site, while plentiful, will cost you upwards of $35 in the immediate vicinity of the stadium. Alternatively, public transportation options range from $7 to upwards of $10 for buses that pick fans up from designated areas in and around Jacksonville on game day.

Return on Investment 3

Ticket prices for NFL games are expensive for the average fan. Despite the Jaguars being among the most affordable tickets in the league, you still are looking at several hundred dollars for a family of four when tickets, parking, and concessions are all factored in. That said, the stadium experience in Jacksonville has improved considerably thanks to recent updates and continued success on the field.

Extras 5

During the game, the stadium honors local first responders and military members. Jacksonville is a big military city, especially with a large US Navy and US Coast Guard presence. The Jaguars also frequently have military flyovers before kickoff.

During the break between the third and fourth quarters, the team also honors an active-duty serviceman/servicewoman who has been recognized for an act of valor or recently returned from a deployment, by having them ring the Navy Mutual Bell. Located on the end zone mezzanine overlooking the field, the bell tolls and signals fans to rally behind the Jaguars heading into the final quarter.

In addition, there are cooling stations throughout TIAA Bank Field for fans, that offer somewhere to sit and cool off on hot Florida game days; some of these include large bendy-buses with air conditioning on full blast. Furthermore, outside the main entrance on the west side of the stadium sits a massive Jaguar statue that fans can take photos of.

On the same side of TIAA Bank Field as the statue sits the Veterans Memorial Wall. Dedicated in 1995, the memorial honors more than 1,500 Jacksonville area veterans and war heroes from all six service branches (Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, Marines, and Merchant Marines).\

Finally, during the pre-game ceremonies Jaxson de Ville (the team’s mascot) performs stunts like ziplining into TIAA Bank Field from the top of the lighting towers, thrilling fans and getting everyone into the mood for exciting football.

Final Thoughts

With continued local investment from the team’s ownership and the potential continued success of the team in Jacksonville, the future looks bright for the Jaguars and their loyal fans. This is a game day experience that many visiting fans find impressive upon their arrival, and for good reason. The Jaguars consistently produce a solid fan experience all around, and have given fans good reason to be excited about the future.

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