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New Review: Chicago Cubs Spring Training

Cubs Park Home of the Chicago Cubs Spring Training



Review by: Meg Minard -- Apr 17, 2014

The Chicago Cubs have some new digs for their spring training. There are some kinks to work out, but this is going to be a wonderful venue. Review by Special Correspondent Meg Minard.

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College Hockey Arena Rankings

by Paul Baker - Apr 14, 2014 9:15 PM EDT

While college hockey may take a backseat in the headlines to football and basketball, no other sport can compare to the passion and dedication of its fans. Stadium Journey is very proud to present our rankings of the arena experience for 57 of the 59 teams that compete in Division I. Unfortunately, Rochester Institute of Technology and the University of Nebraska at Omaha are missing from our ranking. It is our mission to include these schools in our next edition.

Our reviews are based on several categories including: food & beverage in the arena, the overall atmosphere, the neighborhood in which the arena resides, the fans, the access (including traffic, parking, restrooms, and ability to move around in the arena), overall return on investment, and a catchall category for any extras. We use the rating of our correspondent as our primary ranking, with the crowd reviews of our members as the secondary factor. In cases where there is still a tie, we have an internal discussion to determine which arena experience might be slightly better. To read any of the full reviews, just click on the name or picture for each arena.

As with all lists of this nature, there will be debate and disagreement. Frankly, that's why we love these lists. We welcome your feedback in the comments section, and encourage you to rate the arenas where you have attended a game. Without further ado, we present our rankings for the best overall arena experience in college hockey...


The Turnstiles: It's Time for the Seventh-Inning-Go-The-Hell-Home

The Turnstiles: It's Time for the Seventh-Inning-Go-The-Hell-Home

by Brandon Gee - Apr 11, 2014 11:59 AM EDT

An unnamed MLB team executive said in an interview with ESPN's Buster Olney on Monday that as a cure all to baseball's issues with a dwindling player pool, pitching injuries and a game length that's perceived by some as too long, an easy solution would be to cut games down to 7 innings. It's a radical idea (i.e. it won't happen), but would the shorter timeframe affect your fandom? Most of the ESPN piece is paywalled but For The Win expands on the idea.


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