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FEATURED STADIUM  FirstEnergy Stadium

New Review: Cleveland Browns

Pre Game Introductions at FirstEnergy Stadium



Review by: Dave Cottenie -- Dec 21, 2014

A winning season has Cleveland Browns fans cautiously optimistic, and FirstEnergy Stadium remains one of the best in the NFL. Review by Special Correspondent Dave Cottenie.

Other Stadium News

Astrodome: From Eighth Wonder to Indoor Park?

Astrodome: From Eighth Wonder to Indoor Park?

by Paul Donaldson - Dec 20, 2014 9:16 AM EST

The Houston Chronicle reported that a panel from the Urban Land Institute released renderings of the latest proposal for alternative uses for the aging Astrodome, once known as the "Eighth Wonder of the World." It wasn't long ago that the fate of the Astrodome seemed certain to be demolition. Houston residents and city officials, however, have had a hard time letting go.


2014 FBS College Football Stadium Experience Rankings

by Paul Swaney - Dec 19, 2014 7:50 AM EST

This season, we visited 50 of the 128 FBS college football stadiums to provide updated coverage. We'll continue to visit each FBS stadium every 2-3 years to ensure we have updated information for sports travelers. Our ranking of the stadium experiences in college football is based on the rating of our official correspondents. We've included the food & beverage inside the stadium, the overall atmosphere, the neighborhood where the stadium resides, the fans, access to and inside the stadium , overall return on investment, and an "extras" category for any unique features not covered adequately in our other categories. Where ties exist, we use the ratings of our members. We encourage you to share your experiences and opinions of any venues you've visited.


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