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Stadion Narodowy

Warsaw, Poland

Home of the 2015 Europa League Final



Stadion Narodowy (map it)
al. Zieleniecka 1
Warsaw, Poland 03901

2015 Europa League Final website

Stadion Narodowy website

Year Opened: 2012

Capacity: 58,145

There are no tickets available at this time.


Local Information


2015 Europa League Final in Warsaw

The 2015 final in UEFA Europa League between Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine) and Sevilla FC (Spain) was hosted in Warsaw at Stadion Narodowy (National Stadium). This stadium was originally built for EURO 2012 (Soccer) and normally is only used by the Polish soccer national team.


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Food & Beverage    4

There are a lot of shops to buy food and drink in Stadion Narodowy. While there are long lines to buy beverages in the first level, you nearly don't have to wait in the second level.

There are three kinds of sausages and hot dogs available and the Polish sausage is great, and certainly the way to go. You can also buy French fries, pizza, or popcorn.

You are only allowed to get non-alcoholic beer. Soft drinks include offerings from Coca-Cola, Fante, and bottles of water.

The prices are very reasonable. A soft drink and a sausage will cost you about 20 zloty (about $5 US dollars).

Atmosphere    5

The atmosphere at this final was awesome! There were 45,000 spectators with nearly 10,000 from Sevilla, 10,000 from Ukraine and maybe 10,000 from Poland with the rest being soccer fans from all over Europe.

Stadion Narodowy is still a brand new stadium, built for EURO 2012. Because it's used only for matches of the Polish national soccer team, the stadium looks and feels new. There is a retractable roof which can be closed during bad weather. The stadium's facade reflects the Polish national colours of red and white. The same colours are used for the stadium's seats.

For the 2015 Europa League Final, there was a big show to introduce the final and the two teams from Sevilla and Dnipropetrovsk. The crowd was very pleased with the show and it helped to build the anticipation for the match itself.

The two supporter groups from Sevilla and Dnipropetrovks were each sitting behind opposite goals. It was a very friendly and peaceful atmosphere. Sitting in the second level behind a goal stand was great, with no problem seeing every part of the game. The ticket cost about $45 - it was the cheapest category.

Neighborhood    1

Stadion Narodowy is located at the riverside of the Vistula River. You have to walk over a large bridge to get to the stadium. After the match the bridge was closed for local auto traffic, so the whole crowd was able to walk on the bridge.

Because the stadium is located at the "wrong" side of the Vistula RIver, there are not many opportunities to eat and have a drink near the stadium. Centre Warsaw is about 30 minutes walk - you can go by bus, tram or underground (new) in nearly 10 minutes to "Old Warsaw" to get to any restaurant you like.

Warsaw is a fantastic town with great old architecture, although it was destroyed nearly completely in World War II. Warsaw was rebuilt after the war, and "Old Warsaw" is a great scene. You can visit the Palace of Culture, Warsaw's tallest tower built by Russia in the 1950s.

From the airport to Warsaw-town you can go by taxi in about 20 minutes. Poland is very cheap - you have to pay 50 Zloty for this way, about $15. Ibis Budget Warszawa Centrum is a good place to stay when going to Stadion Narodowy. From the hotel to the stadium it is a walk of only about 25 minutes.

Fans    3

Because Stadion Narodowy is only used for the Polish national soccer team, it is difficult to say something about the fans. The final in Europa League 2015 between Sevilla and Dnipropetrovsk was atypical for the stadium, although there was a great crowd.

At the Polish National matches there have usually been between 42,000 and 55,000 spectators, but in the last 3 years there only had been 11 matches in this stadium.

At the final, the Spanish and Ukrainian fans were very enthusiastic and loud. After the first goal for Dnipropetrovsk, the fans were freaking out, starting some fireworks. But in the end Sevilla won the cup, and the Spanish fans were the only ones to be heard in the stadium - crying happily and making the game a party the whole time.

Access    4

Access to the stadium was not good for the Europa League final. The gate mentioned on the ticket let us walk nearly around the whole stadium. Another gate would have been much better.

Public transit is nearly perfect - having a walk, going by bus or tram over the bridge or taking the underground are all terrific options.

There is an underground parking lot at gate 6, but there are not that many spots available. The best way to go to the stadium is by foot or by underground because the bridge is closed for traffic after a match.

You have to watch the stadium plan to enter your seating. There are six gates to enter, but the gate mentioned on the ticket may not always be the right one.

Moving around the stadium is no problem. Getting to your seats is easy.

Restrooms are very clean, because there are not many matches played at the stadium. Handicapped persons may have problems because of the many stairs. There are some ramps, but we didn't find any lift.

Return on Investment    5

This is great stadium and it was a great final. The experience was worth every of the 40 Euros (about $45) paid for the ticket.

Poland is a very affordable place to visit. About $5 for food and drink, nearly 50 cents for public transportation and you don't have to pay much money when visiting for a game in Warsaw.

Extras    3

Merchandise for final was ok - getting a programme for $10 and a match scarf for about $15 were good mementos. During the day there was an opportunity to take a photo in "Old Warsaw" with the original cup - great idea!

Final Thoughts

Watching the Final in 2015 Europa League in Warsaw was an awesome experience. Great atmosphere, great stadium, good prices.

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