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Stadio Sandro Cabassi

Carpi, Modena

Home of the Carpi FC



Stadio Sandro Cabassi (map it)
Via C. Marx, 26
Carpi, Modena 41012

Carpi FC website

Stadio Sandro Cabassi website

Year Opened: 1928

Capacity: 4,760

There are no tickets available at this time.


Local Information


Stadio Sandro Cabassi

Stadio Sandro Cabassi is the facility where the Carpi FC 1909 plays its home games.

The stadium is one of the three present velodromes in Serie B, the second tier of Italian football, even though the track that surrounds the land is no longer used. The other two venues with tracks for cycling are the Franco Ossola Varese and Guido Biondi Lanciano.

Carpi FC was founded by Adolfo Fanconi in 1909 with the Latin name of Jucunditas. Fanconi was a local young man who had learned the game of football in the Swiss boarding school where the family had sent him to study. Initially, the team played its games on a makeshift camp at the Foro Boario. It was only in 1926 that work began on the construction of a stadium for football. On October 14, 1928 the Polisportivo Comunale was inaugurated with the launch of a bottle of champagne against the post.

Sergio Micheli was the first player to score a goal in Carpi’s new stadium. Two weeks later, on October 28, 1928 Carpi got their first victory against Grion Pola, thanks to a double of Gianbattista Focherini.

During Fascist rule, the stadium was named after Mario Papotti, a boy who died during the Spanish Civil War. After the end of World War II the venue took the name of partisan Sandro Cabassi. The strong political influence in choosing the name of the venue is also found in the streets surrounding it: via Carlo Marx and Lenin Street.

In February 1931, the National Italian Vittorio Pozzo, the team that went on to win the World Cup of 1934 and 1938, played a friendly match against a team made up of players of Carpi and Modena.

The stands and curves present today have been built and modified several times in the course of the ninety years of the Cabassi. During some moments of its history Carpi FC 1909, because of the work at the stadium, has had to play the home matches in Modena (1938-1939) or Reggio Emilia (2011-2012).


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Food & Beverage    3

Drinks and food can be purchased at the bar of the grandstand. You should taste the gnocco fritto (fried dumplings), a local specialty made with the dough for bread and then filled like a sandwich salty (2.70 euro). But there are also pizza (2.00 euro), donuts (1.00 euro) and various other sweet or salty snacks. There are also various types of soft drinks to complete the menu (1.00 euro for bottled water; 1.10 euro for espresso coffee).

Around the stadium there are also several cafes, a pizzeria, a kebab seller and even a room with several vending machines for food and drinks.

Atmosphere    4

Tribuna d'onore, Poltronissime (with red and white seats that form the word Carpi), and Tribuna Biancorossa and Tribuna Azzurra (both with blue seating) are the only sectors of the indoor stadium.

Distinti, Curva Ovest (occupied by the local fans) and the area reserved for guest supporters are uncovered.

The teams enter the field through a tunnel that emerges in front of the Curva Ovest.

Below the bleachers of the grandstand are different service areas including the bar for the public, the private room for the media, the toilet for men, women and the handicapped. At the edge of the field, you'll find the scoreboards as well as a timer that indicates the amount of playing time. Visibility is excellent from every section of the stadium.

Neighborhood    3

Carpi is a town in the province of Modena that has about 70,000 inhabitants. Stadio Sandro Cabassi is located in the southeast portion of the city.

Fans    3

Fans of Carpi FC 1909 follow the matches of their favorite team from the Curva Ovest, or from the sector Distinti nearest to the Curva Ovest. You can recognize them because they come to Cabassi with sweaters, scarves or red and white flags.

The main rivalry is with the teams (and fans) of nearby Modena and Sassuolo.

Access    3

Reaching the stadium Cabassi is simple. On the A22 Brennero-Modena is the exit Carpi. From there just follow the signs to the areas reserved for visiting supporters or local. All around the stadium there is plenty of parking for cars.

The train station is just over 1 km from the stadium.

Return on Investment    4

For the 2014-2015 season the cost of tickets varies from a high of 42 euro for a place in the stand to a minimum of EUR 10 for access to Curva Ovest.

There are discounts for women, those over 65, children under 12, and disabled people.

Extras    2

Parmigiano Reggiano DOP cheese, Lambrusco wine DOP Salamino of Santa Croce, Modena DOP ham, and cotechino (spiced pork sausage) are just some of the reasons why visiting Emilia and Carpi is well worth the journey for food lovers.

Carpi is also near of Maranello, the home of Ferrari.

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