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Stadio Renato Curi

Perugia, Umbria

Home of the AC Perugia Calcio



Stadio Renato Curi (map it)
Viale Pietro Conti
Perugia, Umbria 06125

AC Perugia Calcio website

Stadio Renato Curi website

Year Opened: 1975

Capacity: 24,000

There are no tickets available at this time.


Local Information


The Grifoni of Stadio Renato Curi

The AC Perugia Calcio is the main football club in the capital city of Umbria, a region in central Italy. Founded in 1905 as a partnership between Fortebraccio and Libertas, the team plays home games in the Stadio Renato Curi, a structure built between May and October 1975. The facility is located in Pian di Massiano and since November 26, 1977 has been named after the Perugia Calcio midfielder who died on October 30 of the same year during a home match against Juventus in Serie A. Before that tragic event, the facility was named Stadio Comunale di Pian di Massiano.

The football complex was inaugurated on October 5, 1975, with a tie between Perugia and Milan 0-0. The first goal in a league game was made by Franco Vannini after 53 minutes of the Perugia vs Lazio game on October 19, 1975.

The original footprint of the stadium was shaped like a "U" because there were two stands and a curve, "Curva Nord." "Curva Sud" was built later and opened to the public in time for the 1979 season.

The Italian national team has played five official matches in the stadium Renato Curi. The first came on December 22, 1983, with Italy defeating Cyprus 3-1, a match for the qualification to the European Championship finals. The last Italian national team game played in this stadium came on June 4, 2014, in a 1-1 draw between Italy and Luxembourg, a friendly match in preparation for the World Cup. Overall, the Italian national team is 4-0-1 in games played at Renato Curi.

AC Perugia Calcio completed the 1978-1979 Serie A championship undefeated. Only two other teams in Italian football have concluded an unbeaten Serie A: Juventus in 2011/2012 and AC Milan in 1991/1992.

ACF Fiorentina also played some home games in Perugia at Stadio Renato Curi during the 1990 season, because their home, Franchi in Florence was the object of work for the World Cup “Italia 1990.”

From 1938 to 1975 AC Perugia Calcio played home games in the stadium Santa Giuliana, a structure that is still present in the city.


What is FANFARE?

The FANFARE scale is our metric device for rating each stadium experience. It covers the following:

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  • Atmosphere
  • Neighborhood
  • Fans
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Each area is rated from 0 to 5 stars with 5 being the best. The overall composite score is the "FANFARE Score".

Food & Beverage    2

As is the case at almost all Italian stadia, Renato Curi fans can buy both hot and cold drinks, served in paper cups if you decide to bring them in the stands. Hot and cold sandwiches are available, and are both savory and sweet snacks.

This price list at Stadio Renato Curi include liters of water (1 euro), coffee (1 euro), Coke 0.5 liter (2.5 euro), chips or popcorn (1 euro), and hot sandwiches (2.50 euro). The dining options are located under the stands.

Around the facility there are several peddlers of sandwiches. A sandwich with roast pork costs 4.50 euro. A 0.5 liter bottle of water costs 1 euro.

Atmosphere    3

The facility is constructed of red metal and gray concrete and recalls the stadiums of some English clubs. The view of the playing field is excellent from each area.

The main grandstand (divided into the following sectors: Tribuna Vip; Poltroncine; Tribuna Ovest Laterale) is the only covered area, while the two curves and the other grandstand (Est) are uncovered.

For the Curva Nord seats in white and red form "R Curi," while in Tribuna Est is the word "Perugia."

The supporters of the visiting team are hosted in a part of the Curva Sud, the one closest to the main grandstand.

Neighborhood    3

Pian di Massiano is located in western Perugia, in the direction of Lago Trasimeno and Toscana. It has an area of about 70 hectares and is full of sports facilities. In addition to the Stadio Renato Curi there are Palasport Evangelisti, a facility for baseball, another for rugby, and green areas.

Fans    4

The most passionate fans are known as the Grifoni, the nickname of AC Perugia Calcio. They follow home games from the Curva Nord. During the match this section of the stadium is stained red and white. Fans wear t-shirts, wave flags and show scarves of these two colors.

The main rivalry is with another team of Umbria, Ternana. The matches between Perugia and Ternana played at Curi or at Liberati are called Derby dell'Umbria.

Other rival fans are those of Lazio, Arezzo (Derby dell'Etruria), Fiorentina, Siena and Hellas Verona. Good relationships exist with Empoli and its supporters.

Access    4

Reaching Stadio Renato Curi is simple. Pian di Massiano has a minimetrò station. There is also some bus public transport linking the facility with the train station of Perugia.

Fans can also reach Perugia by car along the highway A1. From A1, take the highway 6 if coming from Florence, or the highway 3bis Tiberina if coming from Rome. In both cases, once you get close to Perugia, just follow the signs to the stadium.

Numerous parking is available for fans, with the nearest about 200 meters from the stadium.

Return on Investment    4

Ticket prices for the Serie B 2014-2015 season are as follows: Tribuna VIP: 55 euro, reduced 45 euro (for women and over 65), 31 euro reduced for under 14. Poltroncine: 40 euro, reduced 32 euro (for women and over 65), 23 euro reduced for under 14. Tribuna Laterale (Est /Ovest): 25 euro, reduced 20 euro (for women and over 65), 15 euro reduced for under 14. Tribuna est (Gradinata): 18 euro, reduced 15 euro (for women and over 65), 12 euro reduced for under 14. Curva Nord: 12 euro, reduced 9 euro (for women and 65 over), 7 euro reduced for under 14.

Overall, the price is just about right for the experience that you should expect when seeing a game at Stadio Renato Curi.

Extras    4

Eurochocolate is an event that makes Perugia the Italian capital of chocolate and takes place each October dating back to 1993.

There are many culinary delights in Umbria including torta al testo, gnocchi with duck sauce, and torcolo di San Costanzo.

Umbria is also the home of the most important Italian jazz festival that takes place in Perugia in July since 1973.

Assisi, the medieval town where St. Francis was born has been on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites, and is well worth a visit while in the area.

Italy has it right

Discounted ticket prices just for being a woman.

by megminard | Oct 13, 2014 09:28 PM

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