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Städtisches Stadion an der Grünwalder Straße

Munich, Bavaria

Home of the TSV 1860 München



Städtisches Stadion an der Grünwalder Straße (map it)
Grünwalder Straße 4
Munich, Bavaria 81547

TSV 1860 München website

Städtisches Stadion an der Grünwalder Straße website

Year Opened: 1911

Capacity: 12,500

There are no tickets available at this time.


Local Information


Working Class Soccer in Munich

The “Städtisches Stadion an der Grünwalder Straße,” also called “60er Stadion,” is the third biggest, but also the oldest soccer stadium in Munich, Germany. The stadium is the home for the second teams of Munich's two biggest soccer clubs FC Bayern Munich and TSV 1860 Munich. The oldest youth teams of both play here also in the highest league called “Bundesliga.”

The stadium was opened in 1911 under the administration of 1860 Munich whose football section was founded in 1899. The upgrade to a soccer stadium goes from 1920-1926. In 1937, the stadium was sold to the city of Munich. After the second world war in which the stadium was destroyed, the city rebuilt the venue. Since that time a lot of upgrades and renovations have been done.

The maximum capacity of the stadium has varied from 51,800 in the 1960s to the present size of 12,500. The largest attendance was 58,200 (only 45,000 were permitted from the city government) occurred in 1948 at a soccer game between TSV 1860 and 1. F.C. Nuremberg.

Also of note for this historic venue, an open air basketball game was played in 1956 for a crowd of 26,000 spectators. The last few years there were another few renovations to guarantee the league operations for third league soccer.

Currently, the biggest sporting events in this stadium are the two “derbies” between the second teams from TSV 1860 Munich (the Blues) and FC Bayern Munich (the Reds). TSV 1860 Munich is also called “The Lions” because of the Lion which is included in their emblem. The games are always sold out and the crowds are very enthusiastic.

The “60er Stadion” has the charm of an old school soccer stadium. Old sitting areas of wood, old cement standing areas and the location in the heart of a residential area make this stadium a little bit unique in this day and age.

There are plans to rebuild the stadium to a brand new one for TSV 1860 Munich because the rental fee of the bigger Allianz Arena is too expensive for 1860. Because of problems with parking areas and residents near the stadium the plans have been neglected. For now though, this is a great little venue to see a soccer match.


What is FANFARE?

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  • Fans
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Each area is rated from 0 to 5 stars with 5 being the best. The overall composite score is the "FANFARE Score".

Food & Beverage    2

Because there are no really big events here, the variety of food and beverage is disappointing. You get the usual soft drinks like Coca-Cola, Fanta, Cola Mix and Water (with Apple juice, too). Also you get two types of beer (blonde and white beer). The prices are between 3€ for soft drinks and 4€ for beer. You have to pay an additional 1€ for deposit on the cup. There is one special Bavarian beverage you can get. We call it "Goaßn." This is a mixture of half white beer and half Coca-Cola with a schnapps glass of cherry liqueur.

To eat you have the choice between sandwiches (3€), one type of sausage (Stadionwurst, 3,50€) and some sweets (1,50€). There are only five concession stands in the whole stadium. The concession stands are very crowded if the stadium is full. There is one restaurant inside the stadium at the east side, which is only open on game day.

Atmosphere    4

From the west side (standing area) of the stadium you have a wonderful view over Munich because the stadium stands on top of a small mountain called "Candidberg." At sunset you have a perfect picture for postcards. There are two sitting areas along either sideline. Behind the goals you see one big standing area (west side) and a smaller one in the east. Behind every side you have a few gates to enter the stadium. The sitting areas have brand new chairs with chairbacks. There are no cupholders. You are sitting very close to the field because no track is around the field.

If TSV 1860 Munich plays there and you like to watch the game while seated, then you should choose the smaller main sitting area on the south side of the stadium because the bigger sitting area vis-à-vis is used as a standing area that is called "Stehhalle."

The scoreboard for the stadium is really unique. It's not electronic. The club names and score will be changed by hand on the scoreboard. The scoreboard consists of a grey iron sheet. The templates for the club names and scores are also white/black iron sheets.

Another special building inside the stadium is the police trailer in the middle of the big west standing ground. This was added during the last renovations.

Neighborhood    4

There are a lot of pubs and restaurants around the stadium. There you can find plenty of choices for food (chicken, Greek, Mc Dondald's, Italian, Bavarian, and Asian). They are all within 5 - 15 minute in walking distance. A typical Bavarian Restaurant is the "Obergiesinger" on "Bergstr." This is located about 500 meters from the east standing area direction to the church along Martin-Luther-Str. on the left side.

There you can get excellent Bavarian food for acceptable prices. Also you get one of the best beer types in Bavaria. The preferred meeting point for the fans of the Blues (Lions) is the "Wienerwald" vis-à-vis the stadium. There is a small beer garden, where you can get different food and beverages. The "Wienerwald" is well-known for food, notably chicken.

Fans    5

The "derby" between 1860 and FC Bayern electrifies the fans in Munich. The police separate both groups before they arrive at the stadium. The away fans have to go in the area behind the goal called "Westkurve." The fans of the home team are in the rest of the stadium (on both sidelines and behind the other goal). The most fanatic home supporters are located in the middle of the sideline grandstand.

If TSV 1860 Munich plays there's a little bit of magic in the air of Munich-Giesing. You hear the fans shouting a few hours before the game starts. You can see the lights of the stadium in the whole district. A lot of fans wear the colors of their team and shout during their walk to the stadium. In the stadium they wave their banners and chant the whole time. Also pyrotechnics is used although it is forbidden.

The rivalry between the two clubs is deep rooted. The Blues are the working class team in Munich and the real Munich Football club. The Reds are the cosmopolitan team. They are very arrogant because of their success in the last few decades.

Access    3

The stadium is located in the heart of "Giesing," a southeast district of Munich. It's only five minutes by the Metro to city centre. Two Metro lines take you to the stadium from city centre (U2 Silberhornstr. /U1 Candidplatz or Wettersteinplatz). You have to leave the Metro after four stations from the main rail station (Hauptbahnhof) if you take the U2 direction Messestadt. If you take the U1 direction Mangfallplatz you should leave the Metro after four or five stations. If you leave after four stations on Candidplatz you have to "climb" the very small mountain to the stadium. You also have a choice of three bus lines (52/54/X30) and two train lines (25/15). The bus line 52 takes you to city centre (Marienplatz with city hall) or zoo (Tierpark Hellabrunn). The bus line 54 is a Metro Bus. This means the bus stops at a lot of important places in Munich for sightseeing or nightlife.

A Motorway from the south of Munich also ends near the stadium. Parking areas are very limited. Giesing is a huge urban residential district with less parking available, so public transit is your best option.

Return on Investment    5

Fourth league soccer is very cheap. For only 12€ you get a ticket for seating at the grandstand on the south side called "Haupttribüne." If you prefer standing you have to pay 8€-10€. In comparison to a first or second league game in the bigger Allianz Arena you save at minimum 20€.

Extras    3

The location of the stadium is fantastic. It's in the heart of the district where the club has their practice fields.

The type of construction is old school. The newer stadiums just don't have the magic of such older ones.

As long as you're not driving, the access is perfect with numerous public transportation options.

Final Thoughts

If you are a real football fanatic you have to visit a "Lokalderby" in Munich. There is a lot of pride, enthusiasm and power in the air. It's old school soccer in the fourth league. A lot of young players give the best they can to make the fans happy.

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