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Oxford-University Stadium Swayze Field

Oxford, MS

Home of the Mississippi Rebels



Oxford-University Stadium Swayze Field (map it)
201 Coliseum Dr
Oxford, MS 38677

Mississippi Rebels website

Oxford-University Stadium Swayze Field website

Year Opened: 1989

Capacity: 8,500

There are no tickets available at this time.


Local Information


Diamond Rebels

The 2013 Ole Miss Diamond Rebels got off to the best start in their history at 21-2. This hot start was due in large part to the 14-1 record they had at home, in the friendly confines of Swayze Field.

Since 2000, Swayze Field has been the site of two super regionals and five regionals. Each year since 2009, the Rebels have finished fourth or higher in attendance, including finishing second in 2011. O-U Stadium routinely averages over 7,000 fans a game each year. While the capacity is listed at 8,500 with 6,100 seats, the record attendance is 10,851 set in 2013.

The stadium opened in 1989. It is named after a former player and coach, Tom Swayze. It has since been renovated in 2003 and 2009 and is now widely considered one of the top venues in college baseball. It stretches 330 feet in the corners, 365 in the alleys and 390 feet to dead center.


What is FANFARE?

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  • Atmosphere
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  • Fans
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Each area is rated from 0 to 5 stars with 5 being the best. The overall composite score is the "FANFARE Score".

Food & Beverage    3

Anytime you make the trip to Swayze you are sure to see many cups around the concession and concourse area with the Ole Miss script lettering with an ice cold Coca-Cola product within. O-U stadium is an on-campus venue, therefore, no alcoholic beverages are allowed to be served.

Perhaps the food item that draws most fans to the many conveniently located concession stands is the barbecue nachos. They are one of a kind. Another menu item that shines at Swayze is an item that only comes out during midweek games. On games during the week, hot dogs are just a dollar.

Other items on the menu include your typical ballpark items such as hamburgers, chicken tender baskets, nachos, corn dogs and so on and so forth. The prices, like the menu, are typical of most ballparks you will attend. Hamburgers with fries are $7, chicken tender baskets with fries will run you $7, and a Coke in a souvenir cup will cost about $6.

Atmosphere    5

When you come to Swayze Field, you truly are coming to experience one of the best atmospheres of college baseball that you can find in this country. Whether you are a college baseball fan or not, Swayze is one place that you should visit at least once in your life.

The first thing you notice when you enter the concourse of Swayze is the backdrop. You can see the campus and beautiful brick buildings up on a hill in the distance beyond the seating area in left field. Beyond the student section in right field, you can see community tennis courts. The next thing you notice is how the upper level seats are navy, while the lower level seats are red. When you look at it from the larger picture, as you walk to your seat, it really is a sight to behold.

The best place to sit, if you are going to sit in a chair back is right behind home plate. This gives you a great view of the field, the strike zone, and the seating areas in both the left field and right field seating areas. If you are looking to focus less on the game and more on socializing, grilling, and drinking, beyond the left field wall is a place for non-students to enjoy such activities.

Opposing centerfielders and rightfielders should beware as the students in right field will tend to be loud and say not so nice things. Also, try to stay dry out in the outfield seating areas, as when a homerun is hit it is tradition at Swayze to toss the alcohol from your cup into the air. This is called a "beer shower," and is also a sight to behold and great representation of tradition in college athletics.

Also, for not much more than it would cost you for a regular ticket, you can purchase a box/premium seating ticket. The premium seating area at Swayze is an enhanced experience for any fans that can afford it. It allows you the option to sit and enjoy the game from inside or the outside seating allotted for the premium seating ticket holders. Sitting outside is truly the way to experience Swayze early in the summer when the home team Rebels are taking on another top ranked SEC opponent when the sun is out and weather is perfect for baseball.

Neighborhood    4

While the stadium is an on-campus stadium, it still just takes a few minutes to walk from the famous Oxford Square. Numerous bars, restaurants, and hangouts are just down the road from the stadium such as The Library, Bouré, The Rib Cage, and of course a chain that originated in Oxford, Abner's.

Depending on what you like to have before a ballgame, you might decide to eat at one of these restaurants or bars on the Oxford Square or you might decide to try one of freshly prepared tailgate foods that are grilled in the left field or right field seating areas. While the game is going on, it is almost like a big Grove-like tailgate going on in the outfield.

Safety is not in question on gameday. Whether during the game or walking to the game from the Square before the game begins or walking to a surrounding parking lot after the game, in Oxford on gameday, it is all about baseball. Everyone is doing the same thing you are, going to or leaving the game.

Fans    5

Anytime you go to a baseball game, you expect the moaning and groaning and love/hate relationship the fans have with the umpiring crew, and it is no different at Swayze. In fact, the fans at Swayze have been known to boo an umpire for a blown call for a few innings after the call. However, when it comes to visiting fans, depending on the day and the fanbase that is in town, the Rebel faithful are usually pretty welcoming and gracious. They have been known to be less than inviting to fans of LSU, Mississippi State and TCU fans, however.

Tradition at Swayze happens mainly with the music selection. After the second inning, "Jungle Boogie" blares on the speakers and usually stirs most of the fans in attendance. During mound meetings for the opposing team, "Peanut Butter-Jelly Time" plays and there is a particular fan simply known as "PB&J man" who dances and shakes maracas to the music. Over the years, other fans have decided to join him and now bring their own maracas to the stadium. Another tradition that has developed over the last few years is the playing of "Love is Gone" over the speakers and the fans and players in the dugout move their fists in a synchronized motion that creates a cool atmosphere for a few minutes around the whole stadium and in the home dugout.

Then there is the old Ole Miss tradition of the doing the "Hotty Toddy" chant at various times throughout the game. The newest tradition at Swayze is the "Solo cup races" which takes Solo brand cups and races a red, blue, and yellow cup. People are in mascot like cup suits. The solo cup has come to represent Ole Miss in a way because of their popularity in the Grove and at Ole Miss tailgates. In the first year of the tradition, the yellow cup has yet to win a race. The red cup is, not by any surprise, the fan favorite.

Access    3

The access could be the only downfall to an experience at Swayze Field. The parking around the stadium is on the campus and there is little parking on the campus in general. The main parking lot provides a good little walk to the stadium. While it is not a huge problem, it is less than convenient for a college baseball game. There are shuttles that take handicap fans to the stadium from the lot, however.

As far as inside the stadium, access is not as much an issue. There are restrooms all around the stadium and there are friendly event staff and security posted around the concourse and in the concession area to help you find a seat or help you get where you need to go around the stadium.

The restrooms are rather clean and usually do not elicit complaints. However, like the seating and concourse area, the bathrooms would do well to have more areas that were convenient for handicapped fans.

Return on Investment    5

You can come to the gate and purchase a ticket for $10 or you can get a box/premium seat ticket for a maximum price of $50. This coupled with no menu item exceeding $9 and the price you pay to see a game and experience the true college baseball experience at Swayze Field at Oxford-University Stadium and there is no doubt that the return you will have on the investment you make is truly worth the cost. There are few experiences in sports like baseball with perfect weather on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. There are even fewer experiences like that at Swayze Field.

Extras    3

Swayze is also a place you can bring your kids. Whether it is in the outfield area where they can play with children of other families or in the concourse area where they can play on the blowup trampolines or various items for them to play on in the designated kids area. The fact that many children are not always interested in baseball, but can have a great experience at Swayze Field earns extra points, as baseball might not keep their interest for three hours.

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Crowd Reviews

Simply, one of the best

Total Score: 4.43

  • Food & Beverage: 4
  • Atmosphere 5
  • Neighborhood: 5
  • Fans: 5
  • Access: 4
  • RoI: 4
  • Extras: 4

I have attended well over 100 games at Swayze Field, sat everywhere you can sit, and have always had a great time. Food options are fairly plentiful and decently priced. The best option is the all you can eat Diamond Club seats if you can get them. The stadium is across Gertrude Ford Blvd from the actual campus, which is one of the most beautiful campuses in America, and only about half a mile from the Oxford square. Tickets are $5 for non-conference games and $10 for conference games in the outfield sections and elevated general admission seating down the baselines. What really separates Swayze Field from most other college baseball stadiums is the outfield terraces. Left Field is the more "family-friendly" section in the outfield, whereas right field is the student section. As a non-student, sitting in seats down the first base line can give you a front row seat to the fun in right. After every Rebel home run, the now-infamous beer showers go up (YouTube it). Before the visitor's half of the inning, the outfield warm-up ball goes into the student section, where they write messages to the players. While the Rebels are at the plate, organized chants directed at the right and center fielders ring out all game long, with students usually having information on girlfriends, mothers, and sisters. All in all, the atmosphere at Swayze is simply hard to top anywhere in this country.

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Local Food & Drink

The Library  (map it!)

120 S 11th St

Oxford, MS 38655

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Bouré  (map it!)

110 Courthouse Sq

Oxford, MS 38655

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The Rib Cage  (map it!)

311 S Lamar Blvd

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Abner’s  (map it!)


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