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McKeon Park

Hyannis, MA

Home of the Hyannis Harbor Hawks



McKeon Park (map it)
120 High School Road
Hyannis, MA 02601

Hyannis Harbor Hawks website

McKeon Park website

Year Opened: 1979

Capacity: 2,500

There are no tickets available at this time.


Local Information


Hyannis Hardball

McKeon Park, named for longtime Barnstable School Committee member and athletic booster John McKeon, is located behind Pope John Paul II High School, within walking distance of both downtown Hyannis and Hyannis Harbor. In 2016 the field at McKeon Park was renamed “Judy Walden Scarafile Field” in honor of the longtime Cape Cod Baseball League president.

The Harbor Hawks, originally named the Mets, decided in 2009 along with several other league teams to cease sharing names with Major League teams. The team chose the new moniker "Harbor Hawks" in honor of a family of Ospreys who nested atop one of the light towers at McKeon Field.

The Harbor Hawks/Mets have been a member of the Cape Cod League since 1976, and have won three championships. Notable alumni to have played in Hyannis include Jason Varitek, Buck Showalter, Albert Belle and Robin Ventura.


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Food & Beverage    2

There is a snack bar located in the back side of the press box. Unfortunately, a pipe has burst in the snack bar, rendering it unusable early on in the 2016 season. Once the team gets the pipe fixed, they plan to open as usual. Hungry Harbor Hawk fans will find all the usual ballpark fare here, including hot dogs, sausage and pepper sandwiches, nachos and pizza slices. Snack items including pretzels, popcorn, Cape Cod Chips (naturally), candy and ice cream novelties can be found here as well.

Coca-Cola products are sold at McKeon Park, and alcohol is not available.

While the snack bar is out of commission, local food truck The Pineapple Caper is filling in. Their specialty is grilled cheese sandwiches, served with a variety of toppings, such as pulled pork, buffalo chicken or caprese. In addition, hot dogs, burgers and a variety of snacks can be purchased.

Also located in the press box is a nice souvenir stand containing a wide variety of Harbor Hawk t-shirts and hats.

Atmosphere    3

If you are a baseball purist, you are going to love the atmosphere at a Harbor Hawks game. The between batter and between inning shenanigans that are present at so many minor league ballparks are absent here. You won't find wacky on field games and promotions in Hyannis.

For fans who really miss the on-field promotions, there is a 50/50 raffle with a variety of prizes from local sponsors, including harbor cruises, ferry passes to Martha's Vineyard, and of course, half the money collected that night.

There are several sets of bleachers scattered around McKeon Park, most notable the "Osprey's Nest" high on a hilltop on the third baseline. Also located down the third base line is a large berm where many fans lay out their blankets or lawn chairs and take in the action from on high. Even though these seats are further from the infield, many fans prefer the view from here to sitting on the hard metal bleachers, which necessitates looking through the many nets that surround the rest of the seating area. Unfortunately, the netting at McKeon Park is about to be extended further down both foul lines, reducing the amount of unobstructed viewing points.

Neighborhood    5

Downtown Hyannis is filled with restaurants, shops, and attractions. It is the commercial hub of Cape Cod, and Main Street is located just a couple of blocks from McKeon Field. Fans visiting Hyannis who prefer a more typical Cape Cod experience can simply travel a block past the outfield to Hyannis Harbor, where more seafood restaurants, cruise line hubs, and oceanfront parks await. It's a very picturesque area to spend some quality time before a game.

History buffs will enjoy the nearby JFK Hyannis Museum, which commemorates the Camelot days of the Kennedy family, who spent their summers in Hyannisport. Also located in the museum is the Cape Cod League Hall of Fame, a must see attraction for any baseball fan visiting the area. Since one in six current major league players played in the Cape League, it's a distinct possibility that one of your favorite players may be enshrined here.

Fans    4

Hyannis consistently ranks at or near the top of the Cape League in attendance, averaging over 1,500 fans per game since 2010. The fans here are what you would expect from a Cape Cod League game, a good mix of locals and tourists. Many of the locals follow their teams whether at home or on the road, which is not such a difficult thing to do when the entire league is located within an hour's drive of each other. If you want to avoid the larger crowds, make your trip to the Cape early in the season, before the heavy tourist season begins.

McKeon Park has a pretty large footprint, with lots of room to roam on all sides of the field. It's a dream for the kids who come to a Harbor Hawks game, as they are free to run around and expend their energy while enjoying the game in small snippets. Parents who have come to the Cape on vacation are undoubtedly relieved that the kids have some room to roam as well. If a foul ball lands near you, get ready for a horde of kids charging in your direction.

Access    3

Downtown Hyannis is a maze of one way streets and maddening traffic, especially during the peak of tourist season. McKeon Park is located at the end of High School Road, next to Pope John Paul II High School. Although Main Street is just a couple of blocks away, it can be difficult to get there when the summer traffic is in full force. Walking this area is highly recommended once you find a spot to park your car. If you are planning on heading to the harbor, you will have to navigate a circuitous route to get from McKeon Park to your desired destination. Hyannis is served by public transportation, but the Hyannis Transportation Center is located over a mile from McKeon Park, and the closest stops are located on Route 28, a good walk from the ballpark.

Once inside McKeon Park, you will find plenty of room to roam, but be warned that those with an unsteady gait may want to tread lightly. While the grounds at McKeon Park are landscaped, the paths are made of grass or crushed shells. There is a large platform for anyone requiring handicapped seating located in front of the Osprey's Nest with a great view of the action.

There is a nice, new press box which contains the snack bar and souvenir stand. Unfortunately, it does not contain restrooms. If you need restroom facilities, there are two port-a-johns near the entrance to McKeon Park.

Return on Investment    5

As is the case at all Cape League games, there is no charge for admission at McKeon Park. The team will accept a donation from fans, and in return you will receive a yearbook and roster sheet. Parking is also free in the adjacent high school parking lot, a nearby commercial lot, or in limited spaces next to the field. Be warned that the small lot behind the left field stands is a private lot, and they practice an aggressive towing policy. Those seemingly great spots are, in fact, too good to be true.

Regular attendees at Harbor Hawks games will bring their own cooler with drinks and snacks. It is entirely possible to see a game being played by several future major leaguers without paying a cent.

Extras    2

The location of the Cape League Museum and Hall of Fame just a couple of blocks from McKeon Park is worth an extra point. With so many graduates of the Cape League dotting major league rosters, it's almost a certainty that you will come across some of your favorite players during your visit.

Final Thoughts

293 players who appeared in major league games in 2015 passed through the Cape League during their college years. That's about one out of every six major leaguers today. The chance to see so many future major leaguers in such an intimate setting for such an inexpensive price is almost beyond belief. With all ten teams located within an hour's drive of each other, it's a baseball fan's dream come true.

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Crowd Reviews

Nesting in the Cape Cod League

Total Score: 3.57

  • Food & Beverage: 3
  • Atmosphere 3
  • Neighborhood: 5
  • Fans: 4
  • Access: 3
  • RoI: 5
  • Extras: 2

McKeon Park, named for longtime Barnstable School Committee member and athletic booster John McKeon, is located behind Pope John Paul II High School, within walking distance of both downtown Hyannis and Hyannis Harbor. Originally named the Mets, the team took its new name in honor of the family of ospreys who have lived atop one of the ballfield’s light towers for generations.

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Hyannis, MA 02601

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