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McDonough Park

Geneva, NY

Home of the Geneva Red Wings



McDonough Park (map it)
180 Lyceum St.
Geneva, NY 14456

Geneva Red Wings website

McDonough Park website

Year Opened: 1958

Capacity: 3,000

There are no tickets available at this time.


Local Information


Denying Destiny in Geneva

As with many cities in upstate New York, Geneva housed a New York-Penn League team throughout most of the twentieth century. The departure of the Geneva Cubs a few decades ago saw the end of affiliated baseball in Geneva. McDonough Park, however, has continued to host baseball with a number of summer collegiate teams. The Geneva Red Wings, part of the Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League, are now the sole tenants of McDonough Park.


What is FANFARE?

The FANFARE scale is our metric device for rating each stadium experience. It covers the following:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Atmosphere
  • Neighborhood
  • Fans
  • Access
  • Return on Investment
  • Extras

Each area is rated from 0 to 5 stars with 5 being the best. The overall composite score is the "FANFARE Score".

Food & Beverage    1

The food offered at McDonough Park is both underwhelming and unpopular, with only a handful of options from which to select.

There is one concession stand at McDonough Park that offers a few choices, such as hot dogs ($3) and peanuts ($3). Aside from these offerings, there is not much else at the stand. Most of the food is served on paper plates and the stand does not seem to be very popular among the fans.

Pepsi products are served in bottles at the concession stand, with a few different types of soda from which to choose. As for beer, McDonough Park offers a few options, including Coors ($3) and Budweiser ($3).

The best deal at the concession stand is the beer, since it is relatively reasonably priced, but not many fans take advantage of the offer.

Atmosphere    1

McDonough Park offers an intimate atmosphere to see a game, but lacks any sort of amenities that make watching a game enjoyable.

There are three main seating sections at McDonough Park, with nearly all the seats being wooden bleachers with no backs. The biggest seating section is located behind home plate. Within this section, there are two rows of seats at the front with about ten rows of bleachers located directly behind these seats. Two more sections of wooden bleachers are located down the first and third base sides of the stadium. In addition to these sections, a patio type area is located on both sides of the park with wooden benches lining the front. A small picnic area is also located down the first base line. A basic scoreboard is placed in right field, but nearly half of the lights do not function, making it almost impossible to decipher what the scoreboard is actually displaying. The sun sets in left-center field, which places nearly the entire seating area directly facing the sun.

The Red Wings offer no in-game promotions or any sort of entertainment throughout the game. The PA announcements are inaudible and inconsistent.

McDonough Park offers virtually no comfortable seating options. The wooden bleachers are uncomfortable after a few innings and looking into the sun is annoying. The seating area behind home plate is covered, which makes sitting in that section slightly more enjoyable.

Neighborhood    2

McDonough Park is located in the middle of a residential neighborhood, but downtown Geneva is only a short drive away. Because of the park's location, nearly all fans drive to Red Wings games.

Downtown Geneva offers a fair amount of choices that are sure to please nearly any appetite. Aside from a large number of chain restaurants located on Route 20, there are some local spots that offer great food. If you have never had a garbage plate, which is a specialty of the greater Rochester area, make your way to Joe's Hots for a deliciously filling meal. For a more upscale option, Halsey's Restaurant offers great Italian food in a beautiful setting.

Geneva is located right in the middle of the Finger Lakes Wine Region. While most wineries offer tastings, Fox Run Vineyards also offers an extensive tour of its facility that is both interesting and informative. The historic Smith Opera House is also only a few miles from McDonough Park and taking in a performance is a great way to spend a night.

Most of the hotels in Geneva are located on Route 20, which is a few miles from the park. There are a number of affordable chain hotels located down this stretch, with all of them being safe and comfortable options. If you are looking for something a little bit more upscale, Belhurst Castle offers a unique lodging option.

Fans    1

The handful of fans that come to Geneva Red Wings games lack any sort of engagement and fail to create any sort of stadium atmosphere.

While summer collegiate teams typically draw far fewer fans than affiliated Minor League Baseball, the Red Wings struggle to draw a comparable attendance to its fellow PGCBL teams. McDonough Park does not come close to reaching capacity and feels almost completely empty.

The few fans at McDonough Park are not engaged in the game whatsoever. The loudest group watching the game are the players in the two bullpens. With no music being played throughout the game, there is absolutely nothing to get the fans more invested in the game.

Access    1

Unless you are specifically in Geneva with a car, McDonough Park is not easy to access while traveling through upstate New York.

The city of Geneva offers no public transportation options for travel to McDonough Park.

An ample amount of free parking is located directly behind McDonough Park. With such a small crowd, getting in and out of the parking lot is easy. McDonough Park has one main entrance gate that is located directly behind home plate. Tickets are purchased upon entry into the park.

The concourse offers ample space to move around during the game. Restrooms are located directly behind the seating area and are easily accessible. Handicapped accessibility around the stadium is good overall, especially since the concourse is completely flat.

Return on Investment    2

While attending a game at McDonough Park is nothing special, the monetary cost is relatively low.

Tickets to Red Wings games are all general admission and are $4, except for seniors who are $3 and children six and under who are free. The concessions are relatively reasonably priced, but the options are limited. A game at McDonough Park is by no means overpriced, but there is not much given in return for the price of admission, aside from baseball.

Extras    0

McDonough Park offers absolutely no extras while attending a Red Wings game. This is as bare bones as a game day presentation can get.

Final Thoughts

It is time for the Red Wings to accept their destiny and leave their nest at McDonough Park and find a new home. It is surprising that the PGCBL would accept Geneva as a member seeing how few fans show up for games. Unless you are dead set on seeing a baseball game while in Geneva, there are plenty of better things to do with a few hours than see a Red Wings game.

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Local Food & Drink

Joe's Hots  (map it!)

521 Exchange St.

Geneva, NY 14456

(315) 759-6006


Halsey's Restaurant  (map it!)

106 Seneca St.

Geneva, NY 14456

(315) 789-4070


Local Entertainment

Fox Run Vineyards  (map it!)

670 State Route 14

Penn Yan, NY 04527

(800) 636-9786


Smith's Opera House  (map it!)

82 Seneca St.

Geneva, NY 14456

(315) 781-5483



Belhurst Castle  (map it!)

4069 W. Lake Rd.

Geneva, NY 14456

(315) 781-0201



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