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Lyngby Stadion

Lyngby, Denmark

Home of the Lyngby BK



Lyngby Stadion (map it)
Lundtoftevej 53, 2800 Kongens
Lyngby, Denmark

Lyngby BK website

Lyngby Stadion website

Year Opened: 1949

Capacity: 10,000

There are no tickets available at this time.


Local Information


New Review: Lyngby BK

Lyngby Stadion is the home of Lyngby Boldklub. It is an old venue, but was renovated in 2013 when a new grandstand with covered seating was built. In addition, the athletics track around the field was removed and Lyngby had a proper soccer stadium for the first time. The ground is owned by Lyngby-Taarbæk municipality.

The attendance record was set in 1991 when the stadium only featured a single, worn out grandstand on the west side. The match against B1903 saw a historical crowd of 14,794 spectators attend the match. More recently, with the addition of multiple seating stands, the capacity was limited for security reasons. In June 1999 Lyngby set a new attendance record for the renovated version of the stadium when 8,301 spectators attended a game against Brøndby IF in the Danish Superliga. After the stadium was renovated once again, the record for the 2013 version of the stadium was set on the 22nd of September 2016 against Brøndby IF, once again, when 7,073 people attended the match.


What is FANFARE?

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  • Atmosphere
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  • Fans
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Each area is rated from 0 to 5 stars with 5 being the best. The overall composite score is the "FANFARE Score".

Food & Beverage    4

Lyngby BK offers good quality when it comes to food, while beverages are much like what's on offer anywhere in Denmark. Normal major brand sodas are available, but most people get a Carlsberg beer in a plastic cup.

Lyngby have always been known for their unique sausages which are delicious and large. A big local sausage and some hot dog bread plus different types of sauces make this a good food experience.

Atmosphere    3

Lyngby Stadion has a typical small-team atmosphere for a Danish top-flight club. There are three separate stands, with the covered main stand running along the pitch on one side, and a stand with half seating and half standing opposite it which is also covered. There is a standing-only terrace behind one of the goals which is uncovered. It is typically only for away fans.

Entertainment music is played during the warm-up, at half-time and after the match has finished. There is a typical PA announcer, but he only says what is necessary, and of course gets more involved if Lyngby score a goal. No mascot is present.

It is best to sit as high as possible in the middle of the main stand. None of the stands are very tall, so you'll get the best view from as high as possible. You'll also be covered in case of rain.

Neighborhood    2

The stadium is located on the outskirts of Kongens Lyngby, a town of around 12,000 inhabitants, so there is nothing but soccer fields and private housing around the stadium. There are one or two local pubs, but nothing to write home about.

The best place to go would be around Klampenborgvej a few miles from the stadium. Here is a big mall opposite another mall with a cinema. Inside both malls are a few good eating places. But because this is a posh area, pricing is quite ridiculous. There is one hotel in the town - the Scandic Eremitage - which is located at one of the aforementioned malls.

Fans    2

Unfortunately Lyngby have one of the lowest average attendances in the league of just 2,700, and of that number very few are truly active.

There are a few hundred engaged fans. They cheer along for most of the match, but you can barely hear them from the other side of the stadium, and they don't really have any songs or chants.

Access    4

Access is easy once you figure it out, although it can be tricky the first time because of the lack of signs. There are lots of parking spaces at the stadium as well as street parking in the local residential areas.

There is a local train station called "Lyngby Lokal st." around half a mile from the stadium. From there you can get almost anywhere, including to the airport if you change at another station. A one-way ticket costs 24 kroner (around $3.50).

You can buy self-printed tickets online or physical tickets at the stadium. There are simple security checks, but it is very easy to get around into areas by the fans or down at pitch level. Getting in and out of the ground is simple and fast.

Return on Investment    3

A ticket costs 100 kroner for adults ($15), and 40 for kids ($6.50). The kids' price is decent, but it is pushing it for adults. 100 kroner is barely worth it when the level of football is average at best.

Extras    2

Matchday programs are available, though I am not aware of the cost. There are also pre-match fun games for kids.

Final Thoughts

The atmosphere at Lyngby Stadion is very family friendly, but is hardly a gripping experience for those going for the game itself. If you want to go and see a game with a great atmosphere go to Brøndby Stadion and watch Brøndby IF instead.

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Lyngby Storcenter  (map it!)

Lyngby Storcenter, 2800 Kongens

Lyngby, Denmark

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