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Kuntz Stadium

Indianapolis, IN

Home of the Indianapolis AlleyCats



Kuntz Stadium (map it)
1502 W 16th St
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Indianapolis AlleyCats website

Kuntz Stadium website

Year Opened: 1987

Capacity: 6,800

There are no tickets available at this time.


Local Information


An Ultimate Experience Awaits in Indy

The Indianapolis AlleyCats are charter members of the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) and play their home games at Kuntz Stadium. The venue is located a few miles north of downtown Indianapolis across the street from former Bush Stadium. Built in 1987 for the Pan American Games, the 6,800-seat stadium is also home to Indiana High School Athletic Association soccer finals and women’s soccer club FC Indiana. It was the former home of the Indiana Blast professional soccer club from 1998-2004.

To the discerning eye, the sport of ultimate disc should be easy to follow, understandable and enjoyable to watch and to its burgeoning fan base of supporters, the next big step in spreading the game to further regions of North America.

It is a pure treat to watch a game of ultimate, since it has everything the avid sports watcher is looking for. High scores, quick and short passes, turnovers, close plays and various highlights of men jumping towards the heavens to pull down a disc for a score. During the spring and summer time, it may be the best distraction from baseball, basketball, soccer and indoor football.


What is FANFARE?

The FANFARE scale is our metric device for rating each stadium experience. It covers the following:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Atmosphere
  • Neighborhood
  • Fans
  • Access
  • Return on Investment
  • Extras

Each area is rated from 0 to 5 stars with 5 being the best. The overall composite score is the "FANFARE Score".

Food & Beverage    3

Do not expect to find a cavalcade of cuisine at a Cats game, but if you are price conscious and looking for a bite to eat, then this is your place. Hot dogs and nachos are the two main options at the food stand located at the end of the main grandstand. The hot dogs are deliciously broiled and are a bargain at $1.50. If you would like to add cheese or chili, it will cost you 50 cents more.

Chips, soda, and candy round out the menu at Kuntz Stadium. The biggest surprise is the two taps from local Taxman Brewery that are located near the press area. Glasses of beer are $5 and it is one of the few places in town where you can drink their unique style of beers. I was told that they were chosen after management sampled other local breweries in town.

A little more variety of food at the game would be nice. Why not spice things up with local vendors, food trucks or creating the next big "food item" to attract foodies to your game? Perhaps, that is easy for me to say, but local beer and cheap eats is a great way to start things off at the stadium.

Atmosphere    3

It is a high school type of atmosphere and the supporters in the stands are definitely here to watch the game on the field. There are dozens of folks wearing one of the many licensed men's and women's team products from official game day jerseys, sweaters, hoodie and caps. There is an impressive array of team paraphernalia that is located on a table near the entrance of the stands. Fans can purchase pennants, discs, and horns all in the colors of green and black.

There are not a lot of promotions on the field and if you are a fan of watching the game with friends, you will be pleased with the lack of high pitched and overhyped gimmicks to sell a sponsorship that exists in minor league baseball or 2nd or 3rd division soccer. The sounds of crashing balls to sell a glass repair shop and sponsored portions of the game are simply replaced with fan interaction and hand clapping for both offensive and defensive plays on the grass field. Here, it is the fans that create the sound effects of the game.

As for the game itself, it is engaging to watch from the stands. It is a 7 on 7 game which features elements of football, basketball, lacrosse and soccer. The quick passing, diving catches, blocked shots and the climax of scoring a goal are all paramount on the field, which is the only one in the league that does not feature a gridiron layout.

The game flows effortlessly, the passes are crisp, the scoring is high and the reaction from the fans is genuine. If you are in search for a crowd that is into the game and nothing else, you may have found nirvana here in the AUDL.

Neighborhood    3

Kuntz Stadium is in one of those areas of town that is evolving from industrial blight to hip, urban renewal. The old minor league ballpark was transformed into a series of lofts and down the block towards the IUPUI campus are a series of new apartment buildings, bars and restaurants. One does need a car to visit these places, but I would suggest the Stacked Pickle, Thirsty Scholar or the Shoefly Public House after the game.

Downtown is also very close by car and there are multiple places for nightlife, eating and drinking at Scotty's, Kilroys and Claddagh. However, I would suggest Tow Yard Brewery as it offers world class cuisine and craft beer in a rather scenic location of town. If you get a chance to talk to Chef Tommy, you will get yourself a great conversation.

Fans    4

I like the fans at the game and I like them a lot. Sure, most of them are likely friends and relatives of the players on the field, but they are all there to watch ultimate disc. They could care less if the game featured heavy promotions or not. Their interest is in their favorite players who are moonlighting as professional athletes on the weekends. However, the biggest trick is to capture their excitement to the rest of the city. Perhaps all you need is just a little patience.

Access    3

The stadium is located on 16th Street, a few miles west of Meridian Street close to downtown Indianapolis. The best way to approach the game from the interstate would be south from I-70. It is not a direct route from the interstates and there are not any signs to direct patrons to the game, but look for the old baseball lights from the Bush Stadium Lofts and you will get here quick and easy. Another great feature is that parking is ample and is free.

Return on Investment    3

The price of admission is only $10 and worth a return trip on anyone's budget. However, if you have a high school or college I.D., the price is only $7.

Extras    4

The league is doing a lot of things correctly from creating short video packages of highlights that are available on its website and Youtube and establishing a coast to coast operation, but only scheduling games with regional divisions. I hope the rest of the city catches on to the sport of ultimate disc. Afterall, professional soccer once attracted similar crowds and now they have 11,000 supporters per game at their venue. I wish the AlleyCats the best of luck, since they play a sport that is a lot of fun to watch.

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Local Food & Drink

Tow Yard Brewery  (map it!)

501 E Madison Ave

Indianapolis, IN 46225

(317) 638-9273


The Stacked Pickle  (map it!)

4705 E 96th St

Indianapolis, IN 46240

(317) 669-0192


The Thirsty Scholar  (map it!)

111 E 16th St

Indianapolis, IN 46202

(317) 602-3357


Shoefly Public House  (map it!)

122 E 22nd St

Indianapolis, IN 46202

(317) 283-5007


Scotty’s Brewhouse  (map it!)

3905 E 96th St

Indianapolis, IN 46240

(317) 574-0101


Kilroys Bar & Grill  (map it!)

201 S Meridian St

Indianapolis, IN 46225

(317) 638-9464


Claddagh Irish Pub  (map it!)

234 S Meridian St

Indianapolis, IN 46225

(317) 822-6274


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