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Klöckner Stadium

Charlottesville, VA

Home of the Virginia Cavaliers Lacrosse



Klöckner Stadium (map it)
Copeley Rd
Charlottesville, VA 22904

Virginia Cavaliers Lacrosse website

Klöckner Stadium website

Year Opened: 1992

Capacity: 7,100

There are no tickets available at this time.


Local Information


Virginia Lacrosse at Klöckner Stadium

Like the university they represent, the men’s lacrosse team at the University of Virginia is steeped in tradition. Klöckner Stadium was opened in 1992 to replace Scott Stadium as home of the men’s lacrosse team. The project cost $3.2 million. It consistently plays host to NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Playoff games and has seen four National Championship teams. Additionally, the venue is home to Virginia Cavaliers soccer. UVA Men’s Lacrosse has a tradition of winning here at Klöckner Stadium and everyone in the lacrosse world knows it.


What is FANFARE?

The FANFARE scale is our metric device for rating each stadium experience. It covers the following:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Atmosphere
  • Neighborhood
  • Fans
  • Access
  • Return on Investment
  • Extras

Each area is rated from 0 to 5 stars with 5 being the best. The overall composite score is the "FANFARE Score".

Food & Beverage    3

The regular season menu is usually the same for lacrosse as it is for soccer: $5 for nachos and chili cheese dog, $4.25 for popcorn, $4 for a jumbo pretzel or Hoo Dog (hot dog) and so on. However, when teams like Syracuse come to town along with ESPN broadcasting, then a few more vendors pop up such as Domino's Pizza and a few drink stands.

For post season games, all of the above items are included along with ice cream, fresh kettle corn, corn dogs, funnel cakes, and kettle chips. There are plenty of great places to eat within walking distance of the stadium, so eating before or after the game is the best option, but if you need a bite to eat, there's enough here to satisfy.

Atmosphere    4

This is NCAA lacrosse at its finest. The pitch is immaculate, the lacrosse is spectacular, and the scenery is beautiful. Neither alcohol nor tobacco are allowed in Klöckner Stadium, making for a family friendly environment without detracting from the overall game day experience. Besides, there is plenty of beer downtown, but more on that later.

Klöckner Stadium was designed specifically to get the fans as close to the action as possible and offers a unique perspective not found at places like Byrd Stadium at the University of Maryland, or the Carrier Dome at Syracuse, or Wallace Wade Stadium at Duke. A grassy area borders the pitch on three sides with a brick and metal grandstand towering above the western sideline.

Directly behind the grandstand is Davenport Field, home to UVA baseball. On certain days, their schedules overlap and you can watch baseball from the top of Klöckner Stadium or even head over to the outfield bleachers during halftime of the lacrosse game.

Out of conference opponents regularly include such powerhouses as Drexel, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, and Loyola. Their ACC opponents include Duke, UNC, Syracuse, and Notre Dame and Klöckner Stadium is always rocking for conference games. If you can, check the schedule and find out which games will be broadcast on one of the ESPN channels (which is many of them) and go to one, you will not be disappointed. The combination of 7,000+ raucous fans right on top of the field, a fantastic band (or two), ESPN, and a Top 5 lacrosse team all combine to create one of the best atmospheres in NCAA Men's Lacrosse.

Neighborhood    5

Founded by Thomas Jefferson (yes, United States President Thomas Jefferson) in 1819, the University of Virginia is one of the premier universities in the nation and the grounds do not disappoint. Jefferson designed the original buildings and took part in the landscaping of the grounds and the university does a wonderful job of staying true to the original designs and concepts of their patriarch. The Rotunda is the centerpiece of the university and is only a short walk from Klöckner Stadium along with a historical area known as The Corner where there is something for everyone.

The Corner is where you can find all of that wonderful food and beer I was talking about earlier.

First up on the Corner is Bodo's Bagels, a charming little bagel shop that is a favorite hangout spot for college students and families alike. The place is clean, the atmosphere is welcoming, and the bagel sandwiches are fresh and delicious. The best part is that nearly everything on their extensive menu is under $6!

If you take the next right, you will find yourself on Elliewod Avenue, a small side street with everything from dumplings, BBQ, and subs, to coffee, sushi, and a place called Crozet Pizza at Buddhist Biker Bar. Yep, Buddhist Biker Bar.

Just past Elliewood Avenue you will find The College Inn, Dunkin Donuts, and my personal favorite, Trinity Irish Pub.

The College Inn comes with the customary menu options such as various burgers and BBQ sandwiches and has been "a Charlottesville Tradition Since 1953" so they are obviously doing something right. In addition to the burgers and BBQ, their menu includes a wide variety of Italian dishes, pizza, subs (hot and cold), and Mediterranean pita dishes.

Next up is Trinity Irish Pub where the service is friendly, the food is amazing, and the beer is inexpensive. The storefront consists of a series of large, floor to ceiling windows that are pushed open on warm days, but on to the food. Being that it is an Irish pub, brunch is served until 2 pm. The menu is not extensive as Trinity goes for quality over quantity. They have the traditional Irish mainstays such as fish and chips ($11.95) and the Reuben ($8.95). The Trinity Burger is by far my favorite here. The burger patty is thick and firm, but still juicy and moist; the bacon is crispy, and the lettuce, onions, and tomato taste like they just came out of a garden somewhere down the road (which they did). Did I mention the melted cheddar that holds it all together or the terrific, hand-cut fries? Beer ranges from $3 a pint for Coors Light to $5 for Guinness, Bold Rock Cider, Bells Two Hearted, and Stella Artois. Is a pint not enough for you? Never fear, they have steins here too!

Honorable mention on the Corner goes to The Virginian, White Spot, Mellow Mushroom, No. 3 Bar, and Boylan Heights.

Fans    4

If the fans consistently sold out Klöckner Stadium, then they would be some of the best in sports. The fans here are phenomenal, loud, and passionate, albeit a bit late for the game at times. As there is no alcohol allowed in Klöckner Stadium, most of the fans are fairly sober which reduces the amount of unnecessary swearing to next to none, adding to the family atmosphere.

The rules of NCAA lacrosse are constantly changing, but the fans do a pretty good job of keeping up with the rule changes and you will usually overhear a conversation or three concerning the new rules. Sellouts here are something special, but even when the place is not sold out, the loyal fan base creates an atmosphere that is not to be missed.

Access    4

Klöckner Stadium is close enough to the freeway to provide easy access, yet far enough away to eliminate all the noise and traffic typically associated with freeways. Klöckner Stadium shares parking lots with John Paul Jones Arena and University Hall and is free for the regular season. Even though the parking is plentiful, I still suggest getting there early as these lots do have the tendency to fill up, especially when the university is hosting multiple events at the same time.

Post season parking at JPJ or University Hall will cost you $5 and businesses in the area charge anywhere from $5-$15. Free parking is available in the Ivy/ Emmet St. Garage across the train tracks behind University Hall for all games for which parking is not free in the aforementioned lots. Post game traffic can be a bit dicey at times, but not nearly as bad as basketball or football traffic.

Return on Investment    4

The level of play, proximity to the pitch, inexpensive tickets, and natural beauty of the area keep me coming back again and again. Also, the food and history on the grounds of the University of Virginia are not to be missed.

Extras    3

Where else can you watch top ranked baseball and lacrosse at the same time? After the game, you can walk on down to Snyder Tennis Center and maybe catch a tennis match or two. The programs are free for the regular season and $5 during the post season and they usually have a table by the south end of the stadium with free posters, magnets, and schedules.

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Local Food & Drink

Bodo's Bagels  (map it!)

1609 University Ave

Charlottesville, VA 22903

(434) 293-6021


Crozet Pizza at Buddhist Biker Bar  (map it!)

20 Elliewood Ave

Charlottesville, VA 22903

(434) 202-1046


Trinity Irish Pub  (map it!)

1505 University Ave

Charlottesville, VA 22902

(434) 295-7100


The College Inn  (map it!)

1511 University Ave

Charlottesville, VA 22903

(434) 977-2710


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