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Foster Field

San Angelo, TX

Home of the San Angelo Colts



Foster Field (map it)
1600 University Ave
San Angelo, TX 76904

San Angelo Colts website

Foster Field website

Year Opened: 2000

Capacity: 4,200

There are no tickets available at this time.


Local Information


Riding with the Colts

San Angelo lies in the midst of the west Texas ranching community, and is home to the North American League Baseball franchise, San Angelo Colts. The San Angelo Colts have been a going franchise since 2000 spending time in the Central Baseball League and United League, as well as a short stint in the Texas-Louisiana League. In 2011, they moved to the North American League after having experienced decent success in the United League, being a wild card team their first year and being regular season champions in 2008. The San Angelo Colts have called the 4,200 seat capacity Foster Field home since their inaugural season.


What is FANFARE?

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Food & Beverage    2

The Colts don't provide anything outside of the normal stadium selections here. If you're looking for a basic hot dog, hamburger or nachos that is exactly what you are going to get. Just about every item on the menu at Foster Field was under $4 which is always a plus. The Colts either must be sponsored by Bud Light or they have a very weak beer selection, as the only selections they had the night I was there was Budweiser and Bud Light, and no drafts, only bottles. They do carry quite a few Coca-Cola products as well as Gatorade for $2.50 a cup or bottle. Foster Field just doesn't provide the fan many options outside the ballpark norm, and the food they do offer is not something to write home about.

Atmosphere    4

From the moment you walk into Foster Field and around the concourse you notice first the souvenir stand on the left, which by the way has the cheapest souvenirs I have found in minor league baseball to this point. Also on the outer concourse you will get more of that baseball feel with an autograph stand that two players before the game hang out and sign autographs in. Walking around Foster Field just made me feel like I was in a great baseball environment. With great fans who paid close attention to the game and to top it off the great Harry Caray's grandson, Josh Caray is the PA Announcer, talk about tradition passing on. Wow!

The Colts do everything to make the ballpark an enjoyable atmosphere for everybody with the Dingo Dugout, which is a huge playground for the kiddos, to many great giveaways and promotions for the adults. One bad touch I did see to the stadium though is that there isn't any shade besides the section right behind home plate, which is probably why they rarely play day games. Overall I think the Colts provide a good atmosphere for baseball and fun.

Neighborhood    3

San Angelo isn't one of the biggest cities in Texas for sure, it's best known for Goodfellow Air Force Base and the historic Fort Concho. In visiting the area I would definitely recommend a visit to Fort Concho. It was established in 1867 and served as regimental headquarters for some of the most famous frontier units during the civil war.

Another place that I found quite interesting when traveling the neighborhood was Miss Hattie's Bordello Museum. At this museum you can step back in time and tour the most famous brothel in west Texas. Miss Hattie's Bordello operated from the turn of the century until 1946 when it was closed down by Texas Rangers (no, not the baseball team).

As far as places to eat I did find your basic Applebee's and other chains but nothing else that looked very appealing. I was told by some people at the game to check out Paula Sue's Cafe which is supposedly a local favorite, but was unable to make it there.

Fans    4

The San Angelo Colts definitely have some great fans. I don't really know if this is due to the fact that there isn't much else available for sports in the area, except the Midland Rockhounds about 2 hours north. The fans showed up and did a great job of rooting along the home team even though they were on the wrong side of a very lopsided game.

The fans all seemed very knowledgeable and I did see multiple fans keeping score. All the fans that I ended up striking a conversation with were very friendly and willing to give advice on things to do and see in the area. A lot of the fans have followed the team since their inception and have become avid followers of the individual players.

One interesting thing I saw the fans do at the stadium is when a player hits a foul ball the announcer voices out "There's another J&W Auto Glass" and the fans respond with a boisterous "FOUL BALL". Pretty neat I thought, and the kids at least loved it.

Access    3

Access to the stadium is pretty easy once you get inside the San Angelo city limits. The ballpark is located right off Angelo State University, whose baseball team shares the park with the Colts. Parking will run you $3 and is right there at the ballpark, so a very short walk to and from the stadium before and after the game.

Bathrooms are easily available and I didn't see a line at any time. The concourses are very wide, especially at the stadium entrance which makes moving around very easy. The ballpark is very wheelchair friendly as well.

Return on Investment    3

With tickets ranging anywhere from $6 for general admission to $9 for reserved box seats I feel that taking in a game at Foster Field is worth the visit. There isn't a whole lot of extras or perks here, just down home good old baseball. For someone who may be use to the bells and whistles of baseball nowadays this park might not be for you, but if you're the fan who just likes to see baseball the way it should be played, I don't think you will be disappointed. The San Angelo Colts have some room for improvement but overall they have a beautiful park and produce just what every baseball fan likes, good baseball.

Extras    2

There are not really any extras I can think of here except for what I mentioned earlier. San Angelo has the cheapest souvenirs of any minor league park I have ever visited to this point. With $7-$8 t-shirts and cheap t-shirt/hat combos, you can get something for the whole family even if you're on a tight budget. Also I have to give an extra point for the wonderful PA job that Josh Caray does, great play by play truly runs through that family.

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Local Food & Drink

Paula Sue's Cafe  (map it!)

1911 S Bryant

San Angelo, TX 76903

(325) 227-8840


Local Entertainment

Fort Concho  (map it!)

630 S Oakes St

San Angelo, TX 76903

(325) 481-2646


Miss Hattie's Bordello Museum  (map it!)

18 1/2 E Concho Ave

San Angelo, TX 76903

(325) 655-1166



Holiday Inn Express San Angelo  (map it!)

4613 Houston Harte, Loop 306

San Angelo, TX 76901

(325) 223-2200



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