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Foro Sol

Mexico City, Mexico DF

Home of the Diablos Rojos del Mexico



Foro Sol (map it)
Av. Viaducto Río Piedad y Río Churubusco s/n
Mexico City, Mexico DF 08400

Diablos Rojos del Mexico website

Foro Sol website

Year Opened: 2000

Capacity: 25,000

There are no tickets available at this time.


Local Information


Mexico! Mexico!

Home of the only baseball team in Mexico’s capital, the “Foro Sol” opened in 2000 as a baseball park. Also known as the “Infierno Solar” (Solar Hell) the ballpark has a capacity of 25,000. The Diablos are one of the best teams in the Mexican Baseball League, having won fifteen titles. Since they moved to the Foro Sol they have won three titles, the last one in 2008. The Mexican Baseball League is played from April to September and has sixteen teams.

The Foro Sol hosted five Mexican Championship Series and in 2011 was home of the Mexican All Star Game. Internationally the venue has hosted MLB exhibition games (the last one in 2004 between Marlins and Astros) and in 2009 was the Group B venue of the World Baseball Classic first round.


What is FANFARE?

The FANFARE scale is our metric device for rating each stadium experience. It covers the following:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Atmosphere
  • Neighborhood
  • Fans
  • Access
  • Return on Investment
  • Extras

Each area is rated from 0 to 5 stars with 5 being the best. The overall composite score is the "FANFARE Score".

Food & Beverage    3

The stadium has a food hallway where you can find chips, popcorn, peanuts, hot dogs, tortas, pizza and the famous cochinita tacos (a stew made with pork and spices) for $12 pesos each (less than $1 USD). If you don´t like the salty stuff you can also find coffees, cappuccinos and donuts.

The selection of soft drinks is not so wide as you can only find Coke, Diet Coke, water and an apple flavor soda. The sodas are $30 pesos each ($2.30 USD) and the water is $25 pesos ($1.90 USD).

They sell beer in two different forms. You can choose from a single one or a double (two beers in just one big plastic glass). They only sell Corona and Bud Light. The local one is $40 pesos ($3.10 USD) for a single and $80 pesos ($6.20) for a double. Meanwhile the Bud Light is slightly more expensive.

The fans are allowed to bring their own food and beverage with the restriction that alcoholic beverages are not permitted. In my own experience, if you go to Foro Sol, take advantage of this and bring your own food. It´s easier because you are allowed to bring whatever you want and also cheaper.

Some fans say that if you go to Foro Sol you must have a taste of the cochinita tacos. I personally tasted them and they are ok. I wouldn't taste more than three and because of their size, three aren't enough. So, bring your own food and maybe try one taco.

Atmosphere    3

A venue that was born for concerts, racing and other events has what it takes to make you feel at home in a ballpark. If you enjoy baseball, you have to make a visit to the Solar Hell. With just one tier, the stadium has good views from everywhere.

The ticket prices fluctuate from $70 pesos ($5.40 USD) down to $10 pesos ($0.77 USD), so it is relatively cheap to get in.

The stadium is divided in four zones; the best one to sit in is between third base and home. If it´s a clear day, sit in the green zone called "butaca verde," but if you want to avoid the elements sit in the orange zone called "butaca naranja" as it is the only covered area. Those two sections are the most expensive ones.

If you don't like to spend too much on tickets, I recommend you select the general zone located in left field.

The stadium has no assigned seats, so within every section you can freely choose where to sit. The only sections with seat chairs are the ones that cost $70 pesos, but no section has cup holders. The space between seats is really short, and can sometimes be uncomfortable.

Foro Sol has good artificial turf. The dugouts are not accessible to fans and only the home bullpen is near the seats. The stadium has a big scoreboard in the center field where they show the score inning by inning, the pitch speed, some fan images and advertising, but no replays at all. The sound and PA announcer is a little disappointing because of the poor quality.

The Diablos, have one of the most beloved and cheerful mascots, a dog with devil tail and horns named Rocco. He dances and encourages fans to cheer for their team.

Neighborhood    1

Mexico City is known for its cultural events, big tourist attractions, and nightlife, but don´t look for that near the stadium. It is located in a sports complex named "Ciudad Deportiva" (Sport City) and the surroundings are mostly residential. Just across the street is another concert and sport venue called "Palacio de los Deportes" (Sports Palace).

Outside of the complex you will find food and counterfeit merchandise stands, try to avoid eating or shopping here.

The airport is relatively near and the city center is at a reasonable distance by car or metro train.

Fans    3

It's a real familiar atmosphere at the Foro Sol. The majority of the fans are knowledgeable of their team, even though soccer is the most popular sport in the city and country. They are passionate and yell every time they can, but they are also calm and welcoming to visiting fans.

In high demand games, the home animation club has a special section located between third base and home. They cheer the team with drums, "matracas," and the famous Mexican chant "chiquitibum."

Access    3

You will not suffer from lack of parking at the stadium. But arriving to the stadium can be a challenge and is time consuming. Mexico City is well known for heavy traffic. Take your time if you decide to go by car or taxi, especially on weeknights. The parking lot is located in Avenida Ańil, access doors 8 and 9 and has a cost of $50 pesos ($3.85 USD).

You can arrive also by metro train, which is cheaper ($6 pesos, $0.45 USD for a single ride), fast and easily accessible. But on weekdays expect some crowded train cars. The metro station is "Ciudad Deportiva" in Line 9. From the city center it is a 25 minute ride. The complex entrance is within a 2 minute walk. When you exit the metro station go to your left and get inside by door number 5. Once inside the complex, the Foro Sol is less than a 10 minute walk.

The entrance and security process is agile. Expect just a brief inspection to your personal belongings such as backpacks or purses.

The food and beverage area in the concourse is where you can locate the bathrooms. The stadium has plenty of bathrooms with acceptable maintenance, but below average cleanliness.

In the concourse there is no view of the field, but some food stands have TVs so you can watch the game. To go to the stands and seats you have to go through stairs.

Fan access to the stadium starts two hours prior to the game time.

Return on Investment    4

From start to end, this stadium experience is totally worth the price. For a really good price you get good baseball (Mexican League Baseball is considered a Triple A league by the MLB) and a good atmosphere.

Extras    3

Once the game has ended and if you decided to arrive by train, the safest option at night is to take a taxi cab. In the metro at night, you may feel insecure sometimes. The best spot to take a taxi is crossing a walking bridge that is located near the D, E and F exits.

Inside the stadium there is an official store where you can buy Diablos caps, jerseys, cups, t-shirts, jackets and a lot more merchandise. They even sell jerseys and jackets of some MLB teams.

Diablos have 10 retired numbers: 10 (Reyes), 17 (Salazar), 21 (Espino), 32 (Montoya), 16 (Barrera), 15 (twice) (Ortiz & Barojas), 33 (Mora), 11 (Fernandez), 3 (Sandoval) and 25 (Ramírez).

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