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Fielders Stadium

Zion, IL

Home of the Lake County Fielders



Fielders Stadium (map it)
850 Green Bay Rd
Zion, IL 60099

Lake County Fielders website

Fielders Stadium website

Year Opened: 2010

Capacity: 7,000

There are no tickets available at this time.


Local Information


Field of Nightmares

The brief history of the Lake County Fielders has been a tumultuous endeavor to say the least. The team's claim to fame has been attaching actor Kevin Costner to the ownership group. Unfortunately, that is where the positive story ends.

In their first year, stadium delays forced the team to play more road games than originally planned. In the second year, the team has encountered financial issues that have caused a player revolt which resulted in 9 players being traded and 14 more released. Soon thereafter, the radio play-by-play announcer quit on air . To call the 2011 season a disaster would be an upgrade over the reality.

The team is currently playing in a temporary or "pop-up" stadium in Zion, Illinois known as Fielders Stadium. The field is completely surrounded by a black chain link fence. Beyond the fence is a series of temporary seating looking out over the field. A chalky, gravel-like substance serves as the concourse. This indeed is the current home of the Lake County Fielders of the North American independent baseball league. It is less than ideal to say the least.


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Food & Beverage    2

The Fielders do what they can to make the food adequate, or even unique. For the most part though, the food is below average. There is one main concession stand located just inside the entrance. Here you'll find corn dogs ($2.50), BBQ chicken sandwich ($4.50), jumbo hot dog ($4), junior dog ($2.50), and chicken tenders with fries ($7). I tried the BBQ chicken, which was dry and just plain old bad.

I tried the pizza as well, provided by Papa Saverio's ($4/slice). I would say it was somewhere between below average and average.

The highlight of the food offerings can be found down the right field line in a little purple shack. Here you'll find a carnival-esque offering including deep fried Oreos, candy bars, and pickles ($3 each).

Bottled beer is available for $5 and bottles of soda go for $3.

Atmosphere    1

Soon after entering the stadium, I heard the announcement that the 7pm game had been moved back to 7:30pm. There was no weather in the area, and no explanation given to the fans. This certainly helped to set the tone for a disappointing evening.

The current field is perfectly symmetrical, with left and right field foul poles located 325 feet from home plate. Straight away center is 400 feet. This just adds to the boring feel of the pop up park. Over the left field fence you will see the scoreboard, as basic as can be. Balls, strikes, and outs as well as runs, hits, and errors are displayed. The bad news is that the balls, strikes, and outs did not work during the game, making it difficult to keep up with the game situations.

Neighborhood    1

There isn't much in the immediate vicinity with an Applebee's your closest option about 3 miles away. Moving south towards Waukegan may be your best bet. Along Lake Michigan to the east you'll find Illinois Beach State Park, a lovely place to spend a summer's day.

Fans    1

I was lucky to find another ardent traveler to talk about other parks. It was a welcome distraction from the low quality before me, and surrounding me. It was such a strange atmosphere. There were people here, perhaps mostly out of curiosity in wanting to see the opposition Yuma Scorpions' player/manager Jose Canseco. Overall, disappointment was in the air, even on a beautiful night for baseball.

Access    1

Parking is $3, which isn't exorbitant, but when you are a struggling franchise, you would think that any overture that can be made to attract fans would be a no-brainer. I would have thought that free parking would have been offered.

Restrooms are also of the "pop-up" variety. There are outhouses or trailers available for patrons. They were fairly clean, but let's face it, this is not what you're looking for when you attend a ball game.

Return on Investment    2

There are three ticket options. Box seats go for $15 and land you between 1st and 3rd base. Reserve box seats are only $7, and are my recommendation if you're buying a seat. The final option is general admission for $6, and those seats are bleachers located in right field. The truth is the ushers aren't real strong on enforcing your seat location, so if you're feeling sneaky, then you may want to go cheap. For me, it is worth the extra dollar to have a guaranteed seat.

Even with parking, some food, and a beer, you should still be able have an experience that goes for $20-$25. But cheap doesn't necessarily mean this is a good investment. Look, I like baseball, even bad baseball, but overall this just doesn't live up to any price. If the parking was waived, then that would help, but as it stands it would be hard for me to recommend making the trip.

Extras    1

I'll give the staff credit for maintaining a happy face. This is a tough environment to go to work, but the staff were universally friendly and welcoming, even if I did feel a bit of pity projecting from them.

Final Thoughts

I do sincerely hope that this situation can be turned around, but at the present time, the outlook is grim. I have been to well over 100 stadiums, and this is only the second time I am recommending against making a visit. Unless you just have a morbid curiosity, this is a stop worth skipping.

Very Sad....

The North American League is an absolute joke. They are a great presence down here in Texas and I honestly don't see how they will be able to stay in existence much longer. From reading this article it doesn't look like Lake County will be operational much longer if they don't start paying thier bills. http://newssun.suntimes.com/6865690-417/zion-says-lake-county-fielders-owe-185000-in-rent-payments.html

by pderrick | Aug 04, 2011 09:43 AM


The corporate slogan on the scoreboard sounds like something from a Dilbert cartoon: "Max Your Edge."

by dmortimer | Aug 04, 2011 03:15 PM

RE: Scoreboard

The funny thing about the scoreboard, and "maxing the edge" is that those lights that are out in the picture, that's not because the game hasn't started, it's because they didn't work. No balls, no strikes, no outs for the entire game. I guess you could say that it makes you pay attention better, but I just found it annoying...

by paul | Aug 04, 2011 03:43 PM

Fielders Stadium

It looks like the stadium perfectly matches the ineptitude of the entire franchise. It is extremely rare to recommend not visiting a venue, but you are right, this one certainly sounds like a ballpark to avoid!

by shamus170 | Aug 05, 2011 07:54 AM

The end is near

After reading this http://ballparkdigest.com/201108094102/independent-baseball/news/fielders-game-scrapped-because-of-sub-par-baseballs it looks as if the end is near for the Fielders. This is a disgrace to the sport of Baseball.

by pderrick | Aug 09, 2011 01:49 PM

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Crowd Reviews

Worst Ballpark Ever

Total Score: 1.29

  • Food & Beverage: 1
  • Atmosphere 2
  • Neighborhood: 1
  • Fans: 2
  • Access: 1
  • RoI: 2
  • Extras: 0

This might be the worst ballpark ever made. When I attended my one and only game a few years ago I was expecting a ballpark and was greeted with a facility that wasn't completed yet. I cannot believe that they were playing baseball and that a few people actually enjoyed this place, they must never have been to a minor league ball park in their lives. The cost for parking was a joke at three dollars and there is nothing better than walking on the gravel parking lot in using port-a-pottys for bathrooms. I have seen stadia in Pompie in better shape.

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