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Eddy D. Field Stadium

Malibu, CA

Home of the Pepperdine Waves



Eddy D. Field Stadium (map it)
24255 Pacific Coast Hwy
Malibu, CA 90263

Pepperdine Waves website

Eddy D. Field Stadium website

Year Opened: 1973

Capacity: 1,800

There are no tickets available at this time.


Local Information


Pepperdine Paradise

The Los Angeles area is home to many famous sports teams, with two franchises in the NBA, the NHL, MLB, and even MLS. There is also the very well known college basketball program at UCLA and the football program at USC. So you will be forgiven for not knowing much about the Pepperdine Waves baseball squad who have put together 37 consecutive winning seasons at their picturesque home ballpark, Eddy D. Field Stadium.

Pepperdine’s main campus is in Malibu, just north of LA and right off the Pacific Coast Highway, comfortably nestled in the seaside cliffs that make the area so scenic. In the middle of campus is their jewel of a ballpark, which was opened in 1973 and has undergone several renovations in the intervening years.

Named after a longtime university benefactor, Eddy D. Field Stadium might have a confusing moniker but make no mistake; it is a stadium and not just a field, and one that you should be visiting if you live in LA. Actually, you should make an effort to visit here regardless of where you live, as it is as close to paradise as you can get when watching the great game of baseball.


What is FANFARE?

The FANFARE scale is our metric device for rating each stadium experience. It covers the following:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Atmosphere
  • Neighborhood
  • Fans
  • Access
  • Return on Investment
  • Extras

Each area is rated from 0 to 5 stars with 5 being the best. The overall composite score is the "FANFARE Score".

Food & Beverage    2

There is one small concession stand selling pretzels, hot dogs, and Cracker Jack at prices you would find in a convenience store (i.e., reasonable rather than a rip-off). Water and pop are also available but there is nothing unusual or unique here.

Atmosphere    5

The atmosphere at a stadium can mean many different things to different people. For some, it might be the attitude the fans bring to the game, for others it might be the surroundings or the game itself. In this case, there were only a few fans at a Tuesday afternoon affair and they didn't bring a lot of noise to the game. Why would they? Baseball is a game for relaxation and as you can tell by the pictures, there may be no better place to relax while the boys of summer go about their business. With palm trees and the Pacific Ocean in the distance over the left field fence, this is simply a wonderful place to spend an afternoon.

On a more practical note, there is no cover from the sun, so bring a hat and sunglasses if it is a clear day (it is always a clear day in Malibu I am told).

Neighborhood    4

The ballpark is right in the middle of the campus and there is nothing much else around except a sports complex and other university buildings. Across the PCH you will find Malibu Bluffs Park which provides fantastic views out over the ocean but there isn't a true neighborhood in the area in which you can walk around and check out restaurants or bars, so I'll dock a point for that.

Fans    3

I can't comment on the fans in much detail as there were only 203 who stopped by to check out USC and Pepperdine play on a Tuesday afternoon. Those that were there did what was expected, watching the game quietly and cheering their team on to victory. A few Pepperdine basketball players showed up from Firestone Fieldhouse for some time but the winning didn't rub off on them as they were bounced from the WCC tournament two days later.

Access    5

Arriving on campus, you'll receive a free parking pass at the gate from where you drive up the road to the parking lot. You can park right behind the outfield fence but there is a sign warning of baseball damage, so most people park in an upper lot.

I parked in a small lower lot near the fence and from here, took an indirect path to the park, walking up about 100 stairs to get a great overhead view of the stadium and the surrounding area, and then walking back down and entering the concourse behind home plate.

With so few fans, there is really no problem sitting anywhere and moving around the ballpark at will. The stairs behind the stadium are great if you want to enjoy a spectacular view but are not necessary to reach the ballpark itself.

Return on Investment    5

Tickets are apparently $8 but I must have walked in the wrong way because I never saw anybody charging admission. I did get there quite early, over an hour before game time, so perhaps they didn't have gates set up yet. I did notice that other fans had a stamp on their hands so I guess I got away with one.

All seats are box and unreserved. Capacity is 1,800 and the entire seating bowl is protected by a screen. You can also stand on the concourse if you so desire.

You can't have a better baseball experience in terms of scenery than Eddy D. Field Stadium for such a small outlay, so the ROI here gets full marks.

Extras    3

There are two plaques on the post above first base. One is dedicated to John Scolinos, a baseball and football coach from the days when Pepperdine was a college, the other lists winners of the John Scolinos Distinguished Player Award, given to the ballplayer who best exhibits exemplary behavior.

The Waves won the national championship in 1992 and that honor is painted on the left field fence.

Another bonus point for having the Pacific Ocean as the backdrop beyond left field.

Final Thoughts

What else can I say? Simply put, this is one of the most enjoyable places that I have ever visited for a sporting event. Don't be fooled by Pepperdine's name, they play a solid game of baseball, evidenced by their thumping of USC at the game I saw. Combined with unbeatable natural scenic beauty and constant sunshine, especially in February, Eddy D. Field Stadium is a ballpark that must be seen to be believed.


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