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Double Angel Ballpark

Parker, CO

Home of the Rocky Mountain Regional Tournament



Double Angel Ballpark (map it)
9345 Newlin Gulch Rd
Parker, CO 80134

Rocky Mountain Regional Tournament website

Double Angel Ballpark website

Year Opened: 2006

Capacity: 300

There are no tickets available at this time.


Local Information


Tragedy To Triumph

Double Angel Ballpark has two baseball fields:  one named Logan Field; the other Dillon Field.  The park is in memory of Logan and Dillon Dixey, two young brothers who were killed by a drowning related to carbon monoxide poisoning.  The organization Double Angel Foundation was founded after that tragedy and now promotes awareness of carbon monoxide poisoning particularly around boats and marine areas as well as offers scholarships for youth baseball assistance and high school students.

Double Angel Ballpark hosts a variety of different ballgames and tournaments throughout the season including the Rocky Mountain Baseball League Regional Tournament every year. It is the home of the Denver Cougars of the Rocky Mountain Baseball League. Both fields are all-turf and are also lighted so games can be played in the evenings.

The Rocky Mountain Baseball League is a collegiate league based in the state of Colorado whose purpose is to provide a competitive environment for players.  It is affiliated with the NBC (National Baseball Congress) whose World Series is played in Wichita, KS.


What is FANFARE?

The FANFARE scale is our metric device for rating each stadium experience. It covers the following:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Atmosphere
  • Neighborhood
  • Fans
  • Access
  • Return on Investment
  • Extras

Each area is rated from 0 to 5 stars with 5 being the best. The overall composite score is the "FANFARE Score".

Food & Beverage    2

There is a small concession stand that offers minimal food: $2 for hot dog; hot dog, chips, and soda combo is $3.50; and seeds and a whole variety of candy for around $1.50. Credit cards are accepted if the total purchase is greater than $10.

Most fans bring their own food and drink in to the public park. Rolling coolers are a popular item seen at the tournament games.

I attended the 10:00 am tournament game and the concession stand was not open at the beginning of that game. It was open after the game in preparation for the additional games to be played later in the day. The sign said 'Be Right Back, Fixing Field'. I did see a gas grill next to the concession stand so my guess is the hot dogs are cooked on the spot.

Atmosphere    3

If you enjoy the game of baseball and don't require any additional forms of entertainment, then the Rocky Mountain Baseball League at Double Angel Ballpark is your type of game. Bear in mind, however, it is only about the baseball game; there are no other thrills.

At Dillon Field, there is a set of four or five cement rows that run from dugout to dugout in which to sit and there are a few picnic tables beyond those. Logan Field has a small set of metal bleachers on each base side. Most fans bring their own chairs and umbrellas and sit along the concourse. There is a net around the entire seating area. The seats are in the sun so go prepared with sun block and plenty of water.

Upon entry to the stadium is a statue of Logan and Dillon in their baseball gear as that is the sport the boys enjoyed playing.

There is no music or a public address announcer. What you can hear is: the crack of the bat, the calls of the umpire, the on-deck player's swoosh of the bat, and the players giving each other words of congratulations and encouragement.

The scoreboard is basic with runs, hits, errors, outs, strikes and balls. It's enough to help you with your scorecard if you miss a call or two.

The scenery beyond the ballpark is fields, small mountains, and blue skies. It does look like there is construction of new sub divisions in the general area and I suspect all of it will be full of housing over the next few years. And that's too bad.

The playing fields look great and the park is very well maintained and operated by GameDay Baseball.

Neighborhood    3

Within walking distance, it's all residential and fields. With that said you can still look out and see the mountains and watch grasshoppers and prairie dogs playing in the fields. There are other critters and wildlife in those fields depending on time of day and season. Perhaps you'll see a few if you visit.

Downtown Parker, CO is just 3 miles away and offers many places to visit, eat, and shop. Hickory House (BBQ), Warhorse Inn (Steaks and Seafood - I'd go with the steaks), and Indochine Cuisine (Asian - yummy!) are just a few of the restaurants worth visiting in Parker.

Nearby attractions include the Wildlife Experience (good for kids), an AMC movie theatre, and check out PACE (Parker Arts, Culture, and Events) for local events.

In the 2011, CNN Money Magazine voted Parker, CO #29 of the top 100 places to live in the United States.

Fans    1

Most of the fans are family and friends of the players. There are some local neighbors who attend the tournament games. They all applaud the players when deserved and discuss and disagree with many of the umpire's calls.

All are there just to enjoy the game and watch their loved ones.

There are not a lot of them at a 10:00 am Rocky Mountain Baseball League tournament game.

The one thing I don't get is why the fans spit their seed shells or throw their peanut shells on the ground at a public park. Throw them in the trash; not where someone will be sitting in an hour to watch the next game of the tournament.

Access    3

The ballpark is located in Parker, CO which is located 20 - 25 miles southeast of Denver, CO. The only way to get to Double Angel Ballpark is by automobile (unless you live in the nearby neighborhood and then you can either walk or bike). It's an easy and direct route from either I-25 or E-470 (toll road).

DIA (Denver International Airport) is the closest major airport and is about 25 miles from the ballpark.

There is one parking lot with plenty of spots and parking is at no charge.

The concourse is a walkway behind the small seating infield area. Restrooms are four porta potty units. I didn't use them but saw several ballplayers walking up from the dugout to visit the facilities so I'm guessing they're serviceable.

Folks using wheelchairs have the ability to access the ballpark and see the games easily. I did not see a wheelchair accessible porta potty.

The view of the ballgame (at Dillon Field) is through a net behind the seating area or through a chain link fence above the first base dugout (standing area).

Return on Investment    5

There's no charge for the game or the parking. Concession prices are decent. And, you can bring in your own food and drink including rolling coolers.

What you get is a couple hours of collegiate baseball at no cost. In fact, for the Rocky Mountain Baseball League tournament, you can stay the whole day and see up to 5 games. Two of those games you'd have to switch between Dillon Field and Logan Field but that's easily done with a short walk from one field to the other.

Extras    3

From tragedy... the carbon monoxide poisoning deaths of 2 young baseball-loving boys while swimming off a houseboat in Lake Powell ...to triumph. As a way of channeling their grief, the boys' parents founded the Double Angel Foundation and created a place for youth and others to play the game of baseball, a sport so loved by the family.

The Colorado community opened their hearts, wallets, and resources to build Double Angel Ballpark and it is a positive reflection that good can come from loss. It continues to be a community event center for both young and old baseball fans.

Final Thoughts

I would not recommend someone hop on a plane and visit Double Angel ballpark, unless, of course, you have a loved one playing in the game. It is a public park.

If you live in the Parker, CO area or even in the Denver, Castle Rock, or Colorado Springs area, do try to make a game for the RMBL in mid-July for an afternoon or evening of baseball and a visit to Parker, CO.

It is just baseball and for those who simply enjoy the game, it is a fine place to watch collegiate baseball.

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