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CenturyLink Arena

Boise, ID

Home of the Idaho Stampede



CenturyLink Arena (map it)
233 South Capitol Boulevard
Boise, ID 83702

Idaho Stampede website

CenturyLink Arena website

Year Opened: 1997

Capacity: 5,732

There are no tickets available at this time.


Local Information


Baby Jazz

The Idaho Stampede play in the NBDL (National Basketball Development League, aka, the D-League) at the CenturyLInk Arena in beautiful downtown Boise, ID. The Stampede played in the CBA (Continental Basketball League) from 1997- 2006 and have been a member of the D-League since 2006. They were the D-League champions in their second season in 2007-2008.

Beginning the 2014 season, the Stampede became an affiliate of the Utah Jazz NBA team and they are quite proud to be associated with that team. They have been affiliates of the Utah Jazz before as well as the Portland Trail Blazers, Denver Nuggets, Seattle SuperSonics, and the Toronto Raptors.

The CenturyLink Arena also hosts the Idaho Steelheads (ECHL), as well as other entertainment events such as the Harlem Globetrotters, Front Street Fights, and concerts by various entertainment performers. It is adjacent to the Grove Hotel; in fact you can enter the arena from the hotel lobby.


What is FANFARE?

The FANFARE scale is our metric device for rating each stadium experience. It covers the following:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Atmosphere
  • Neighborhood
  • Fans
  • Access
  • Return on Investment
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Each area is rated from 0 to 5 stars with 5 being the best. The overall composite score is the "FANFARE Score".

Food & Beverage    2

The game I attended was on Christmas Day. There were only two stands open with a very minimal selection. I am told there are many more concessions open on non-holiday games and that they are worth the trip. At moments during this Christmas Day game, there was quite a queue for the concessions.

The one stand open has hot dogs - grilled ($4), nachos ($4), pretzels ($3), candy ($3.50), and popcorn ($2/$4).

Beers on offer are Bud Light, Coors, Coors Light, 90 Shilling, and an exceptional IPA called City of Trees IPA from local Boise brewery Woodland Empire. Beers price from $4 - $8 depending on size and offering. Centurylink Arena is a Pepsi venue and offers soda for around $3.

The other open concession stand has delicious Dreyers ice cream selections with snacks, helmets, cones, and fizzes on offer from $4.50 - $6.

Atmosphere    3

A new, much appreciated center hung video board was installed prior to the 2014-2015 season at CenturyLink Arena. It is placed very high on the ceiling so it isn't a distraction when watching the game. Those seated on the lower level may have to look up a bit to see what is being shown. Other scoring displays include a corner video board which is not very clear and two dot matrix boards on the upper level. Fouls and individual player stats are not displayed on any of the boards.

There are two levels of the seating area at CenturyLink Arena and suites above the second level. There are no cup holders provided on the first level (those seats do not appear to be permanent). There is no concourse or restrooms on the second level, though cup holders are available in most of this area.

There is wait service for floor level seats and these seem to be the prime seating area for a Stampedes game as they are right on the court. Tables and chairs surround the court for patrons to watch the action in this prime area. In the upper level, to sit center court facing the players' benches choose section 211.

A kid's area includes a clown bouncy house and two others, and a hoops shooting game and is located behind one of the baskets. There is a small souvenir area on the floor near the kid's area that has shirts, sweatshirts, basketballs, caps, etc. of both the Idaho Stampede and the Utah Jazz for sale.

There are two Stampede retired jerseys adorning the walls. One is Randy Livingston's #32 who was a player as well as the Stampede coach from 2010 - 2012. The other is Roberto Bergersen whose # 11 was retired on opening day of the 2014 season. Roberto was Stampede's all time leader in points, 3-point field goals, and games played.

The cheerleaders work quite hard before and during the game performing dance routines at breaks, participating in fan activities like throwing t-shirts into the stands, and cheering each Stampede basket on the side lines. It appears the players have to wait for the cheerleaders to leave the floor before they can take the court again.

During the player introductions, the lights are turned down (almost off) so a fan can't see who the players are and what they look like as they make their way onto the court. There is noise and music during the game match but it's not too intrusive. This is not uncommon to professional basketball games, but nonetheless not needed to enjoy a game.

Neighborhood    5

Downtown Boise is great! There are lots of restaurants, bars, coffee and tea shops, and the Capitol Building. There's a Basque Museum, a couple breweries, a Trader Joe's, and several hotels within walking distance. In the winter, it's cold but if the sun is out, you'll have a perfect afternoon to explore this delightful downtown. The sidewalks and roads can get icy so be careful where you step.

The Grove Hotel (an upscale lodging) is attached to CenturyLink Arena. New glass doors were installed in 2014 so that one can see the basketball court from the hotel lobby which is a nice treat. Two blocks from the arena is a Hampton Inn & Suites and four or so blocks away is a Safari Inn.

Local breweries downtown Boise include: 10 Barrell Brewing (Good beer - try the Rye IPA - food is served at this location), Boise Brewing, and Woodland Empire Brewery (they specialize in IPA's).

A recommended place for a hearty breakfast is Goldy's Breakfast Bistro (a few steps from the arena). For a pint and a bite before (or after) the game, check out Bittercreek Alehouse which offers local brews and delicious pub food, is just two blocks away, and service is excellent. The Piper Pub & Grill (a traditional pub atmosphere) may also appeal to you and is just a block away from CenturyLink Arena.

There are a wide variety of tea and coffee shops located in the downtown area. I tried the Dawson's Downtown Coffee House and it offers a nice hot, bold cup of joe for a chilly morning stroll.

For places to tour, there's nothing better than visiting a state's capitol building and Idaho's is an impressive one. There are self guided tours as well as guided tours. Check out the Basque Museum located one block from the arena for some enriching history lessons of this culture.

Around the winter solstice, the sun doesn't begin rising in Boise until about 8am so if you're an early bird, you'll be taking your steps in the dark.

Fans    3

The fans are very vocal especially during the opposing team's free throw; and they are dead silent when a Stampede player has a free throw.

Although I attended a game on Christmas Day, there was a greater showing of fans than I expected. They all displayed a sharp concept of the game play and rooted and booed at the appropriate moments.

Many fans left early being Christmas, and with Reno (the opposing team) leading by 30 or so points (40 at one time during this game) some had other things to do.

I understand the place is full of Stampede fans on non-holiday games.

Access    4

Because the arena is located in the downtown area, there is plenty of parking available very close to the arena. Free parking, however, is pretty much non-existent. According the City of Boise's website, there are 3,500 parking spaces in the city-operated downtown parking garages. Visitors receive the first hour free in all garages except the Grove Street Garage, and each additional hour is $2.50. In addition, there are several privately owned surface parking lots available. Most of these lots charge a $5 flat fee for event parking.

There is construction going on in front of the CenturyLink Arena and this will be a new public transportation/bus transit depot and is expected to be completed in 2016. Currently, there are a few bus stops close to CenturyLink Arena. Check the Valleyride site for current bus transportation information.

If flying in for a game, use the Boise Airport (a really nice airport) which is about 10 or so minutes to the CenturyLink Arena.

Return on Investment    3

Ticket prices range from $8 to $21. Concession prices are comparable to other NBDL venues. For an evening of entertainment, a Stampede game is reasonably priced especially being in downtown Boise. They offer fan fun experience programs mostly geared for youth groups as well as season and half season ticket packages.

Extras    3

Giveaways at the game I attended were: a 2015 calendar highlighting a different Stampede player each month, a game program, a roster, and a little canvas high top sneaker keychain.

Having an arena right in a hotel is worth a visit.

Customer service is excellent. Ticket purchase, entry into the venue, and in game service exceeds a fans expectation.

Final Thoughts

If you have an opportunity to see a Stampede game, do it. I'd recommend attending a game other than Christmas Day as the energy in the arena will be more vibrant. Do check out the entertaining downtown Boise area for a fun filled day when in town.

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Crowd Reviews

CenturyLink Arena-Home of the Idaho Stampede

Total Score: 4.00

  • Food & Beverage: 4
  • Atmosphere 3
  • Neighborhood: 5
  • Fans: 2
  • Access: 5
  • RoI: 5
  • Extras: 4

Founded in 1997, The Idaho Stampede is the official NBA affiliate of the Denver Nuggets, Portland Trail Blazers, and Utah Jazz. In the 2007-2008 season, the Stampede won the NBA D-League title. Originally the team played in the Idaho Center, located in Nampa, Idaho, before moving to their current location in Downtown Boise.

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Local Food & Drink

10 Barrel Brewing  (map it!)

530 West Bannock Street

Boise, ID 83702

(208) 344-5870


Boise Brewing  (map it!)

521 West Broad Street

Boise, ID 83702

(208) 342-7655


Woodland Empire Brewery  (map it!)

1114 West Front Street

Boise, ID 83702


Bittercreek Alehouse  (map it!)

246 North 8th Street

Boise, ID 83702

(208) 429-6340


The Piper Pub & Grill  (map it!)

150 North 8th Street

Boise, ID 83702

(208) 343-2444


Goldy's Breakfast Bistro  (map it!)

108 South Capitol Boulevard

Boise, ID 83702

(208) 345-4100


Local Entertainment

Capitol Building  (map it!)

700 West Jefferson Street

Boise, ID 83702

(208) 334-2475


Basque Museum  (map it!)

611 Grove St

Boise, ID 83702

(208) 343- 2671



The Grove Hotel  (map it!)

245 South Capitol Blvd

Boise, ID 83702

(208) 333-8000


Safari Inn  (map it!)

1070 West Grove Street

Boise, ID 83702

(208) 344-6556


Hampton Inn & Suites  (map it!)

495 South Capitol Boulevard

Boise, ID 83702

(208) 331-1900



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