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Tarek Zohdi (tazza)

Location Germany
Member Since May 09, 2011
Last Visit Feb 05, 2014
Stadium Reviews 11
Stadium Ratings 1
Comments 4

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  • Number of people who will be impressed with that statistic: 1 (NFL Stadium Journey: Playoffs & Super Bowl) on Wed Feb 05 12:47:52 EST 2014 - "Congratulations on your journey Sean! I guess this was a trip of a lifetime, something you will be looking back to with a huge smile on your face whe
  • YNWA (Fenway Park To Host Liverpool vs AS Roma Soccer Match) on Thu Apr 05 09:58:36 EDT 2012 - "This is really big! If anyone is able to grab some tickets, I'd take one...
  • Untitled (Anfield) on Thu Nov 10 06:06:25 EST 2011 - "Great review Paul! Although that last sentence hurt... YNWA!
  • Definitely worth a visit and the extra costs! (Fenway Park) on Thu May 26 04:37:59 EDT 2011 - "I simply loved Fenway. Yes, there are some obstructed view seats, I had to sit on one (but who needs to see the batter anyway...?), but it is a place
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