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Sean MacDonald (sportsroadtrips)

Location Singapore
Member Since May 06, 2011
Last Visit Jun 25, 2016
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About Me

Lived in Asia for 16 years but manage to get home to see lots of sports. Follow my stadium journeys at www.sportsroadtrips.com


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  • Unbelievable (Hartford Fires Ballpark Developer) on Tue Jun 07 00:43:29 EDT 2016 - "I am pretty sure that fans don't care who is at fault here. Shameful behaviour on the part of all parties. On the bright side, I don't have to visit H
  • Great chance for road trips (Copa America Coming to United States in June) on Sun May 01 00:51:04 EDT 2016 - "Lots of baseball games in the same cities at the same times give plenty of opportunities for sports road trips. Just one example; Phillies at home on
  • Not me imposing, I don't set the schedule. (Time to Rethink Opening Week of MLB Scheduling) on Wed Apr 20 02:24:57 EDT 2016 - "The imposition is determined by Major League Baseball, who have decided that a 162-game schedule over 6 months is appropriate. I tend to agree and I'l
  • Let me "Experience" the cold (Time to Rethink Opening Week of MLB Scheduling) on Fri Apr 15 16:03:46 EDT 2016 - "I am so bloody tired of this overused term "experience" to describe something as a universal when it is subjective. The stadium experience is differe
  • No thanks weather wimp! (Time to Rethink Opening Week of MLB Scheduling) on Wed Apr 13 18:13:00 EDT 2016 - "As a New York resident, I want live major league baseball in that first week. The same could be said for those who live in Chicago. If you don't like
  • Good idea (The Grand MLS Road Trip Plan for 2016) on Fri Jan 29 14:00:10 EST 2016 - "Sam, that is an interesting take and works well as you would get Portland on the road. It would add a bit of driving as you would have to backtrack fr
  • So much for a great opening weekend (New Hartford Ballpark is Over Budget and Behind Schedule) on Thu Jan 07 16:58:01 EST 2016 - "Well, that puts an end to my plans to see the Yard Goats/Wolf Pack DH on April 9th. Would have been a great way to open the park. Looking forward to t
  • Personal Responsibility Still Exists (Pay Attention: The Debate About Netting at Ballparks) on Mon Dec 14 10:39:29 EST 2015 - "Thanks for the well-thought out comment, perhaps the longest in Stadium Journey history. I respectfully disagree that I am too hard on the victims. Th
  • I'll be one of them! (Bombers Expand Investors Group Field for 103rd Grey Cup) on Tue Sep 22 00:54:48 EDT 2015 - "Got my ticket already and looking forward to seeing my first Grey Cup. It will sell out once the teams are known.
  • Netting is coming (Pay Attention: The Debate About Netting at Ballparks) on Wed Sep 16 00:11:06 EDT 2015 - "Thanks for all the comments. The Charlotte incident is interesting because I saw the same thing happen near the end of the season, where a fan sitting
  • Three teams in Toronto (ECHL Absorbs Central Hockey League) on Wed Oct 08 20:40:52 EDT 2014 - "I guess the Beast will end up taking the Leafs ECHL affiliation, making for a Toronto triumvirate. Be interesting to see if any players end up dressin
  • Good Weekend for a Stadium Journey (Baltimo' Money Mo' Money Mo Money) on Mon Aug 25 21:59:30 EDT 2014 - "That Army-Navy game will be at 3 pm on December 13th, while the Capitals host the Lightning at 7 (tough to make the face-off though), then Jaguars at
  • Can't wait to see this (College Football Hall of Fame Opens in Atlanta) on Sat Aug 23 12:24:44 EDT 2014 - "Visited the one in South Bend many years ago and found it fascinating even though I'm not much of a college football fan. The new one must be so much
  • Freezing fans not good for business. (MLS Should Adopt World Football Calendar ) on Sun Aug 10 23:21:34 EDT 2014 - "I happened to be in KC during the MLS playoffs last year, when the team hosted the second leg of the semifinal in the midst of a cold snap, with tempe
  • Great information! (Takeaways From the Q1 Productions In-Stadium Fan Experience Summit) on Fri Jul 25 18:43:06 EDT 2014 - "First, wonderful picture. Would make a fantastic book cover :-). I did not realize that we had a correspondent at the conference but am glad we di
  • There will be a roof (Minneapolis to Host Super Bowl in 2018) on Tue May 20 16:33:54 EDT 2014 - "From the Vikings Press Release: ""With a clear ETFE roof and five of the largest glass pivoting doors in the world, fans will experience an outdoor fe
  • Rankings (Meiji Jingu Stadium) on Sun May 04 20:58:25 EDT 2014 - "We did publish a ranking list last year: http://www.stadiumjourney.com/news/08-18-2013/449/japanese-baseball-stadium-rankings/
  • Millennial "fans" (The Turnstiles: Playoffs?!?) on Sat May 03 21:40:19 EDT 2014 - "Interesting article on the new rooftop deck at Coors Field, particularly the point regarding "millennial" fans, the bane of my existence at baseball s
  • 2015 Road Trip plan (Buffalo Madness!) on Sat Mar 29 00:32:03 EDT 2014 - "Paul, the name of the website is Stadium Journey, not Stadium Sit on Your Couch. Get out to the stadiums and enjoy the unparalleled atmosphere! To fur
  • Great news (New York Knicks to Start Their Own NBA D-League Team) on Tue Mar 11 01:23:49 EDT 2014 - "For those of us in New York, a new franchise is always welcome. The D-League offers some of the best value in sports and you can sit in the first few
  • GWC no longer (Fleisher Center) on Tue Feb 25 15:36:36 EST 2014 - "The Great West Conference is now defunct, victim of all the conference shenanigans over the last couple of years. NJIT is now an independent that host
  • New arena ready for 2014 opening (Stony Brook Sports Complex) on Thu Feb 20 22:04:06 EST 2014 - "The new arena is ready to go and will be in use starting in the 2014-15 season. Looks quite nice from the outside.
  • Too difficult? (Club 122) on Thu Feb 13 17:57:24 EST 2014 - "The Big 4 is more generally recognized than the Big 5 at this point. As well, adding the MLS would mean there would be no members as those few I know
  • No expectations of a ticket (NFL Stadium Journey: Playoffs & Super Bowl) on Wed Feb 05 01:20:57 EST 2014 - "One thing that I made clear in earlier posts is that I never expected anything, including a ticket. In fact, most teams did not give me a ticket. I re
  • Games long enough as it is (Instant Replay in Baseball - REALLY?) on Wed Jan 22 22:45:03 EST 2014 - "I'm not sure how games won't be longer. Replay in the NFL adds at least 5 minutes and probably closer to 10 to the typical game. The average MLB playo
  • Fantastick Finish (A Final Farwell to Candlestick Park) on Tue Dec 24 02:19:22 EST 2013 - "Great summary. Attended the final game tonight. The access is terrible and I didn't even bother lining up for the food as I would have missed the firs
  • Excellent summary (The Turnstiles: Where 'No Fun League' Comes From) on Sat Dec 14 03:53:17 EST 2013 - "First, that's a superb picture of MetLife Stadium. Kudos to the photographer. Second, this is a great compilation of so much interesting news. On
  • KC=Krazy Cold (Frozen Moments Lead to Epic MLS Cup Experience) on Sat Dec 14 03:34:08 EST 2013 - "Dennis, thanks for enduring the cold for this recap. I watched the end on TV in Phoenix and was not wishing I was there.
  • Unique identity (El Paso Triple-A Team Announces New Name) on Thu Oct 24 09:58:03 EDT 2013 - "I can imagine the new owners wanted their own identity and keeping the name Diablos would not give them that. Sun Dogs is the name of a team in the CH
  • Washington ripped off for a change (2013 MLB Ballpark Rankings) on Thu Oct 24 09:48:17 EDT 2013 - "Nationals Park is not even close to the worst park in the nation. The review is very old and needs to be updated. To say any of the domes is better th
  • Lots of memories (Pacific Coliseum) on Sat Oct 12 18:26:21 EDT 2013 - "Saw all 3 games of the 1994 finals and don't think I've ever been in a louder building. Loved going there when the Canucks were terrible around 1990-9
  • 10 Trophies (NFL Stadium Journey Week 4 Recap) on Mon Oct 07 12:13:01 EDT 2013 - "Yes, 10 so far. Six in Pittsburgh, three in New England, and one in Indy. Did not see them in Washington, Denver, St. Louis or Baltimore. Cleveland, C
  • Typical Overreaction (Are NFL Teams Doing All They Can to Protect Fans?) on Tue Sep 10 19:57:41 EDT 2013 - "Over 2 dozen injuries or deaths in 10 years? Oh My God, that is nearly 3 deaths or injuries per year, out of millions upon millions of fans attending
  • Ottawa AA proposal (The Turnstiles: This Week's Stadium News) on Wed Aug 14 12:11:18 EDT 2013 - "Great idea for a column and look forward to reading it every week. The Ottawa AA franchise has been in the works for a couple of years now, the idea i
  • Minor League plays here too (Xinzhuang Baseball Stadium) on Tue Jul 30 04:58:11 EDT 2013 - "On a recent visit to Taipei, I was happy to discover that the minor league Elephants hold games here as well. Of course, the experience is not compara
  • No Clear Solution (Changes In The NFL Bag Policy) on Sun Jun 16 10:38:36 EDT 2013 - "Good news item. Glad to see that the NFL is instituting a league-wide policy in an area that has caused problems for me and other stadium journeying f
  • Makings of a great sports road trip (MLB Coming to Sydney in 2014) on Thu Jun 13 10:42:40 EDT 2013 - "The first Formula 1 race of the 2014 season will likely be held in Melbourne the week before. Super 15 Rugby will also be underway and the NRL too. Gr
  • Well-timed tourney (2014 World Lacrosse Championships Tickets Officially On Sale) on Mon May 27 10:10:32 EDT 2013 - "Starting the day after the FIFA World Cup semi-final games have completed, the tournament might capture some attention from national broadcasters look
  • Congratulations (Stadium Journey: 1,500 Reviews Later) on Mon May 20 21:44:22 EDT 2013 - "Fantastic achievement Paul. Glad to be part of it. Curious about the number of different countries from which we have a review. I can think of at l
  • Lots of pro parks here (A Guide to the 2013 NCAA Baseball Conference Tournament Sites) on Tue May 07 09:38:16 EDT 2013 - "I've been to a few of these ballyards, but only Reckling Park in Houston hosted a college game. As an aside, Reckling is a great place to catch colleg
  • Different reviewers with different tastes (2013 NBA Arena Rankings) on Sat May 04 11:58:33 EDT 2013 - "I've been to most of these and would generally agree with the ratings within a few spots here or there. Barclays is the most overrated in my mind beca
  • Flying? Anybody can do that! (How to See Every NFL Stadium Before Thanksgiving) on Mon Apr 22 10:21:17 EDT 2013 - "Bah! Road trips only count if you are actually on the road. In a car. Otherwise it becomes a trivial exercise in planning.
  • Already forgotten (Winter Classic Back on at the Big House) on Thu Feb 21 10:30:59 EST 2013 - "Judging from the social media universe, NHL fans have already forgotten the lockout and I would expect a sellout here, especially if the Leafs continu
  • Bears now the Hops (Yakima County Stadium) on Tue Dec 18 06:12:47 EST 2012 - "You were right Meg. Yakima is no longer a part of the NWL as the Bears have moved to Hillsboro, Oregon to become the Hops. This name is not used by an
  • New name (New York Islanders Moving to Brooklyn) on Thu Oct 25 02:19:35 EDT 2012 - "I hope they change their name as Islanders doesn't fit in Brooklyn. How about Brooklyn Bankers after the Barclays Center? Or Brooklyn Borough if y
  • Untitled (A Giant Day of Baseball Around the World) on Thu Oct 25 02:13:18 EDT 2012 - "The odds would be 2,880 to 1. That's 30 MLB teams x 12 NPB x 8 KBO, assuming each team has an equal chance to win. It would be good to have a worl
  • Brings back memories (Field Of Dreams) on Thu Aug 09 03:26:59 EDT 2012 - "I spent a couple of hours here in 2001 during my MLB road trip. I remember being invited to play in a game with some strangers and having fun the whol
  • Anthem (Florida Auto Exchange Stadium) on Sat Jul 14 01:21:54 EDT 2012 - "The final stanza of the Canadian National Anthem was played on occasion during the game I attended, for no apparent reason. I had to stop myself from
  • Don't forget the Jerry West tribute display (WVU Coliseum) on Sat Jun 18 02:18:06 EDT 2011 - "Good review. I saw a game with just 6,400 fans and it was still a great atmosphere. One point that should be mentioned is the display on Jerry West in
  • RE: More NPB parks? (Mazda Zoom-Zoom Stadium Hiroshima) on Sat Jun 18 02:07:48 EDT 2011 - "Hi Paul,

    I am planning to review Tokyo Dome, Chiba Marine, and Seibu Dome this summer. We've already put up a review of Jingu Stadium. But
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