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Paul Donaldson (pwdonaldson)

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  • Hope it sticks (New Football League MLFB Looks to Begin in Spring 2016) on Wed Feb 10 10:11:05 EST 2016 - "I've never understood, with the popularity of the NFL, why there isn't a minor league or a spring league. Arena football just isn't the same game to
  • Re: Charlotte (South Carolina - LSU Game May Be Moved) on Tue Oct 06 14:56:46 EDT 2015 - "Recent updates have South Carolina reaching out to the Panthers about Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte. I would assume that Tiger Stadium is a la
  • Parking (Maestri Field at First NBC Ballpark) on Tue Jun 16 09:08:53 EDT 2015 - "John, I'd have to agree there. Though the program needs all the money it can get, there's nothing more annoying than paying for parking at small ball
  • Everything is Dangerous (Time to Put an End to Court Storming) on Wed Feb 25 11:05:53 EST 2015 - "Do you know what's really dangerous? 100k people gathering together in a massive stadium. Think of what could happen? A person could fall from the
  • Cowboy Stadium (FCS Stadiums Worth the Journey) on Tue Sep 03 11:47:04 EDT 2013 - "One of the big upsets this weekend came from the McNeese State Cowboys from Lake Charles, LA. I have plenty of FCS journeys still to make, but I'd ra
  • Untitled (Home Field Advantage Ranking - 2012 FBS Football - BCS) on Thu Apr 18 16:31:34 EDT 2013 - "Bryce,the spread comment was a great point. I think that could be used for the wins to help with the soft schedule issue. However, I feel a win, reg
  • Untitled (Jackie Robinson Day) on Mon Apr 15 12:33:44 EDT 2013 - "I can only imagine what it must have been like for him during his rookie season. He was and still is an inspiration for so many.
  • Untitled (New Hardwood for Nebraska Cornhuskers) on Sat Apr 13 17:19:09 EDT 2013 - "Without a doubt, it's better than FIU. I haven't quite understood the point that wild uniforms and crazy floors bring in recruits. I'm not doubting
  • Untitled (Triple-A Texas Hold 'Em) on Fri Apr 12 14:44:57 EDT 2013 - "I'm certainly not implying that having a AAA team in Houston will work, especially with the Astros struggling to get folks to the park as it is. But
  • Untitled (A New Floor For FIU) on Fri Apr 12 14:41:34 EDT 2013 - "Take that Boise State! Eastern Washington's red carpet and Central Arkansas's grey/purple striped turf was bad enough but this is making those look a
  • Speculation (Triple-A Texas Hold 'Em) on Fri Apr 12 08:21:53 EDT 2013 - "This is an opinion piece so let me first make that point clear. If the Astros move a Triple A team to the Woodlands, the Skeeters will be on borrowed
  • New Atlanta Stadium (So Long, Georgia Dome: Stadium Journey Update) on Mon Mar 11 10:09:03 EDT 2013 - "I hope the first home game is scheduled against the Saints so the new stadium can be broken in like the old...yet another loss to New Orleans.
  • Love the idea but.... (West Michigan Whitecaps Involve Fans to Choose New Menu Items) on Wed Feb 27 20:28:12 EST 2013 - "wish stadiums would let us vote on concession prices. I refuse to purchase a $5 bottle Coke and $4 crappy hotdog. It's really not that hard to prov
  • Need fan suppport (University Center) on Wed Jan 30 23:12:36 EST 2013 - "The arena is pretty nice with a capacity of nearly 8k. Unfortunately, even during their best season they can only get about 2k out to the game. With
  • Much better than 1.6 (H.A. Chapman Stadium) on Wed Jan 30 23:05:23 EST 2013 - "I'm a UH fan and was at the game you reviewed. While Tulsa is certainly not a 4 or 5, there's no way you could have left that experience with a 1.6 o
  • Pelicans (Pelicans? Who dat?) on Tue Jan 29 08:16:21 EST 2013 - "No one will believe me now, except for my little brother who remembers me saying it back then, but since the first day I heard New Orleans was getting
  • Names belong to the city... (Nickname Misfits) on Tue Jan 29 08:12:28 EST 2013 - "Couldn't agree with you more TexNorCal. With how much taxpayer dollars go into building facilities and keeping professional teams in town, you'd thin
  • College football is the university's front door (Will Football Return at ETSU?) on Mon Dec 24 12:49:48 EST 2012 - "At this rate, I'll never visit each Division I college football stadium. Each year I knock out about five only to find out 2-3 new teams will be adde
  • Columbia vs Fordham (Robert K. Kraft Field at Lawrence A. Wien Stadium) on Tue Sep 25 13:51:35 EDT 2012 - "I actually caught the game you mentioned (Columbia vs Fordham). Very close, back and forth game throughout. Crowd was a little sparse, but like you
  • European Division? (NFL: Relocation or Expansion?) on Mon Jul 02 22:22:06 EDT 2012 - "I hated to see NFL Europe leave. I'd like to see them bring it back as a league, only to build up to converting it into it's own division within the
  • I enjoyed the atmosphere... (Sonny Lubick Field at Hughes Stadium) on Mon Jul 02 22:04:53 EDT 2012 - "Sure they've struggled over the past few years, but I've been to a couple of games Hughes Stadium recently and enjoyed my time there. Caught a game a
  • Bucket List Experience (Kyle Field) on Mon Jul 02 21:57:44 EDT 2012 - "There aren't many atmospheres in college football as unique as Kyle Stadium for an Aggie football game.

    Went with my older brother last yea
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