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Paul Baker (puckmanri)

Location North Dartmouth, MA
Member Since Sep 17, 2012
Last Visit Jun 28, 2017
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About Me

During the day, I work as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. At night, I am a sports fanatic. Along with my wife (the kids are now grown and no longer act as sidekicks), we enjoy traveling to different sports venues. I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to join the Stadium Journey team, and hope to continue for many years.


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  • Raging Tide Suspend Operations for 2015 Season (The Ballpark) on Sat Jan 03 21:39:00 EST 2015 - "The Raging Tide have announced they will not be playing in the Futures League in 2015. The team will play in Muzzy Field in Bristol, CT as the Bristol
  • Favorite Park (Contest: Win a Print from Ballpark Blueprints!) on Tue Nov 25 10:02:07 EST 2014 - "Fenway Park
  • Nebraska Omaha (College Hockey Arena Rankings) on Thu Apr 24 19:04:10 EDT 2014 - "So with the review of the University of Nebraska-Omaha up, the Mavericks would slide into the #18 slot, in between Bemidji State and Michigan.
  • You had me until the Rankings (NFL Stadium Journey Week 2 Recap) on Wed Sep 18 17:51:39 EDT 2013 - "Wish I would have known you were at the Pawsox game. I was there too, for all 14 innings. The next night Durham won the IL title with a 7-0 win. It
  • Surprized to see myself (Falcon Park) on Mon Sep 17 22:53:23 EDT 2012 - "I guess we were at the game in Auburn on the same night. I was most surprized to visit this website and see myself on the cover photo. That's me in th
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