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Dave Cottenie (profan9)

Location Kitchener, Ontario
Member Since Mar 03, 2011
Last Visit Apr 02, 2017
Stadium Reviews 310
Stadium Ratings 3
Comments 34

About Me

Phys.Ed. teacher by day, sports junkie by night! I'll go to see just about any league in any place. I have a special place for OHL hockey, where I've traveled extensively, the Miami Dolphins, and Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks football. Follow on Twitter @profan9


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  • Bucket. List. Item (Ralph Engelstad Arena) on Sun Apr 02 22:03:04 EDT 2017 - "Drop the mic
  • Multi-Purpose Venues (Big East Basketball Arena Rankings) on Fri Mar 24 07:15:57 EDT 2017 - "Wasn't the Big East built on the idea of getting off campus into the big, major league venues? The formula worked really well in the eighties and nin
  • Bad Omen (NLL Edmonton Rush On the Move to Saskatoon) on Mon Jul 20 08:41:44 EDT 2015 - "This is bad news. Bad for edmonton, bad for the NLL. Bad news. I don't understand how there is not a place for the Rush att the new arena. The fact th
  • Bad Omen (NLL Edmonton Rush On the Move to Saskatoon) on Mon Jul 20 08:40:49 EDT 2015 - "This is bad news. Bad for edmonton, bad for the NLL. Bad news. I don't understand how there is not a place for the Rush att the new arena. The fact th
  • Sightlines (University of Dayton Arena) on Wed Mar 18 10:28:15 EDT 2015 - "The upper deck has insufficient slope and the sightlines are not good, especially if the person sitting in front of you is taller than short.
  • Rattlers in 2015 followup (Sahlen's Stadium) on Fri Aug 22 22:53:39 EDT 2014 - "Just before the Rattlers are set to take on Denver in the 2014 Steinfeld Cup, the Rochester Democrate & Chronicle is reporting that the Rattlers will
  • Not Sold ... (MLS Should Adopt World Football Calendar ) on Sun Aug 10 22:59:47 EDT 2014 - "I'm not sold that soccer is on the launching pad to massive popularity in North America. I firmly believe a move to the fall/winter/spring would kill
  • Trouble for Yankees (2013 MLB Ballpark Rankings) on Wed Oct 23 05:54:00 EDT 2013 - "It's hard to overcome a 1 ranking in any specific category. The Yankees received a 1 in Return on Investment. Very deserved. Very difficult to overco
  • Untitled (I Saw Him When) on Thu Apr 18 14:29:57 EDT 2013 - "A funny tidbit based on the above list of players. Travis d'Arnaud was traded in the off-season, but is playing for the same team as he did last year
  • Untitled (New Hardwood for Nebraska Cornhuskers) on Sat Apr 13 19:10:36 EDT 2013 - "Pretty normal ... not even sure this is news worthy. It's fine, but comparing this floor to the floor at FIU is like comparing Nebraska to FIU! Thes
  • Untitled (A New Floor For FIU) on Fri Apr 12 17:13:06 EDT 2013 - "I'm okay with this. It's original. Too often in sports we see the same old same old. Camden Yards was great, for example, and then other stadiums see
  • It's been awhile ... (Dom Cardillo Arena at the Kitchener Memorial Auditorium) on Fri Feb 01 09:52:35 EST 2013 - "1896? How old ARE you, Jim?
  • Nicknames ... (Pelicans? Who dat?) on Mon Jan 28 21:26:04 EST 2013 - "Nice article Paul. I think that there has been way too much put on the Pelicans nickname. There are tons of nicknames that aren't menacing, but will
  • Belgian Waffle History Photo ... explanation (Progressive Field) on Thu May 31 05:54:54 EDT 2012 - "Throughout Progressive Field there are various posters explaining the history of many of the items you will find at concessions. The Belgian Waffle o
  • Champs! (Memorial Cup Final is Set) on Sun May 27 23:13:10 EDT 2012 - "Shawinigan wins 2-1 in overtime!
  • Champs! (Centre Bionest de Shawinigan) on Sun May 27 23:12:31 EDT 2012 - "The Cataractes beat the London Knights 2-1 in Overtime in the Memorial Cup Final. Shawinigan did a great job of hosting, and it's even sweeter when th
  • The Hawks Need To ... (Philips Arena) on Mon Apr 30 19:47:44 EDT 2012 - "Retire the blue and bring back the crazy slanted letter Dominique Wilkins-Spud Webb uniforms!
  • Ripples everywhere ... still ongoing (Credit Union i-plex) on Mon Feb 27 19:17:21 EST 2012 - "James is going to be sentenced again in March after pleading guilty to the revelations in Theoren Fleury's book. James touched another franchise. He
  • What's He Got? .... (First Niagara Center) on Fri Feb 03 07:36:07 EST 2012 - "The Bandits are an aboslutely fantastic game experience. I've been lucky enough to be there when they hosted the Champion's Cup, and the atmosphere w
  • Battalion Moving??? (Powerade Centre) on Sun Jan 08 21:00:15 EST 2012 - "Owner Scott Abott has been quoted as saying that he will not break the lease at the Powerade Centre which ends after the 2012-2013 season. He has mad
  • Go Rats! (BankAtlantic Center) on Sun Jan 01 08:55:40 EST 2012 - "Saw the Panthers play in front of one of the largest pro-Canadiens crowd ever! Loved the return of the rats ... and loved that the Panthers stuck it
  • Changes ... Probably Not (Air Canada Centre) on Thu Dec 15 07:06:40 EST 2011 - "With the news that the Teacher's Pension Board have sold their 75% stake in MLSE, one must wonder if there are changes in the near future at the ACC.
  • Tight Arena ... (Dom Cardillo Arena) on Mon Dec 12 06:56:29 EST 2011 - "Some of the seats can be a little cramped. I'm 6'2" and I do okay. A little hint however ... avoid the last row of gold seats at all costs. That ro
  • Times have Changed ... (Verizon Center) on Wed Dec 07 20:59:50 EST 2011 - "I was there back in 05 and it was one of the worst hockey experiences of my life. I basically had my own section, and there was little energy in the
  • Free Popcorn? (BC Place) on Tue Oct 18 06:39:59 EDT 2011 - "How often do you hear a sports organization say "we screwed up." Gotta give out props for the Lions and BC Place for offering free popcorn in that se
  • It was worse ... (Rynearson Stadium) on Tue Oct 11 19:54:07 EDT 2011 - "Judging by the pics they have made some improvements. I was there just a year ago and all of those green murals were stone grey. Its good to see tha
  • Great Atmosphere ... Great Day (Spartan Stadium) on Wed Sep 28 09:17:19 EDT 2011 - "I had a great time at Spartan Stadium. I was floored to see the amount of tailgating at East Lansing, which seemed more urban than most places known
  • A lifetime ago ... (Wrigley Field) on Wed Aug 24 08:54:58 EDT 2011 - "I absolutely love the band! I had a seat right in front of the walkway and they played 5 feet in front of me. I am (un)lucky enough to say I was at
  • ... about that scoreboard ... (Coca-Cola Field) on Tue Jun 14 06:55:26 EDT 2011 - "Just caught the Bisons for the first time this year. I took my kids to Star Wars night. What a fantastic promotion. 8,000 kids with lightsabres and
  • Future? (Bradley Center) on Mon Jun 06 20:52:01 EDT 2011 - "It's too bad. They had a pretty good following back in the original Mustang days in the early 2000s, but this incarnation hasn't taken. My bet is th
  • Untitled (Ricoh Coliseum) on Wed Apr 13 13:13:29 EDT 2011 - "That's a bit of a misnomer ... Toronto is not hockey mad ... its Maple Leafs mad. Also, Leaf crowds are not overly energetic. They're corporate.
  • Untitled (Bradley Center) on Wed Apr 06 11:43:35 EDT 2011 - "C'mon ... the leg and foot as the hockey stick ... That's Awesome! Way better than little Napoleon!
  • Untitled (Bradley Center) on Tue Apr 05 13:00:49 EDT 2011 - "Been waiting for this one! Curious to see how Peoria compares!
  • Star Wars night ... (Wings Stadium) on Fri Apr 01 02:03:38 EDT 2011 - "They're having one of these at the Bisons game in Buffalo this summer. I was on the fence, but I'm sold now!
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