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Michael Spatz (mmspatz)

Location Baltimore, Maryland
Member Since Nov 12, 2012
Last Visit Aug 10, 2014
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University of Kansas graduate and Stadium Journey's Mid-Atlantic Regional Correspondent.


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  • Don't Change. (MLS Should Adopt World Football Calendar ) on Sun Aug 10 18:17:04 EDT 2014 - "I've gotten into the EPL big time over the last two years. What's funny is that even though their season runs against the NFL, I can still catch both
  • College Basketball (Stadium Journey's Top 100 Stadium Experiences of 2013) on Thu Jan 09 22:35:22 EST 2014 - "It's a different top ten than I'm used to seeing. AFH at 1 is to be expected and I do see Rupp Arena and The Pit high up normally as well but it's goo
  • COYG (Ranking the English Premier League Stadiums) on Thu Jan 09 22:32:38 EST 2014 - "Haven't been to any of them yet but seeing a game at the Emirates is definitely bucket list material for me. I know that the prices for games at the
  • It Happens (Are NFL Teams Doing All They Can to Protect Fans?) on Wed Sep 11 10:00:24 EDT 2013 - "One of those cases where we're asking someone else to save us from ourselves. Unfortunately, people fall from heights all the time. When alcohol and t
  • Foote (Add One More Number to the Rafters at the Pepsi Center) on Mon Aug 19 21:45:01 EDT 2013 - "I have never been a big hockey fan but I grew up semi-following the Avalanche in the late 90s when they had Foote, Borque, Sakic, Deadmarsh, Ozolinsh
  • In with the new (New Stadium for DC United) on Tue Aug 06 11:30:38 EDT 2013 - "Good article. To me, this was extremely necessary. RFK was a nice stadium but is way past its prime. MLS is a growing league and it needs all of its m
  • Black Sheep (Terps to host Penn State at M&T Bank Stadium) on Wed Jun 05 08:48:59 EDT 2013 - "A very fair point. Maryland has always been a black sheep of sorts, both in football in basketball (Maryland loves playing Duke but we all know Duke's
  • Not Just Head Counts (2013 NBA Arena Rankings) on Fri May 03 15:08:50 EDT 2013 - "If we're just going to base the reviews on a head count of the fans that the teams bring in every year, why even go to the stadium? 1. CHI, 2 DAL 3. M
  • Go Navy! (Home Field Advantage Ranking - 2012 FBS Football - Mid-Major) on Sat Apr 20 20:15:29 EDT 2013 - "I can't wait to experience Navy football, hopefully this coming year. I saw a Navy basketball game this season and that itself was alive and kicking,
  • Untitled (The Future of Stadiums - A Stadium Journey Update) on Mon Mar 04 10:47:11 EST 2013 - "Good article, I love how you added your own angle and personality, especially about the Dodgers and Municipal Stadium. The smoking ban in Baltimor
  • Untitled (Fan Accident Prompts Safety Discussion at Bank of America Stadium) on Tue Dec 04 10:22:50 EST 2012 - "It's called a safety wall...and you jump on it. Come on now. And I just read an article from WCNC in Charlotte that alcohol was a factor. Amazing that
  • Untitled (Big 12 Football Stadium Rankings) on Thu Nov 29 12:46:17 EST 2012 - "This list is so perfect. The first 9 schools have tidbits that talk about the program, the stadium and the atmosphere. Then KU's tidbit talks about ho
  • Newark and Football (Delaware Stadium) on Wed Nov 28 15:18:14 EST 2012 - "Thanks for the compliment Sean. Pretty funny that you were at the exact same game. I definitely enjoyed it. Like I said, the demand is there; Newark l
  • Untitled (When Corporate Naming Goes Bad) on Thu Nov 15 11:01:13 EST 2012 - "Good catch Brandon. And read this article from last year. http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/riptide/2011/12/sun_life_stadium_to_change_nam.php
  • Untitled (When Corporate Naming Goes Bad) on Wed Nov 14 20:48:04 EST 2012 - "Robbie, I heard of that a week or two ago and I wanted to use it in this article but couldn't think of it when it came down for me to write. Another g
  • Enjoyed It (Harry Grove Stadium) on Tue Nov 13 00:08:03 EST 2012 - "I was an intern for the Keys in the summer of 09 and so I saw just about every home game that season. I came back last season to catch a game in May o
  • Pretty Middle of the Pack (Nationals Park) on Mon Nov 12 20:15:52 EST 2012 - "I don't think the stadium is anything to write home about, but the atmosphere has obviously changed ever since the Nats became a playoff team last yea
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