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Brandon Gee (cadence80)

Location Cincinnati, Ohio
Member Since Dec 20, 2011
Last Visit Sep 08, 2015
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About Me

I'm an Ohio Regional Correspondent for Stadium Journey. I also write for and record a podcast for Up The Pucks, the podcast comes out weekly and we've been joined by hockey writers and punk musicians to talk about the sport and play some great music. You can follow me on twitter: @brndngee or find more of my personal links at About.me or on my personal site. Email me at brandon.gee@stadiumjourney.com


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  • re: Columbia, SC (The Turnstiles: Keep Your Shirt On) on Fri Jan 17 11:57:17 EST 2014 - "Would think there's definitely a chance of that. Our correspondent who reviewed that team(the Blowfish) wrote about how that team's stadium is probabl
  • re: Soccer Expansion (North American Soccer League Poised for Rapid Growth) on Wed Jul 10 11:17:43 EDT 2013 - "There's differing attitudes amongst some of these teams. While the league commissioner has said all the teams are behind the NASL, San Antonio has cle
  • Need to see a game at Kohl (Kohl Center) on Thu Dec 13 13:53:42 EST 2012 - "I haven't been to Madison in a few years but I loved my trip there. Just an amazing college town. Whenever I get back up there, a hockey game at Kohl
  • Target Center as a hockey venue (Target Center) on Tue Dec 11 20:54:59 EST 2012 - "It'll be interesting to see how Target Center handles the annual tourney when the National Collegiate Hockey Conference kicks off next year. College h
  • Untitled (When Corporate Naming Goes Bad) on Thu Nov 15 10:28:14 EST 2012 - "I'm amused by the run of names the Miami Dolphins stadium has had. It was originally Joe Robbie Stadium, then Pro Player Park/Stadium, then Dolphi
  • Butler-Xavier (Ranking the Arenas of the College Basketball Marathon on ESPN) on Tue Nov 13 16:50:52 EST 2012 - "Jealous of all those fans at the Butler-XU game now, looks like a great game.
  • Untitled (Heavy Hitters of Sports Architecture Vying for New Minnesota Vikings Stadium) on Sat Sep 08 10:50:29 EDT 2012 - "Yeah, this should be the last year for the MetroDome, with the Vikings playing at U of Minnesota's stadium for at least a couple seasons while the new
  • re: EllisCBJ (Nationwide Arena) on Tue Mar 20 15:07:02 EDT 2012 - "Hey, this is Brandon, the author. Thank you for commenting, I just wanted to clarify a few things:

    I omitted mentioning the North Market ju
  • Love the Cintas Center (Cintas Center) on Sun Jan 22 11:48:02 EST 2012 - "I finally made it to the Cintas Center this year, to see the Women's Crosstown Shootout(the rivalry game versus the University of Cincinnati). The pla
  • Can't disagree with this review (U.S. Bank Arena) on Tue Dec 20 17:02:13 EST 2011 - "U.S. Bank is a great place to watch a hockey game. It's a nice mix of arena types: it's more comfortable than a "classic" hockey barn(like the nearby
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