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Brian Merzbach (ballparkreviews)

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  • MiLB Teams are making up their own "recommendations" (Expanded Netting Coming to a Ballpark Near You) on Mon Dec 14 15:18:44 EST 2015 - "James, appreciate the article, but would be great if you could clarify the point about what minor league teams are doing. Teams like the Iowa Cubs an
  • Agreed! (Pay Attention: The Debate About Netting at Ballparks) on Mon Sep 14 09:54:41 EDT 2015 - "Good article, Sean. I agree with most of what you have stated in this article. While this won't affect me so much at MLB games (usually I am not abl
  • Backpacks (PNC Field) on Sat Aug 17 06:48:41 EDT 2013 - "Yes, at least early in the season they were pretty hardcore about enforcing the "no backpacks" rule. Not sure if that has changed as the season has g
  • A Dump (Why You Should Visit...Nashville's Greer Stadium) on Thu Jul 11 15:45:30 EDT 2013 - "I don't mind the physical structure of this ballpark and certainly the guitar shaped scoreboard is very cool, but this place is a dump. It seriously
  • Stressful (Why You Should Visit...Brooklyn's MCU Park) on Wed Jul 10 09:56:58 EDT 2013 - "I guess I'm one that enjoys a relaxing atmosphere when I go to a game. From my experience, going to a game at Brooklyn is more stressful than going t
  • Nice Park, Terrible Atmosphere (Why You Should Visit...Brooklyn's MCU Park) on Tue Jul 09 18:30:40 EDT 2013 - "While the setting is cool and the neon lights pretty neat, the overall experience of getting to and watching a game at MCU Park is pretty awful. The
  • Speculation (Triple-A Texas Hold 'Em) on Fri Apr 12 07:13:15 EDT 2013 - "Sorry to be so blunt, but this article is just wild speculation. I would be SHOCKED if the Atlantic League gave up the Sugar Land market. They have
  • Mediocrity ? (Pioneer Park) on Sat Jun 30 10:57:20 EDT 2012 - "I wonder if this reviewer has been to any of the other Appy League parks. To call this ballpark "medicore" is almost comical. Pioneer Park blows awa
  • Ticket Prices (PNC Field) on Tue Aug 30 17:22:06 EDT 2011 - "One of the reasons that Scranton can't offer cheaper tickets is that they don't have a berm - which is also the reason that they are doing extensive r
  • Seats (PNC Field) on Thu Aug 25 17:51:17 EDT 2011 - "Regarding the seats, they are original to the ballpark and were not recycled from any major league park. Before the '07 season, they stripped a few r
  • Protests (Provident Bank Park) on Mon Aug 15 21:53:18 EDT 2011 - "The Preserve Ramapo group was upset about how the ballpark was financed and about the land that was used to build the park. You can find out more at
  • A great park now somewhat ruined (Medlar Field at Lubrano Park) on Fri Jul 08 15:46:32 EDT 2011 - "This used to be one of my favorite parks, but has now been "ruined" with the addition of netting above the dugouts. The best seats in the park are no
  • Non-stop view ? (MCU Park) on Thu Jun 30 08:01:18 EDT 2011 - "MCU Park was NOT one of the first parks to offer a non-stop view of the field. Frederick's Harry Grove Stadium (built in 1991) was one of the first a
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