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Samuel Yu (TexNorCal)

Location Menlo Park, CA
Member Since Apr 19, 2012
Last Visit Jan 24, 2016
Stadium Reviews 2
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Comments 7

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  • Suggestion: swap Orlando & Chicago (The Grand MLS Road Trip Plan for 2016) on Sun Jan 24 17:14:10 EST 2016 - "Sean, I love your idea of seeing all the teams & stadiums. If I had the time and money, I'd do it one day. Like you said, Orlando is orphaned in t
  • If Chargers join in . . . (Rams Move to Los Angeles and Will Play in Coliseum in 2016) on Wed Jan 13 18:33:37 EST 2016 - "Adding to Paul's comment, if the Chargers decide to join the Rams in LA, and also play at the Coliseum temporarily, then there will definitely be back
  • Where is Sacramento? (Round Rock, Texas Named Top Minor League Baseball Town) on Fri Oct 09 14:18:46 EDT 2015 - "The Sacramento River Cats and Raley Field should be in the Top 5 easily. They weren't even on the list of top 25 for 2015 & 2014. Were they not el
  • Club 141 (Club 122) on Thu Feb 13 10:45:08 EST 2014 - "Why not add MLS (19 current clubs; 18 stadiums) to the Club?
  • Oilers nickname (Nickname Misfits) on Tue Jan 29 03:56:03 EST 2013 - "If you are the owner of a relocated franchise, and if you change your team's name, then you should have to give up your old name for the old city. A
  • Plans falls apart (NBA Kings to Remain in Sacramento) on Mon Apr 23 01:43:15 EDT 2012 - "The Maloofs have backed out of the non-binding agreement on the downtown railyards arena. They said the plan is financially non-feasible. The projec
  • Great intimate setting for BBall (Power Balance Pavilion) on Mon Apr 23 01:34:03 EDT 2012 - "The Kings have hit a slump, and the Official Review was unfortunately done during a half-empty game. However, if you ever attended a game here during
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