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Jim Dietrich (StPeteRays)

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  • Yawn (Tampa Bay Rays Stadium Future) on Thu Jul 02 17:13:28 EDT 2015 - "This is non-news. Until mass transit is taken seriously around here, there will always be talk by one party that the other party is wrong about their
  • Oh, and I Almost Forgot... (Opinion: Moving The Rays Into Their Natural Habitat) on Fri Nov 22 23:10:18 EST 2013 - "Public funding in Tampa will never happen...at least not for another 15 years. The Tampa Sports Authority is still taxing the people of Tampa for the
  • Beware the Lies of the Talking Heads (Opinion: Moving The Rays Into Their Natural Habitat) on Fri Nov 22 23:02:03 EST 2013 - "There are so many inaccuracies in this drivel, I don't even know where to begin. First and foremost, the city of Tampa has two teams, while St. Pet
  • RE: Paddock Pass Necessary? (Streets of St. Petersburg) on Tue Feb 12 12:12:23 EST 2013 - "Hi there,

    From my experiences of going on all days (including the Monday makeup day from the rain-out in 2010), I believe you still need a
  • Disappointing Review on an Overrated Park (Fenway Park) on Tue Aug 21 23:30:01 EDT 2012 - "Look, I can tell you're a Red Sox fan and you're obviously proud of the park you call home, but there are three things that stick out for me on this r
  • Cowboys out of NFC East? (NFL: Relocation or Expansion?) on Tue Jul 03 14:55:42 EDT 2012 - "Yes, geographically they belong somewhere else, but considering the Cowboys' intense rivalries with the other current NFC East teams (Eagles, Giants,
  • New Videoboard (Champion Stadium) on Wed Mar 21 22:32:06 EDT 2012 - "Looking from your pictures, I see there's a videoboard in centerfield now. That wasn't there when the then-Devil Rays were there in 2007, as they had
  • "Warehouse Park"? Far from it. (Tropicana Field) on Mon Nov 14 14:52:49 EST 2011 - "3zer05, something tells me you're either a Red Sox or Yankees fan. If you're so hateful about the city you live in, why not head back? It was the owne
  • RE: My take (Al Lang Stadium) on Tue Oct 25 14:06:19 EDT 2011 - "I understand the frustration in seeing this, but with all the rhetoric that happened after the failed Rays "sailboat" stadium proposal a few years bac
  • Soccer Thrives Here, Too! (Al Lang Stadium) on Mon Apr 25 09:59:34 EDT 2011 - "So, as a quick follow-up to my above review, I recently attended a soccer match, featuring the reborn FC Tampa Bay (http://www.fctampabay.com) and the
  • RE: My take (Florida Auto Exchange Stadium) on Wed Apr 20 21:57:50 EDT 2011 - "I would, but the kids were moving around too quickly to keep track of which ones were which.
  • RE: Canadian Flag (Florida Auto Exchange Stadium) on Wed Apr 20 21:57:03 EDT 2011 - "No, they didn't, since neither team is (technically) from Canada. I think the only reason they do that is because of the parents in Toronto, but the B
  • RE: Cities with only one pro team (Power Balance Pavilion) on Thu Apr 14 15:15:55 EDT 2011 - "The chic pick for whom will lose a team is Jax, but I think they're staying around for the long-haul. Green Bay, since the city owns the team, will ne
  • RE: RE: International Baseball program (Al Lang Stadium) on Sun Mar 20 15:40:05 EDT 2011 - "Oh, you mean the one that says "St. Pete International Baseball website" to the right of the pictures? ;-)

    Glad to hear you're coming down,
  • Whoa.... (Jones Convocation Center) on Wed Mar 02 02:05:04 EST 2011 - "Tell us how you really feel, Paul...it's OK, don't hold back. I don't think I've ever been to a sporting event where I couldn't find some positive, a
  • Best. Reaction. EVER! (Daniel S. Frawley Stadium) on Thu Jan 20 07:43:27 EST 2011 - "That HAS to be the best reaction to a random piece of vegetable in history â?? not just the crowd's reaction, but yours to the spectacle before you as
  • RE: Very good review. Love the strip clubs to the South part. Thanks for sharing! (Raymond James Stadium) on Thu Jan 20 03:24:23 EST 2011 - "Thanks! I didn't actually go to the strip clubs that night, so I didn't want to give my opinion of which I recommend, but you're welcome to try them
  • RE: Sounds like they did everything right with the new venue. When I went to the old Amway Arena las (Amway Center) on Wed Jan 19 03:02:44 EST 2011 - "It very much is, Paul. My friends who came along with me said at the Amway Arena, the entire crowd would get a "Ref, You SUCK!" chant going if they w
  • RE: A nice, well written review (Amway Center) on Wed Jan 19 02:50:24 EST 2011 - "Thanks, megminard! I've never been a basketball fan in the least, yet for whatever reason, this venue is just so intoxicating, I just need to go back
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