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Robbie Raskin (RobbieRaskin)

Location Vaughan, Ontario
Member Since Sep 17, 2012
Last Visit Nov 04, 2015
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About Me

I'm a big fan all the Toronto teams as well as the Canadian Hockey League.


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  • Another cool high street (After the Game: Toronto Marlies & Ricoh Coliseum) on Wed Nov 04 12:20:07 EST 2015 - "Really neat piece! I would also recommend checking out Queen Street, which runs east-west and is at the south end of Ossington. There are a lot of nea
  • What a bizarre format... (NHL Announces World Cup of Hockey Schedule for 2016 in Toronto) on Thu Sep 10 09:37:42 EDT 2015 - "This seems to show again the NHL is out of touch with fans; why should U23s be on their own teams, grouped between rival nations? Canadians and Am
  • Cool pregame projection (Air Canada Centre) on Sat Nov 08 15:30:27 EST 2014 - "The Air Canada Centre's technology has been upgraded to allow for neat projections onto the court. Here is one commemorating 20 years of the franchise
  • WSW Asia Champs (A-League Breaking Attendance Records) on Tue Nov 04 23:17:03 EST 2014 - "Congrats to Wanderers, that is an achievement and they have done a fantastic job of establishing themselves as the premier side in Australia.
  • Chiellini (10 Great Stadium Bites) on Thu Jun 26 16:55:29 EDT 2014 - "Haha brilliant!
  • Streetview inside! (Scotiabank Saddledome) on Thu Mar 13 19:55:38 EDT 2014 - "It is now possible to get Google Maps Streetview inside the Saddledome concourses and with views into the seating bowl - definitely give this a look t
  • Home run, crash! (Lansing Lugnuts Announce $22 Million Stadium Renovation) on Wed Mar 12 22:55:15 EDT 2014 - "Hope those windows have strong glass!
  • Varsity's Historic Hockey Home (Varsity Arena) on Tue Feb 11 01:11:50 EST 2014 - "Varsity Arena is cozily tucked under the stands of the modern Varsity Stadium and benefits from a new entrance off the concourse of the latter. Still,
  • Feeling Blue? (Investors Group Field Continues To Be Plagued By Serious Problems) on Sun Dec 08 12:23:45 EST 2013 - "The only thing that makes this easier for Winnipeg fans is how well the Blue Bombers did this past season (last in the league - http://www.cfl.ca/stan
  • Re: Nice arena, but why so cramped? (Barrie Molson Centre) on Sun Nov 24 22:59:40 EST 2013 - "Cheers Shamus!
    Those concourses are really tight! Its a shame because there is plenty of space on either side of the arena to expand, and I belie
  • Interesting article... (Ricoh Coliseum) on Thu Oct 17 19:40:49 EDT 2013 - "From The Globe and Mail, talks about rising attendance at Ricoh Coliseum.
  • 2013 renovations (Ricoh Coliseum) on Wed Oct 09 19:27:34 EDT 2013 - "For the 2013-2014 AHL season, new rinkboards and a new LED lighting system have been installed.

    The boards had come under intense scrutiny
  • New stadium in the pipeline (Rogers Centre) on Wed Oct 09 19:20:30 EDT 2013 - "The Argonauts have signed an agreement to stay at Rogers Centre until 2018 at the latest, at which time they will move into a new home. It is unknown
  • New seats (Commonwealth Stadium) on Sat May 25 19:17:21 EDT 2013 - "Here is a picture (from the Edmonton Sun) of what the new seats at Commonwealth Stadium look like:
  • New Stadium (Ivor Wynne Stadium) on Fri May 10 16:13:28 EDT 2013 - "http://newstadiumnewexperience.com/
    Hamilton, like a handful of other CFL teams, will be building a new stadium in coming years. I happened to dr
  • Untitled (St Paul Saints Bump Umps to Let Little Leaguers Make the Call) on Sun Apr 28 21:09:38 EDT 2013 - "I can't believe this is allowed! I understand interesting promotions for the fans, but a promotion that can completely alter a meaningful baseball gam
  • 2014 Memorial Cup bid (Barrie Molson Centre) on Wed Apr 17 20:42:15 EDT 2013 - "Here is a news piece on Barrie's bid for the 2014 Memorial Cup
  • Untitled (A New Floor For FIU) on Fri Apr 12 12:11:28 EDT 2013 - "Some people buy beach towels that show their team's logo and colours but this has got to be the first time it is the other way around!
  • ^^ (Coca-Cola Field) on Wed Mar 20 18:21:45 EDT 2013 - "Pettibone's will then change to become the 'Pub at the Park' and new Blue Jays themed additions will be added to the stadium including the renovation
  • Poutine! (Coca-Cola Field) on Wed Mar 20 18:18:35 EDT 2013 - "As part of their new partnership with the Toronto Blue Jays, the Bisons will be adding Canadian classic dish poutine to the menu at Coca-Cola Field th
  • Translation (Colisée Desjardins) on Fri Mar 15 14:27:51 EDT 2013 - "Another creative title by Dave,
    In English it says, "They Have the Tiger by the Tail."
  • Translation (Palais des Sports Léopold-Drolet) on Fri Mar 15 14:11:29 EDT 2013 - "For those who are not Canadian, or who don't know French, the title translates to 'Beavers reborn from the ashes.'
  • Bilingualism (Bell Centre) on Tue Mar 05 16:20:49 EST 2013 - "Great review! One thing though, the Senators also have bilingual announcement at Scotiabank Place so Montreal is not the only one.
    But, whatever
  • Untitled (The Future of Stadiums - A Stadium Journey Update) on Sun Mar 03 10:16:27 EST 2013 - "The future article is very interesting, but Mr. Wacker proposes embedded chips in the wrists of season seat holders. What happens if they can't make a
  • BONUS EXTRA (Mattamy Athletic Centre at The Gardens) on Sun Feb 10 09:24:56 EST 2013 - "I'd just like to give one more extra pointfor news that came out a few days ago; students from Ryerson have created the Android and iPhone app "Mattam
  • Untitled (Toronto Argonauts Stay Home for 100th Grey Cup) on Thu Nov 22 20:55:28 EST 2012 - "Well, I'm excited for the game, being an Argos' fan! I would also strongly recommend any Americans here to tune in and see what football is like North
  • Untitled (When Corporate Naming Goes Bad) on Wed Nov 14 18:11:57 EST 2012 - "How about the Sacramento Kings' Sleep Train Pavillion? Yes, that is the actual name!
  • Shame they are moving (Powerade Centre) on Sat Nov 10 17:52:11 EST 2012 - "I always enjoyed Powerade Centre, I found that when the place was mostly full it was AMAZING! There were a bunch of hooligans one night in the bleache
  • Untitled (Brampton Battalion Moving to North Bay) on Mon Nov 05 21:31:21 EST 2012 - "North Bay is really deserving of an OHL franchise, but I can't help but feel terribly sorry for the hockey fans of Brampton. The team struggles in a m
  • Untitled (Will Quebec Get an NHL Franchise Again?) on Fri Oct 12 18:44:17 EDT 2012 - "Here's the link for the video released by the city of Quebec; http://youtu.be/P6W-7Oif-7M
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