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Bill Kintner (CigarBoy)

Location Papillion (Omaha area)
Member Since Mar 02, 2011
Last Visit Jun 10, 2013
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  • Almost (Citi Field) on Mon Jun 10 15:50:42 EDT 2013 - "Shea Stadium was not the only home for the Mets before Citi, they played at Polo Grounds for a few years before Shea opened.
  • Riverfront Stadium (Opinion: Baseball Ushers and Etiquette) on Sat Apr 13 17:40:09 EDT 2013 - "That reminds me of the grumby ushers are Riverfront Stadium. Some of them had been around since Crosley Field. In the later years of Riverfront/
  • My take (Bud Walton Arena) on Wed Mar 07 09:47:02 EST 2012 - "The design of Bud Walton is very similar to Colonial Life Arena at South Carolina, except that Bud Walton is pristine and Colonial Life is showing som
  • My take (University Arena (The Pit)) on Mon Feb 20 15:51:06 EST 2012 - "Okay Ray "Rockefeller" Gurule, are you going to really say that $9 for nachos or $5.75 for a slice of pizza is not outrageous? If not, then I have so
  • My take (Convocation Center) on Thu Feb 16 09:11:00 EST 2012 - "In 2002, I declared that OU's Convo had the best hot dog in the country for $1.50. I guess things have gone down hill a little. The student section
  • My take (Raiford G. Trask Coliseum) on Fri Feb 10 00:53:53 EST 2012 - "So this is where Buzz Peterson landed. Let's see, he has been at Appalachian State, Tulsa, Tennessee, Coastal Carolina, Appalachian State again and n
  • My take (Charles Koch Arena) on Fri Feb 03 14:08:59 EST 2012 - "Jack, I hate to pee in your Wheaties, but there is a reason no one builds circular arenas anymore and that is that it is a horrible design that makes
  • My take (Donald Reynolds Center) on Mon Jan 23 11:02:41 EST 2012 - "When I was there, a guy they called "the coach" stood at the end of the court in a suit and coached the entire game. He jumped up and down, made all k
  • My take (Cintas Center) on Mon Jan 23 10:57:36 EST 2012 - "Pretty much how I would rate it except I would give the fans a five star rating. They average 10k per game in a 10,250 venue, that is outstanding in
  • My take (Pan American Center) on Mon Jan 09 11:07:06 EST 2012 - "From my one visit to the Pan American Center I remember it is pretty average. Nothing horrible, but nothing great. I guess the most memorable thing
  • My take (Tom Gola Arena) on Wed Jan 04 11:43:56 EST 2012 - "When I visited Gola, it was the third game on my Saturday college hoops tri-fecta and by that night all the junk food I had consumed had produced one
  • My take (Rose Hill Gymnasium) on Sun Jan 01 12:36:31 EST 2012 - "Rose Hill is charming, but it doesn't have the spine-tingling feel of many of the other older venues. Good description of the campus, surrounding are
  • My take (The Palestra) on Thu Dec 29 16:40:58 EST 2011 - "The Palestra is one of my favorite venues and I think you (Josh) captured it pretty well with your review.

    Those food prices seem a little
  • My take (MetLife Stadium) on Wed Dec 28 13:03:02 EST 2011 - "Holy crap! Before you even get in the stadium, you might have dropped $30-$40 on tolls and parking. Then if you eat or drink anything, this could b
  • My (James A. Rhodes Arena) on Mon Dec 26 20:38:45 EST 2011 - "A very well written review. I agree with every word.

    I was up there for the Miami game in 2006 when they unveiled the Huggins banner. I
  • My take (Gill Coliseum) on Sun Dec 25 00:55:55 EST 2011 - "I might on a charitable day like Christmas say the both AZ and ASU have solid venues but they are not great. I would take Gil as a venue with more ch
  • My take (Henderson Center) on Sat Dec 24 12:01:25 EST 2011 - "When I went there, I had a hot dog that had some kind of tasty sauce on it, I am guessing that was a Thunder Dog. Parking across the street in the pa
  • My take (Tudor Fieldhouse) on Wed Dec 21 13:37:51 EST 2011 - "It looks like it is a little improved since I was there in 2006. On one end there was a big grey curtain and there were some students playing basketb
  • My take (Alumni Arena) on Tue Dec 20 12:19:04 EST 2011 - "Thanks for the outside photo of the venue. I was there at night and never got a good view of what it looked like.

    I found it to be the not
  • My take (Johnson Coliseum) on Mon Dec 19 15:33:22 EST 2011 - "When I was there the female Bearkat mascot sat down nest to me and was playfully pestering me. She was pretending to look over and read what I was ty
  • My take (Ford Center) on Thu Dec 15 18:56:38 EST 2011 - "It looks like a hockey arena adapted to basketball. I think Roberts Stadium was a great venue. They were doing fine in the early 20th century arena.
  • My take (Gallagher-Iba Arena) on Tue Dec 13 10:57:12 EST 2011 - "This is one of my fav arenas and in my top 10. The memorial to the plane crash victims is pretty moving also.

    This is a must see for any
  • My take (H.A. Chapman Stadium) on Tue Dec 06 14:30:36 EST 2011 - "What do the tickets costs? How about food costs? Parking costs? Johnny Thinwallet wants to know!
  • My take (Calihan Hall) on Tue Dec 06 14:10:18 EST 2011 - "This has the makings of a great arena. I have been there many times and in the last seven or eight years the crowds have dwindled down to the embarra
  • My take (Jones AT&T Stadium) on Mon Nov 28 19:07:32 EST 2011 - "Okay, that Bigham's Smokehouse is making me hungry. When I was in Lubbock for a hoops game, they had 50 mph wind. It made walking pretty tough. I w
  • My take (Yager Stadium) on Wed Nov 23 17:30:35 EST 2011 - "It pains me to see the lack of support the football and basketball teams get at Miami. They run a first class athletic department.

  • My take (Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum) on Wed Nov 23 15:56:18 EST 2011 - "On the review it would have been nice to have some costs listed. The cost of food and the cost of tickets. If I know the cost of food that would inf
  • My take (Paul Brown Stadium) on Wed Nov 23 12:18:05 EST 2011 - "Pretty darn good write up. I get a good feel for a Bengal's game experience and it is a pretty good one.

    A few things I would add. There
  • My take (Mackey Arena) on Wed Nov 16 11:17:06 EST 2011 - "The round design is classic 1960/70s, fortunately in recent years arenas have been designed to get the fans close to the action.

    Last time
  • My take (Boone Pickens Stadium) on Tue Nov 15 06:25:42 EST 2011 - "Great picture of the stalls in the rest room, I am glad I know what they look like. I didn't see any turds laying on the floor, so that's a plus.
  • My take (Hara Arena) on Tue Nov 15 06:22:32 EST 2011 - "The last time I was at Hara for for a concert in 1985. From the pics it looks about the same.
  • My take (Vaught-Hemingway Stadium) on Mon Oct 31 01:29:38 EDT 2011 - "It looks like a great place to see a game. Thanks for a solid write up. I hope one day to swing by Oxford on a game day and experience it.
  • My take (Al Lang Stadium) on Thu Oct 27 13:16:43 EDT 2011 - "I stand corrected, it was Al Lopez. I got the AL part right.

    I always find it amusing when I don't fall in line and take a shot at the gam
  • Untitled (Al Lang Stadium) on Wed Oct 26 00:18:48 EDT 2011 - "Poop? The wheels are turning in my mind to come up with a poop joke that covers dogs, grass, soccer and people that like soccer!.
  • My take (Al Lang Stadium) on Tue Oct 25 10:01:33 EDT 2011 - "Holy crap! Taking a historic baseball ballpark and degrading it by using it for soccer. This is the field that was graced by the Big Red Machine in
  • My take (Malone Stadium) on Fri Oct 21 16:47:00 EDT 2011 - "Boy, these guys need to win, win,win....to get some excitement rolling in this venue. An exciting coach, someone like Brian Kelly to get the town fir
  • My take (Rynearson Stadium) on Tue Oct 11 23:12:49 EDT 2011 - "They draw terrible for hoops too. The hoops arena which is right next door is not a bad structure, they just need to get some fans in the building, j
  • My take (Memorial Stadium) on Tue Oct 04 12:57:39 EDT 2011 - "Six bucks for a large soda pop? That is highway robbery, I am guessing the food prices might inflict similar pain.

    I enjoyed the review.
  • My take (Sun Life Stadium) on Sun Oct 02 02:37:15 EDT 2011 - "Unfortunately, when college teams play at NFL venue, they force fans to pay NFL prices for food and parking, plus in this case have to travel far from
  • My take (Jenny Craig Pavilion) on Sun Oct 02 02:32:12 EDT 2011 - "Other than the politically correct and slightly obnoxious, "he or she" reference in the second last paragraph, I found this to be a well-written, info
  • My take (McCormick Field) on Thu Sep 29 22:51:58 EDT 2011 - "That was a nice review. It was about as comprehensive as anyone could write. Good job.
  • My take (Spartan Stadium) on Wed Sep 28 12:20:45 EDT 2011 - "I enjoyed this write up. Looks like a great place to take in a FB game.
  • My take (Tropicana Field) on Fri Sep 23 13:01:36 EDT 2011 - "That was a very good write up! I really want to go see a game at Trop Field. The cigar lounge has my name written all over it and I want to see the
  • My take (Floyd Casey Stadium) on Thu Sep 22 05:12:45 EDT 2011 - "Okay, I am sold, next time I am in Waco I am going to Vitek's and since I like Baylor, I will attend what ever sport in in season too.
  • My take (Jack Trice Stadium) on Thu Sep 22 05:04:43 EDT 2011 - "The cost on the score board was $5 million.

    Good review, it told me most of what I wanted to know about ISU football experience.
  • My take (Darrell K Royal â?? Texas Memorial Stadium) on Tue Sep 20 22:52:58 EDT 2011 - "Good review!

    I think the ROI is not there when the tickets range from $75-95. That is NFL price crazy, although you aren't surrounded by d
  • My take (Modern Woodmen Park) on Mon Sep 19 12:20:33 EDT 2011 - "I drove by Woodmen about two months ago and it looked pretty cool. Now after reading this review, I am certainly going to put it on my ballpark list
  • My take (Ohio Stadium) on Fri Sep 16 00:34:03 EDT 2011 - "I think it would be tough to say that Ohio State has the grip on Cincinnati that it does on Akron, Cleveland, Toledo and most of the rural areas of Oh
  • My take (Bowling Green Ballpark) on Fri Sep 09 15:52:37 EDT 2011 - "The Corvette Museum! That is the biggest or has been the biggest attraction in Bowling Green. Well Diddle Arena is pretty popular during basketball
  • hats (Great American Ball Park) on Tue Aug 30 01:21:21 EDT 2011 - "I think local Reds fans know to go to Koch Sporting Goods on 4th Street about three blocks from the stadium for Reds, Bearcats, Musketeer and Bungles
  • My take (Everett Memorial Stadium) on Mon Aug 29 16:03:03 EDT 2011 - "$3.50 for a coffee or hot choc? $6.00 to park the car? And tickets starting at $7 and going to $18? .Holy crap! That is expensive for minor league
  • My take (PNC Park) on Sat Aug 27 13:07:16 EDT 2011 - ""If you can go on a low attendance night......," that is pretty much all they have at PNC Park. I was surprised to see a sell-out.

    I went
  • My take (Wrigley Field) on Wed Aug 24 02:06:31 EDT 2011 - "Holy crap! At those prices, a visit to Wrigley will be a "once in a life tie experience."

    I always have gotten there plenty early and
  • My take (Community Field) on Tue Aug 23 12:16:19 EDT 2011 - "Okay, I am sold, I have to go to a Burlington game. Good review.
  • My take (Ashford University Field) on Fri Aug 19 12:03:10 EDT 2011 - "That was a well-written review. It makes me want to see a game at Alliant.
  • My take (Marriott Center) on Tue Jul 26 13:52:14 EDT 2011 - "When I was there five years ago they did not do the drop down with videos during the intros but they did a pre-game prayer and vary patriotic video du
  • My take (Louisville Slugger Field) on Fri Jul 22 15:05:54 EDT 2011 - "A very good review. Some food prices would have been helpful. All the food selection in the world can be overcome by high prices. But this is still
  • My take (Appalachian Power Park) on Tue Jul 12 00:17:02 EDT 2011 - "Okay, I am sold. I will have to swing by when I am in the area.
  • A mett (Great American Ball Park) on Thu Jun 23 00:26:48 EDT 2011 - "A mett could best be defined as a spicy hot dog. It may or may no have cheese in it.
  • My take (Great American Ball Park) on Thu Jun 23 00:16:24 EDT 2011 - "Yep, you can take in a large pizza in or a bag full of Big Macs.

    You can also find free parking on the streets in downtown Cincy after 6 pm
  • My take (Fair Grounds Field) on Sun Jun 12 02:51:31 EDT 2011 - "I love these minor league parks and your review makes me want to check it out. I will on my next trip to Shreveport.
  • My take (Cooley Law School Stadium) on Sat May 28 11:16:50 EDT 2011 - "That was a well written review. I felt like I was there. One thing that is amusing, you can get a Cincy Reds ticket for $5, but $8 for a Single A ti
  • My take (Florida Auto Exchange Stadium) on Wed Apr 20 13:55:39 EDT 2011 - "Nice review.

    When the crowd is that small, just count them, it only takes about five minutes!
  • When I was in college (Kyle Field) on Tue Apr 12 06:31:11 EDT 2011 - "I was down at A & M for a conference while I was in college (1985). A real big issue was if they should let women into the marching band. Obviously t
  • Hmmm (Amway Center) on Mon Apr 11 17:57:32 EDT 2011 - "I looked at the photo of the seating bowl and it looks like about any other NBA/NHL arena built in the last 15 years. The only differences are the sm
  • My take (Charles L. Sewall Center) on Sun Apr 10 16:55:16 EDT 2011 - "This is one of those........pull out the bleachers and throw up the ball venues.
  • My take (Verizon Center) on Thu Apr 07 08:03:00 EDT 2011 - "Just another generic NBA/NHL arena, that is too big for the Hoyas and too expensive for me. You can have it. It can't hold a candle to Comcast Cente
  • My take (Hinkle Fieldhouse) on Thu Apr 07 06:22:24 EDT 2011 - "They do offer one special thing to eat...........Chick-Fil-A sandwiches. Teh pop corn is very good too. And if you get a chance visit Bobby Plump' s
  • My take (Wolstein Center) on Thu Apr 07 05:41:46 EDT 2011 - "This arena was a political project. It seats 13k, which is about 6000 too much. A 7000 seat arena would be a much better fit for CSU and wouldn't lo
  • Parking for tightwads (Joseph J. Gentile Center) on Thu Apr 07 05:20:17 EDT 2011 - "I almost finding street parking on the other side of the student center. I say, why pay, if it is offered for free?
  • My take (WVU Coliseum) on Thu Apr 07 05:14:53 EDT 2011 - "Circular arena designs are not very efficient for getting fans close to the action, but WVU did a good job of working around that and getting a good n
  • My take (Minute Maid Park) on Wed Mar 23 12:51:42 EDT 2011 - "I would probably give a couple of points if Papa Bush and/or Barbara Bush were in their seats behind home plate.
  • My take (Rangers Ballpark in Arlington) on Wed Mar 23 12:47:51 EDT 2011 - "Access a 5/5? Well, not in my book. First it is located in what resembles in office park. There is no street parking so you have to pay high parkin
  • Hmmm (The Super Pit) on Tue Mar 22 19:44:43 EDT 2011 - "When I was there about five years ago there were about 1200 fans there. The sparse attendance killed the atmosphere.
  • Parking (JQH Arena) on Mon Mar 21 05:45:09 EDT 2011 - "There is no such thing as great parking at on-campus arenas that draw a reasonable amount of people. You just can't get 4000+ cars in close to an are
  • My visit again (IUPUI Gymnasium) on Tue Mar 15 03:35:22 EDT 2011 - "You might think 423 people at a Div I game is horrible. It gets worse......St. Francis (NY) had 175 at the game I went to and St. Peters in Newark, N
  • My visit (IUPUI Gymnasium) on Tue Mar 15 03:28:16 EDT 2011 - "When I went they announced the crowd at half-time as 1200. Well that didn't pass the eyeball test, so I started counting. I came up with 423 people
  • My experince (Silvio O. Conte Forum) on Mon Mar 14 10:35:01 EDT 2011 - "Several things that caught my attention about this venue when I visited.

    First, it is a hockey arena that they use for basketball. They do
  • video score board (Curb Event Center) on Wed Mar 09 17:48:44 EST 2011 - "Good review, you found about what I did when I was there. I would say that video score boards are common at Mid-major programs.

    Wright Sta
  • Donuts (Dunkin Donuts Center) on Wed Mar 09 17:39:45 EST 2011 - "When I was there in 2004, you couldn't find a donut in the place. Aa a fat guy, that drove me crazy. It appears from the photos that is no longer th
  • ICE CREAM (EverBank Field) on Mon Mar 07 17:17:08 EST 2011 - "I was there for a game in 2001 and I was dying for some ice cream and there was none to be found anywhere in the stadium That was a bummer.
  • PBS (Paul Brown Stadium) on Mon Mar 07 17:11:30 EST 2011 - "Good write up, you hit all the highlights in teh stadium. There are probably even better bars in Covington, KY, than were reviewed in Cincy. I alway
  • A good one (Roberts Municipal Stadium) on Mon Mar 07 16:53:32 EST 2011 - "I loved this arena and I think it is one of the top three in IN. I love the history, it took me back to day long ago when life was simpler, people wo
  • RE: Does anyone have a suggestes hotel to stay at? (Yankee Stadium) on Thu Mar 03 18:37:53 EST 2011 - "Being the Midwest tightwad that I am, I would get on Priceline and bid about $65 for a Meadowlands, NJ hotel. The last two times I did this I got the
  • looks like an upgrade (Prudential Center) on Thu Mar 03 18:29:59 EST 2011 - "Based on this review it looks like this venue is a huge upgrade from the Meadowlands where they used to play and the old Hillside Arena located near c
  • A good review (Memorial Gym) on Thu Mar 03 07:10:52 EST 2011 - "A pretty good review, I would point out that most of the SEC schools do not play in 20k seat arenas. In fact, only UK and UT play in 20k seat arenas.
  • Free game (Great American Ball Park) on Thu Mar 03 06:22:01 EST 2011 - "Hold it, come to think of it, last time I went to GABP, it cost me almost nothing. I stopped at Subway and got a sub and Diet Coke for about $6. I s
  • Parking near GABP (Great American Ball Park) on Thu Mar 03 06:04:21 EST 2011 - "If you can walk a few blocks then the streets are where you want to park. There is no reason to cough up $10 or so to park in a garage.

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