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Bob Waldrop (BamaBob)

Location Birmingham, AL
Member Since Jan 31, 2013
Last Visit Oct 16, 2014
Stadium Reviews 20
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Comments 10

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  • Terrible local support (Building Boom for Atlanta Stadiums) on Thu Oct 16 16:16:42 EDT 2014 - "Atlanta can be a great town to visit for sporting events - the SEC championship in the Georgia Dome is a prime example. I'm sure the same can be said
  • Yes! (America's Oldest Ballpark) on Mon Jun 23 12:34:17 EDT 2014 - "If you click the Contact section on www.rickwood.com you'll see the hours and contact info. From my experience you can drive by there on most days an
  • Love these Old Ball Parks! (Goodall Park) on Thu Jun 19 14:41:07 EDT 2014 - "Paints a picture of what it's like to see a game in an historic venue. Being in Birmingham we have Rickwood Field here which is just dripping with hi
  • OKC? (The Best NBA Playoff Atmosphere, Eliminated) on Tue May 06 13:49:09 EDT 2014 - "Not to argue with the opinion becauseI haven't been to Toronto for an NBA game and it did look crazy on TV. I have, however, been to OKC for the 2012
  • 5 years? (Atlanta Gains an MLS Team and an Instant Rival) on Fri Apr 18 15:10:46 EDT 2014 - "I'll be interested to see if this franchise is around 5 years after they play their first game. Blank is obviously no idiot and has deep pockets but
  • LOVE Nashville (Nashville Is Quickly Becoming Hoops City ) on Wed Apr 02 13:04:20 EDT 2014 - "Excellent piece Eric! I've always thought Nashville is an underrated sports town, especially by NFL fans because it is considered "small market" and
  • Hilton Coliseum (Nothing Louder Than the Phog) on Wed Dec 18 11:11:50 EST 2013 - "Agree on Allen Fieldhouse - covered a couple Big Monday games there back in 2000 and 2001 vs. Iowa State and the place was nuts. Kirk Hinrich, Nick C
  • McGuire's Irish Pub (Community Maritime Park) on Wed Jul 31 10:56:22 EDT 2013 - "If you're in town for a game and haven't been before, you MUST try McGuire's Irish Pub which is a mile or so away from the stadium on Gregory Street.
  • Not on this night (Bartow Arena) on Thu Jun 13 17:58:36 EDT 2013 - "Thanks for reading, however on the game I attended vs. UCF about half of the concession stands were not open and non of them offered hamburgers. In f
  • Bucket List (Washington's Husky Stadium Renovation Progress) on Fri Jun 07 09:46:47 EDT 2013 - "I live in SEC country and have been to just about every significant stadium but this one is on my Bucket List. The setting is beautiful but when I wa
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