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Stadium Journey Community Guidelines

Our goal is to provide a forum for Users to exchange useful information about how their fellow fans can get the most enjoyment out of their travels to various sports stadiums, arenas, and venues. We aim to sustain a respectful, yet opinionated community where views may be expressed in a constructive manner.

The following guidelines are intended to provide Users with the information and instructions needed to make the experience on this website as enjoyable as possible. As a member of the Stadium Journey community, you are expected to behave in a manner consistent with these guidelines as well as our Terms of Use.

Encouraged Conduct

We strongly encourage Users to participate in the following ways on Stadium Journey:

Discouraged Conduct

You should not participate in any of the following activities on the Website at any time. If there is evidence suggesting that you are doing any of the following, you will receive a warning. Should you be found committing a second such offense, your account will be put on probation. When you have adequately demonstrated a willingness to play by the rules, you will be given one final chance and your account will be reinstated-should you commit any offenses after your probation, your account with Stadium Journey will be terminated.

Prohibited Conduct

Your account will be immediately terminated and the proper authorities may be contacted if it is believed beyond a reasonable doubt that you have done any of the following on the network:

What to Do if you See Misconduct on the Network

If someone on the network is interfering with your Stadium Journey experience, making you feel uncomfortable in any way, or acting in a manner inconsistent with Stadium Journey's Community Guidelines or Terms of Use, please contact Paul Swaney, at paul@stadiumjourney.com.

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