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About Us

Stadium Journey is a web venture with the goal to become a world-class community resource for sports fans, built around optimizing the experience of attending live sporting events. We provide tips and information through reviews of pro and college sports stadiums. We also rely on fans to provide tips and information about their favorite home stadium, or a first time impression. By sharing our knowledge, we can make every trip to the ballpark, stadium, or arena the very best it can be. Enjoy the journey!

For any inquiries, please contact Paul Swaney: paul@stadiumjourney.com

Regional Correspondents

Stadium Journey's "official" reviews are provided by our network of Regional Correspondents, hard-nosed devotees of the stadium experience who bravely venture forth to provide you with reviews of stadiums across the land.

Region Correspondent Name
Eastern Canada Dave Cottenie
Alberta Jim Flannery
Appalachian Mountains
Arizona Jason Bartel
Australia Lloyd Rothwell
British Columbia
Central Canada Jordan Falconer
Dakotas Marcus Traxler
Carolinas Brian Wilmer
Georgia Brian Jones
Florida Miles Markiewicz
Great Lakes Paul Swaney
Germany Tarek Zohdi
New England Paul Baker
Montana Jason Karp
Netherlands Sander Kolsloot
Northern California Ryan Norris
Nebraska Nolan Searl
Missouri/Kansas Cory Sims
Mid Atlantic Richard Smith
Northern India
Ohio Brandon Gee
Oregon Paul Hilchen
Scotland Martin McNelis
Rocky Mountains Bryce Stevenson
Ohio Valley Marc Viquez
South Africa Matthew Nepgen
South Korea Kirsten Richards
Southeast Asia
Southern California Andrei Ojeda
Spain Rik Sharma
France Philippe Gaubin
Tennessee Chad Minton
Central Europe
Italy Stefano Romagnoli
Southwest Jason Bartel
Great Plains James Hilchen
Alaska Britton Anderson
North Blake Benzel
Northern Illinois Steven Burke
Russia Andrew Flint
Middle East
Serbia Sasa Grujic
Upstate New York Andrew Kulyk
Utah Jeremy Mauss
Virginia Josh Oakes
Vermont Afi Ahmadi
Texas Michael Davis
South Florida Chris Green
Northeast Sean MacDonald
Ukraine Yuri Paretski
Louisiana Paul Donaldson
New Hampshire
Brazil Rafael Baltazar
New Zealand Jeff Cheshire
Illinois Steven Burke
The Philippines
Finland Elias Aaltonen
Nigeria Alonge Akinlolu
Hawaii Kalei Hanawahine
Nevada Andrew Maurins

Special Correspondents

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